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The Alpha's Princess

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: ANNA
  • Chapters: 124
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 21.1K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 230


He had a crush on a girl, she was so gorgeous and she had everything a woman should have but he never expected her to be his mate. He didn’t want a weak Luna and especially he didn’t want anything to happen to the girl he liked , he wanted a strong Luna who can handle his pack even without him. “I, Damen Phoenix reject Asteria Griffin as my mate” he looked into the gorgeous blue eyes of her and said heartlessly. Her blue eyes turned moist with hurt and disbelief. He rejected her but never knew that their mate bond was something special. In their past three lives they couldn’t be together so they promised to be with each other in their next life and this life was their last chance… The truth was she was a long lost princess, not only Damen was attracted to her but also a vampire.. Will Damen get his last chance to be with her or give her to the unknown vampire who loves her unconditionally?

Chapter 1

~ Asteria (POV) ~

“Happy birthday Asteria” I heard my father’s lovely voice. I quickly ran out of my room and hugged him.

“So how are you feeling, my angel? Did your wolf talk to you?” he asked me while caressing my hair.

“Yes, her name is Ashlin.” I smiled at him and said. I was really waiting for my eighteenth birthday because I wanted to talk with my wolf and finally she spoke to me early in the morning.

“Sounds good. You’ll find your mate soon but be careful with boys” he frowned at me and said. I know he’s not happy with the fact I’m going to be with my mate after I found him. I smiled at him and nodded. I know how much my father loves me so I always listen to him.

After having a funny conversation with him, he left saying that he should meet our alpha. I looked at the time and found it was already ten in the morning and today is Sunday so I’m going to my favorite place. I changed into a short floral dress with straps and tied my hair into a low ponytail. I walked out of my house and went to the flower garden that was situated at the end of our area. No one comes to this flower garden because they thought it’s a bad sin but I will never think flowers are bad sins.

As I approached the flower garden I felt a strong scent. A scent mixed with orange and chocolate. What was that? I’ve never felt something like this before.

‘Our mate.. he’s here’ my heartbeat stopped for a second as I heard my wolf’s happy giggle and then it started to beat so fast. My mate? Happiness and impatience grew hard inside of me and I wanted to see him. I wanted to know his name.

‘We are so lucky, Asteria. He’s so strong. I can feel him.’ I bit my lower lip and I didn’t know how to react. My mind was filled with my wolf’s voice and what she said.

Forgetting all the nervous feelings I’m feeling right now, I entered the garden. I looked around for a while and saw a figure who was standing under the big chestnut tree. My mate.. I couldn’t see him clearly but he’s familiar. I walked towards him slowly and stood a few steps away from him. Then he turned to me.

Damen Phoenix? Our alpha’s son? Is he my mate? My mind was filled with countless questions. I bit my lower lip and looked into his black eyes. My heart was beating ridiculously fast. He was so handsome and most importantly he’s the most handsome guy in our pack. Tall, strong muscular body, sharp jawline, thin lips, silky jet black hair and simply he’s just amazing. I have really liked him ever since I was a kid.

I knew I was blushing but I didn’t want to hide it from him. He was my mate and he’s the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.

“So you’re here” as soon as I heard his voice my wolf howled from happiness. She was really happy because of our mate. I smiled at him and nodded. I watched his face for a while but it didn’t show any happiness. Maybe he was training and he’s tired now.

“Asteria Griffin. You like me?” Why is he asking that? I really like him. He’s my mate.

“Yes” I smiled and nodded at him. Then he let out a chuckle and sighed. I think he’s so tired because of training. I really felt upset for him because he was a busy guy and he had so many things to deal with. It’s okay I’ll be his strength from now on. I’ll help him with everything.

“So you’re going to become Luna of this blood moon pack?” I watched his face for a while and smiled shyly. I didn’t know how to react or answer his question.

“I, Damen Phoenix reject Asteria Griffin as my mate” his words stabbed straight into my heart. It hurts… Did my mate just reject me? Maybe I heard him wrong.

“Ahhhh.” Unintentionally I screamed while clutching my dress at the same time I felt my wolf’s pain. She was crying and whimpering from the pain. My legs went numb and my whole body began to shake.

It hurts, please moon goddess make it stop. Tears came out of my eyes and I felt a suffocating feeling inside of my chest.

“Wh.. why?” I finally managed to ask him. As I looked up at him I saw his eyes were somewhat red. I don’t know how to understand his intentions or what’s going inside of his mind.

“Weak and pathetic. I want a she-wolf with alpha blood to be my Luna. You’re such a failure.” That’s all he said. He just turned and left while leaving me here with a heart throbbing pain. Is this what I got for my eighteenth birthday? Is this my gift? I slowly sat on the ground and looked up at the sky. My mate just rejected me just because I don’t have alpha blood in me.

‘Ashlin… are you okay?’ After spending more than three hours, I finally asked her.

‘We have it… we have what he wants . We have everything and we will be a perfect Luna but why?’ Her broken voice made my heart shattered into pieces. I stayed silent because I didn’t want to hurt her.

I slowly got up from the ground and walked out of the garden. The sky is getting darker and ready to welcome the night. It’s been hours since he rejected me but the pain is still here and that made my wolf become numb. She didn’t even have the strength to speak to me.

I slowly walked towards my house and found my father was waiting for me with a smile. I forgot all the pain and smiled at him. I strode towards him and hugged him so tightly.

“Get ready in a while angel, we have dinner with Alpha Kalen and his family today” my heart shook with horror. A dinner with Alpha Kalen and his family? That means Damen will also be there, no I don’t want.. I don’t want him to reject me again.

“Can I not go there father?” I asked him because I was scared to face the same thing again.

“It’s your birthday, we should go there” I simply nodded at him and entered the house. My mind was a mess because of this sudden dinner. We’ve never had dinner together but why today?

There's one thing that I couldn’t understand and it was Alpha Kalen and Luna Martha. They secretly treat me well and I don’t know why. The way they look at me with love and care has been a real puzzle to me ever since I was a kid. Why do I feel like they are hiding something important from me?

Chapter 2

~ Damen (POV) ~

It was her birthday. I found out that she was my mate two years ago. My mind was a mess because I like her and at the same time I was scared to be like my uncle, I saw his pain after he lost his mate. It was all because she was weak and delicate. Asteria is weak too, she was a gorgeous woman and I liked her ever since I was a kid. She was my crush and I still like her but she’s too weak to be our Luna. She could easily get killed by our enemies. I didn’t… I didn’t want her to die because I like her and I would go insane if I lost her.

I got up from the bed and changed into my clothes. My heart was hurting because I’m going to reject her. I went out of the house and walked towards her favorite place. It was Sunday and I knew she was going to be there in a while. Every Sunday I also came here and watched her secretly. I wanted to let go of her and forget but I failed and I’m still failing.

Two years passed but yet I’m not ready to hurt her feelings on


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