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The alpha's contract mate

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When Ben cheats on Anabelle on her wedding day with her cousin.She turns to Jason out of desperation to solve the financial burden on her pack she accepts his proposal to be his wife only on one condition (To give him a heir ). Caught in a loveless marriage . Annabelle runs away in a bid to save herself and hide the secret she has been keeping because she does not trust Jason . Little does she know that Jason is madly in love with her and hot on her trail . What happens when one hot obsessive alpha and a smart-mouthed woman collide in a contract marriage?

Chapter 1

Annabelle pov

When I was five years old . My mother would always tell me that when I find my mate at the age of 16 . I will be complete and happy. She would later describe the details of a happy wedding day while getting married to your fated mate ! your one true love... She was wrong!

She was definitely wrong . Today I'm getting married to a stranger to some one who might get me out of the problems my father created . My husband to be is not really a stranger but considering the circumstances surrounding the situation I would call him a stranger .

I'm the new alpha of our pack . The Red Zodiac pack . The smallest pack in the state right now . My selfish father had looted all the funds and resources from the pack . Not only that but he did a lot of shady things that ruined the packs reputation to the extent of all the packs refusing to form a treaty with us .I'm not supposed to be the alpha of the pack because I'm wolfless but I'm the only heir left to the pack and no one can't take over because it would be a taboo to the tradition of the pack. No one knows yet but I cant keep hiding my weakness alone .

Our best warriors left including the only healer we had . When I took over the pack . I had so much to do . I don't even have the alpha gene because my twin brother had died in a fire . As his twin I was forced to rule this pack and with all the problems we have , Ben was the only alpha willing to help me and that's through marriage .A contract that would benefit me and him which means abundant resources for my pack and an alpha with a strong wolf for me and more growth for Ben's pack .

But today he is freaking late for our wedding! It has been two hours and I'm so famished right now .I just hope he doesn't stand me up on our wedding day .I will lose too much and I can't risk it.

Suddenly the phone vibrates and a message pops up on the screen . With shaking hands I grab the phone from the table next to me and open the message quickly . My face falters immediately I realize it's not Ben

'if you want to know where your future husband is . Follow this address.... '

Another message pops up with the address on it. I don't care where this is but I have to get him right now and I am not going to waste my time. He knew that this is very important to me and he decided to be late .

"What is it ? "my sister Olive asks as she peeks from her seat.

"I need to get my husband, "I mutter rushing to the door.

Before I know it my sister's arm is already holding my hand really tightly . I try to shake off her strong grip on my arm but I'm still unsuccessful.

"Olive ! " I growl out her name in impatience because I'm on schedule and I need things to get going.

"Where the hell are you going? You can't just leave , "she looks at me with concern

"Well if I don't get Ben, there will be no wedding , "I shake off her hand aggressively and proceed to walk out of the room.

As I walk down the flight of stairs to the lobby. I try to reach Ben in all hopes that maybe he is okay and he is fine but it still goes to voice mail. I manage to book a cab outside and get inside quickly . I order the driver to follow the address and tell him not waste any time.

I shouldn't be going! This is not even right . I'm in my wedding dress with full make up and I'm physically fetching my husband to be on my wedding day.

When the cab stops at the address. I get out of the car quickly with a wobbly step ready to face my husband to be . I need to do this or else . Everything will be ruined .

My hands are shaking and I'm sweating right now. Something tells me that I should stay and go back and plan the rest of the day but I decide not to. I puff up my chest and straighten my face. I need to go hard or go home . There's is no way in the living hell I'm going to sit back and relax and watch my wedding day get ruined . I planned this for days!

I approach the receptionist and tell her my issue and the room number on the message. She refuses to let me go because of client privacy and rules but I stand my ground and force her to take me there. I don't have to time for this . At least not right now and this will probably be the most courageous thing I have ever done in my life.

Once I reach the room . I'm taken off guard when I hear the loud moans of Ben and a woman. This is not what I expected. I open the door with a slight push and I'm greeted by the awful image of Ben and my cousin Sloane wrapped up in the blanket. What the hell is happening? I shouldn't be mad but this is my cousin messing around with the person Iam supposed to get married to. I'm completely flabbergasted as I stare at the both of them in the sheets. Part of me wants to leave and the other wants to set the room on fire...litearlly.

Ben sniffs the air around him and looks at me horrified. How could he? On our wedding day .Nothing comes out of my mouth as I look at them in horror . I clutch the heams of my wedding dress tighter as I try not to combust with tears.

"Annabelle, "he says my full name with his face holding no remorse.

"I -"I look at the both of them wildly with no proper words to say . My very own cousin is in bed with my husband to be .

"Anna, "he starts again as he gets up from the bed naked . He comes closer to me but I move away from him like fire

"Don't ! "I warn him and step away again

"Anna, "he speaks again with a whisper reaching out with his hand to touch me.

"Don't touch me?! "I shout with tears clouding my face.

"You need to listen to me ! " he begs but I just shake my head in denial.

"I don't have listen to you! "I wave my hands angrily, "This was the worst day to sleep with your mistress! "

"Annabelle ! "Sloane flinches with my crude words as she covers herself with the sheets tighter.

"Don't you call me by my name! "I point my finger at her.

"Annabelle you are been hysterical right now ! "Ben chastises me.

"Hysterical?" I stare at him bewildered, "I will show you hysterical! "

I grab the nearest vase next to me that is filled with red bloody roses . I throw it down on the floor and watch it break into a million pieces . I don't even waste my time waiting for their pathetic reactions . I open the door and run lifting my wedding dress.I don't have time to listen to their shouts of protests because I'm too emotional .I'm a wreck right now .Seeing my cousin rolling in the sheets with Ben was betrayal of the highest order.

I'm already out of the door trying to run away as I wipe my tears .Some people look at me as I run in my wedding dress with massacre smudged on my face . I don't even care anymore about my appearance right now.

"Annabelle! Watch out ! "Ben screams.

When I look at him . I flip him the middle finger . I don't even have any words for him anymore. When I look to my left . The last thing I see are the headlights of an incoming Black Car .

Chapter 2

Annabelle pov

The temples of my head throb as the pain in my body gravitates to my head . The strong hospital scent assaulted me as I sniff in the 'fresh air 'surrounding me .Wait a hospital? What am I doing in a hospital?

I would normally open my eyes in a rush if I was filled with anxiety but I had to use all the energy I have to just open my eyes . I slowly peel them open one by one.

In front of me is a dark figure that I don't recognize . I adjust my vision for some time to get a clear picture of who I am with in this hospital. Surely it can't be Ben because he does not have such a dominating figure even though he is an alpha. He also doesn't care about me . I would be dammed if he really showed up here just to make sure that I'm okay.

"Finally you are awake ! "the deep voice reverbrates and jolts me from my hazy thoughts . The sweet sound makes my whole body shiver and m


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