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The Alpha's Mistress

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"I am pregnant," I blurted. This is what he has wanted the most and he will do anything to have the baby. After escaping from her chains of captors, Avyana is saved by the Alpha of The Red Talon. Being a feral, Avyana is a fragile girl who is trying to discover herself. Amid self-discovery, Avyana finds herself entangled in the marriage affair of The Alpha King and her wife, The Luna Queen. How will she save herself from the relationship? Will she surrender to the Alpha and the Luna's advances?

I am Pregnant.


In the dark dungeon, my sore body was writhing in pain after I broke from the shackles of slavery. My legs were bleeding and I couldn't help but wince at the pain that was travelling through my body. I looked at my hands, I have nine fingers left. it wasn’t easy to get out of these chains but I tried my best.

I tried to move but an unbearable pain from my body crippled me down. I rolled on my belly to get an adjustable position, 'I am sorry, this will hurt," I held onto my belly while rubbing it. I wish my wolf would wake up and give me the last strength to escape out of here. I was hungry, I needed water or something to put in my belly to help me gather strength.

I looked around and saw a bone they threw at me some weeks ago. I crawled to the bone on the side of the pole and picked it up. I voraciously consumed it, feeding my wolf to get some energy to fight this last battle.

Suddenly, the entrance to the dungeon creaked, I quickly ran to the pole and held onto the chains. Pretending to be in the same position they left me. I let out a low growl to alert my captors that I was in pain and hunger.

Once the door was fully opened, I saw him flash a light towards my position, I tried to charge at him but he let out a laugh. Mimicking my growl while dancing in front of me.

He started walking towards me. “I am just waiting to see you dead,” he mocked. I didn’t want to fall for his words. I slowly removed my hands from the chain, he took the second step. My claws suddenly etched and I felt the bones in my body cracking. He looked at me and I saw fear on his face. He started running towards the dungeon door but my steps were too fast and I caught him before he could jump out. Pouncing on him, I scratched his face pulling his eye off and leaving a pretty Nike tick on his face before jumping out of the dungeon.

He started shouting, but I didn’t want anyone to know I had hurt him. I stepped on the dungeon lid and it closed off. His scream of pain could be heard from the dungeon. I could hear him cursing at me.

I moved slowly but accidentally triggered the alarm by the entrance. It barred loudly and I saw the female doctor running towards the dungeon. I tried to look for a place to hide but the area was a large field.  She stood at a distance after seeing me. I watched as she reached for the gun on her waist and looked at me with caution. I needed to be careful or else my freedom will be short-lived.

She started moving, I keenly took the first step towards her. She quickly pulled the gun and aimed at me.  She was going to shoot. I don't want to be shot at at this point. I will be crippled and shoved back in the hole. I stood back and started moving back at the dungeon lid.

I watched as she lifted her gun up, cocked it and fired the first shot. My wolf jumped and tore her skin. Tearing her chest and clawing deep in her skin. She let out one eerie scream before dropping the gun.

Suddenly all the flood lights lit up, blinding my eyes but my claws were deep on the doctor's skin. I didn't want to remove my body from hers. I quickly grabbed the doctor's neck, as heavy boots were echoing towards my direction. I was confused. I didn't know where to look. I wanted to jump but the walls were high. I could see the electric barbed wires that were threatening to shock anyone who dared jump over them.

I looked at the army in front of me, their guns cocked on my face ready to fire any second. I wrapped my hands around the treasure, the doctor. They can't kill her, she is the only one who takes care of patients in here.

"Please, don't shoot, she will kill me," said the doctor while wincing in pain. The army stopped. I thought of my calculations. I have never been outside and I need to think of a way out of this hell.

"My, my, I must have underestimated you," the heavy base startled me.

The commander. He is in charge of the whole operation inside this place. He oversees everything and orders everything that is done.

He started moving towards us, With every single step he took, I applied pressure on the injured doctor. She growled and writhed in pain making the commander halt his steps.

He lifted his hands in surrender and ordered the army to stop pointing their guns at me.

"You are scaring the wolf, she is going to harm her," he said.

Once the guns were down, I thought of the best way to get out. It was going to be painful but I had to do it.

My thoughts were interrupted by the commander's voice, "Why are you fighting her, she is just a doctor, come fight me."

I looked at him, sneering at me. He has never seen me as a human just a lab project to fulfil his desires.

"I am not fighting," I protested and went ahead to pull the doctor's neck.

"Then what do you want?" He asked.

"I want to go," I kind of begged.

I looked weak and pathetic saying that. It is like I didn't have the strength to do it. My body was giving up because the pain was now moving all over my body.

"Ha ha," he strolled towards me.

I choked the doctor with the little strength that was building up in my body. She cried and the commander stopped.

"Just let her go, we already have a clowned wolf," she said.

I wanted to pay more attention to her statement but I quickly looked at the commander to gauge his reaction.

If they have a clowned wolf, then they are going to kill me, unless I think of a way to defend myself from all this. There is only one thing the commander has ever wanted in his life. if I reveal that secret right now, it is going to be a more free ticket from m this place.

"You see, we have another wolf, nothing is stopping me from killing you," he mocked playing with the knife from his waist.

Tears rolled down my face as I thought of all the effort I made to get here. I had struggled from that dungeon to run away and not to be killed.

"I am pregnant," I blurted. The commander threw his knife and he looked at me shocked.

His face suddenly showed concern, he asked the guards to walk away as he raised his hands in surrender.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"A pregnant wolf, has some power, and the baby inside me is the one making me this angry," I said.

I could see his hesitation from afar. If I am going to deliver, it is not going to be in this place. I am not going to sit down and have him as the father. He wants to be one so bad but I don't want him to be.

"Does the baby have powers?" He asked excitedly.

I looked at my belly, and then at him. Powers? This is all that he wanted. He thinks wolves are just machines that can do anything that they want.

"Yes, my baby will be powerful," I said,  “A baby born from a wolf and human parents is very powerful even than the wolf itself.”

He jumped up in excitement and threw his hands in a fist, “Yes!”

"Can you stop being stupid, what if she is lying?" Shouted the doctor.

I pressed on her wounds to make her quiet. I needed to think of a way to jump out.

The commander looked at her then at me, then realization hit him that I might be lying. I gave him my sad face.

"What do you want to do?" He asked.

I knew this was a trap. I needed to think of something else. What will a pregnant wolf say?

"I need to get to a superior wolf doctor who will help me deliver safely," I said and started crying.

"First give me my doctor, then I will let you go," he said.

I could see the way he was talking, his face and hands were signalling something else. I knew a sniper was hiding, on the top tanks ready to take me out. If I am going to get out and of here, it is going to be alive not dead.

I carefully walked with the doctor towards him. I looked around, the guards who were about to leave turned back and sat at their strategic locations. My body was aching but I forced my nerves forward. I could see fear in the guards' eyes as they walked forward to pick the doctor. I turned around towards the tanks. The commander moved forward to grab the doctor but I pulled her back, bending down to grab the knife, a shot was fired hitting the commander. He winced in pain before cursing. As he groaned. I pushed the doctor to the wall, making her fall and the blood from her neck spatter all over the place. I jumped on the wall and pierced the sniper between the tanks.

The army was now shouting at each other. It was chaos as they tried to shoot all over the place. My legs were hurting, and my vision was threatening to give up but my claws were sharp and itched to tear anything. I jumped over the first guard and scratched him making his to fire aimlessly in the air. The second stop was at the guard behind him, I grabbed his gun and he shot his two friends on the left before I clawed his eye out.

The commander was up, I jumped on his head like an eagle and scratched his bald head before scratching his cheeks. Satisfied with my work, I jumped over the wall, careful not to be shocked but a bullet caught my hind legs. I was dangling on the fence wincing in pain. The left leg is outside the right leg is still on the inside. I needed power to jump over or I would fall back in this place.

I watched as the commander removed a second knife from his waist and aimed it at me, I didn’t want it to get me, so I forced my leg over the wall fell out of the wall and started running.

I didn't look behind, I didn't want to look at anything. The only thing that I heard were the heavy armored vehicles after me but I was not going to let them take me back. This freedom is painful but I have to pursue it.

I didn't stop until I couldn’t hear the armoured vehicles, I went on with my run and came to a clear road. I stopped, feeling the searing pain surging through every inch of my body. It was relentless, but I had to find shelter. Summoning the last shreds of my strength, I dragged my body forward, seeking refuge. Voices drifted towards me, and I closed my eyes, attempting to flee, but the approaching vehicle halted my escape. All hope vanished as I lay helpless on the road.

I struggled to rise, to let the vehicle pass, but I was lifted skyward like a discarded leaf.


My baby….”

You can't be an Alpha.


"You are going to have a wife!" Shouted my stepmother.

"And if I don't want one?" I asked.

"You can't be an Alpha," she said and turned her head away leaving me to my chambers.

I picked the royal blue Kaftan my stylist had picked for me and walked out of the chambers. Taking the long way through the royal chambers and districts, I was trying to avoid the long-awaited day that everyone was excited about. The royal selection takes place when an Alpha hasn't found his mate.

I thought that by now, I would have a wife and be the Alpha king of my pack but I was proved wrong. I can't be the Alpha king without a wife. That is per the norms of the Red Talon pack. Even my father, he was a king after finding his mate. Now it is my turn.

I picked my strides as I walked to the wishing well that was in the middle of the district. I have never wished. I was known to be someone who doesn't enter


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