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Hazel Valentine is an eighteen-year-old who was raised by her wealthy aunt and uncle because both of her parents are deceased. At nine, she begins drawing portraits of a young man, whom she thinks is just a figment of her imagination, but as soon as she turns eighteen she is not only drawing his portraits, but she begins having realistic dreams about him. Nobody knows about this dream guy but her best friend, Gabrielle. When Gabrielle's older brother, Gerard, comes for a visit with his girlfriend, Chastity, Gabrielle's curiosity gets the best of her when she fixates on a man who was in a photo of her brother and his new girlfriend. Realization hits and Gabrielle shows Hazel the photo. She immediately recognizes the man as the one she had been drawing for years.  Together the two girls set off to Canada in search of the mystery man and stumble on the adventure of their lives. What will happen when Hazel finds him, her dream guy, and learns he's an actual Alpha werewolf? What will happen when he tells her he too, had been dreaming of her? Follow Hazel on a quest to unfold the secrets of her family's past and watch her become the Alpha's destiny.

Chapter 1: Sexy Time


I gradually slid my palm up her thick, caramel thighs. They were smooth to the touch.

Oh, how I wish my tongue was in the place of my hand.

My wolf hummed in agreement. He, too, craved to savour her.

I proceeded on my quest until my hand found what it was seeking.

"Do you like it when I touch you here?" I cupped her pussy.

Hmm, her underwear was soaked. I liked that, I liked that a lot.

I gave her pussy a delicate squeeze. I observed as her eyes closed and her lips parted.

My dick twitched as I envisioned her soft and succulent lips fasten around my thick length.

"Yes," she sighed out, "I love it when you touch me there."

Her words caused me and my wolf to grunt with desire.

My cock now struggled against my trousers. It demanded to be set free.

She ground her core against my hand. "Do you demand more?" I inquired.

Her beautiful hazel eyes shot open. They burnt with need and lust.

She bit back a sultry smile and nodded her head. I wasted no time as I shifted her underwear to the side. With her back pressed against the wall, I used my knees to pry her legs further apart so I could gain more access.

Her hands held on to me for dear life. She sank her nails deep in my shoulders as I massaged her clit. It was slippery and erect!

SHIT! This girl was going to be the death of me. My wolf howled in the back of my head. He wanted me to take her.

But I believed in pleasing a woman before I satisfied myself.

"Don't stop!" She moaned in pleasure. Her hazel eyes were once again concealed behind her lids.

But I desired to see them. I needed to look her in the eyes when I make her cum.

"Open your eyes!" I demanded, and she obliged.

I slipped a finger into her wet core.

FUCK! She was tight.

My cock couldn't take it much longer. A few more seconds and it would bore a hole through my trousers for sure!

I pumped my finger in her tight, wet slit. I felt her warm juices coming out in waves.

I had never been so turned on before in my entire 25 years of existence.

I added another finger and pumped faster. Her walls were gripping my fingers like a vice grip. Her sexy moans and groans were like a sweet symphony to my ears.

"Oh God, don't stop - ohhhh!" She screamed out.

"You like to feel my fingers in your tight little cunt, don't you?" I pressed my face in the crook of her neck and sucked on the skin between her collar and shoulder.

That provoked her to thrash against my fingers. She was close, I could sense it.

Suddenly, I felt her palm on my hand that was finger-fucking her.

She called for me to stop. But why?

"Not like this," she declared, "I don't want to cum around your fingers, I would prefer to do it around your cock."

It dumbfounded me. This girl always seemed so modest. I loved that she took control when she was in the bedroom.

I removed my fingers from her core.

My hand was glistening wet. She watched in admiration as I licked and sucked every last drop. The sucking sounds that I was making echoed around the entire room.

Her breathing became erratic as I continued to drink up her sweet nectar.

I flashed her a diabolical smile when I was finished, and it amazed me when she grabbed the back of my head possessively and smashed her lips against mine.

Our tongues danced as we explored each other's mouths.

I wrapped her limbs around my midriff and made my way over to the bed. We were still attached by our mouths.

My hands snaked around to her derriere and I moulded her soft flesh. My wolf howled in the back of my head as I imagined her on her hands and knees with me eating her pussy from behind.

I grunted as I smacked her ass, it was perfect. Not small, but not too big either.

I could not wait to bend her over and fuck her pussy wolfy-style.

I slowly placed her on the bed. She opened her legs wide so I could have a glimpse at the road to paradise.

Her pussy was beautiful and shaven. It was plump too, just how I preferred it.

Oh! My dear Moon Goddess, this girl was absolutely intoxicating!

I discarded my trousers, pre-cum oozed out like ropes of honey. My wolf couldn't wait to be buried balls deep in that tight little cunt of hers.

But I instructed him not yet, we were going to feast on her delicacy first.

I grabbed her legs and tugged her into position as I knelt before her sex. I was ready to delve into that sweet centre of hers with my tantalising tongue.

I licked my lips and just as I was about to dine, I heard the voice of my beta.

"Yo, Alpha! Wake up, man!"


"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?" I spat at him.

How dare he disturb my slumber? My dream girl was finally going to let me fuck her.

He was always cock-blocking me, even in my fucking dream.

"My Alpha, you missed your meeting with the charity society this morning."

Shit, I forgot about that. "Why didn't you come and get me?" I bellowed.

"I did Alpha. I went to the Alpha's quarters, but you weren't there," he answered.

I fell asleep in my guest quarters last night after I tried fucking some slutty she-wolf I picked up, but she did nothing for my arousal.

But I was still resentful that this pup of a beta disturbed my delightful dream.

He saw that I was angry. I stood up, and he curtailed his head in submission, "My Alpha, Alpha Kane of the Half Moon Pack is here to see you," he spoke quickly.

"What does he want?"

"Well Alpha, he mentioned something about rogues attacking his pack. He's here to ask for your help."

"FUCKING ROGUES!" I scowled. "Ok."

I grabbed a shirt and started to make my way for the exit.

"Alpha, Wait!"

"What is it now?"

"You can't go out there like that?"

"Like what?" What the fuck was he babbling about now.

His eyes dropped to the tent in my trousers and pointed, "like that man, you don't want to poke an eye out with that thing," he laughed out.

MOTHER FUCKER. I cursed under my breath. "Go tell Alpha Kane that I'll be there in 20 minutes - 30 minutes tops."

"Yes Alpha," he scurried to the exit as I produced my way to the guest bathroom.

My dream girl. I never could recall her face when I'm awake, but I do remember how she made me feel.

I pulled my trousers down and lathered my palms with some lotion, then I positioned myself over the toilet. "Now where were we, my Little Kitten?" I mumbled as I stroked my shaft in a frenzy.


Chapter 2: Cold Shower

Waking up to the blaring sound of her alarm, Hazel groaned in incredulity that she again, for the second day in a row, forgot to disable the alarm on her phone.

"Shit," Hazel ran one hand down her face, then lazily felt for her phone on the nightstand.

"There - off," she whispered groggily, as she disabled the alarm that was set for 5:30 am Mondays through to Fridays.

"I'm still so freaking tired," she murmured to herself. She snatched one of her pillows and placed it over her face in hopes it would magically help her back to sleep, but her mind kept going back to the dream she had last night.

'The way she melted under his every touch.'

'The way he bit her lips ever so tenderly.'

'The way his voice sent shivers up and down her spine, and not to mention the way his mint green eyes scorched into her hazel ones, caressing and captivating her heart, all while igniting her soul.'

Hazel felt the heat formulating between her thighs.

Her chest


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