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The Alpha's Beloved Human Mate

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A dangerous and strong Alpha, waited for his mate to come. He didn't expect his mate to be a mere human with no werewolf blood running through her veins, but Alpha Arther fell in love with her at first sight. Letitia was a daughter of the famous model and an actor. Her parents hired an assassin to kill her while she was on vacation in her grandparent's house, but Alpha Arther saved her and allowed her to stay in their territory. Letitia will face many challenges while living with the werewolves, but how will she deal with the fact that she will one day be the Luna of Alpha Arther's pack? Being a Luna of a pack is difficult, especially since she is only human and can only rely on the skills her grandfather taught her when she was a child. But, what if there is a twist in her life after staying longer in the Forest? Will Letitia accept her fate?


"You burned my hand!” Alexia, Letitia’s younger sister yelled and then slap her cheeks so hard making her fall to the ground. She was stunned after her sister slaps her cheek, she stared at the emptiness but when she heard her father’s voice she immediately stands up and tried to explain everything that happened.

“What did you do to Alexia!” She was startled and shaken when she heard her father’s voice. She was afraid that her father might hit her once more, the bruises that she had now is enough for her. She doesn’t want her father will hit her again.

“It was an accident, dad. I didn’t mean it, really,” Letitia explained to him but all she received was a hard slap came from her father making her eyes widen and close it trying not to cry in front of him.

“What happened?” Letitia’s mother appeared in front of them and looks at Alexia crying while holding her hand. Letitia’s mother was shocked at what she saw. “Darling! What happened? Who did this to you!?” Her mother shouted and turn her gaze to Letitia.

“Mom, it was all an accident, please believe me,” Letitia begs but her mother just yelled and throw the pillows from the couch at her.

“You did this intentionally! How dare you hurt my daughter!” Her mother yelled and walk closer to her and pulled her hair, driving her out of the living room making her moan in pain.

“Mom, it hurts,” Letitia cried while holding her mom’s hand from pulling out her hair but her mother didn’t even have a little bit of sympathy for her. She throw her outside of their house making her fall to the ground and got another bruise on her knees and elbow. They lock her and didn’t let her inside.

“You’re not allowed to head inside of this house until morning!” Her mother shouts making Letitia cry even more. She run around the house trying to find a door to open but all of them were close. She bangs the door many times and shouts.

“Mom, Dad, let me in, please!” Letitia shouts and still trying to open the door. Their maids close the window and one of them looks at her with pity but still decided to close the door and didn’t talk to her.

Letitia was feel hopeless. She was used to this kind of scene but she knew to herself that she had enough. She can’t take what her parents and sister did to her even though she did not make any mistake even once. She misses her grandparents, the only people who loved her and treated her as their grandchild. But sadly, both of them were passed away.

She just plunked down beside the door. A strong wind touches Letitia’s skin making her shiver because of the cold. The rain started to fall as if the sky were crying with her. She cried in silence for her parents not to hear her. She cried and cried and every time she cried, the rain became stronger until her eyes told her to sleep.


In the morning, her sister kicks her making her roll on the ground. There was a scratch on her face once again and saw Alexia looking at her grinning. She stands up while looking at the ground and touches her arms.

“Pack all of your things right now, you will be having a vacation, isn’t that fun?” Alexia said while giggling. Letitia’s eyes widen after she heard what her sister saying. For her, having a vacation away from her family is great. She won’t receive any hard slap coming from her father.

“Hey! What are you doing!? Head inside and take a bath! I am excited to see you off in this house!” Alexia shouted and walks away saying 'hmp'. One of their maids appeared in front of her and bowed at her. Letitia didn’t expect that there is still one maid who treats her as a Salvatore.

“Madam Letitia, I already prepared your bath,” the maid said. Letitia slowly takes a step to head inside but she can’t keep her balance. She was exhausted. She feels so empty. The maid accompanies her in walking making her smile bitterly.

After she takes a bath, she chooses black pants and a gray shirt to wear. She tied up her hair into a ponytail and bring all the things she had, even the things that her grandfather gave her. While she was walking downstairs, the maid who accompany her earlier appeared in front of her once again.

“Madam Letitia, your parents wanted to see you in the living room,” the maid said and Letitia nods shortly. She bring down the things and walk to the living room and saw her parents talking seriously. When they notice her existence, their eyes were staring at her making Letitia feel uncomfortable.

“We will bring you to the hometown where your grandparents once live,” her mother said. Letitia just looks at the ground and didn’t say anything.

“We will give you a 5,000 allowance and that allowance will be enough for you in four months,” her father said looking at her but still Letitia didn’t speak. “Quickly drive her away from me, get her in the car and tell Tonio to bring her to that house!” her father shouts and Letitia just walks away from them.

“That kid is crazy.” Letitia was thorn into pieces after she heard what her mother said to her. She just shook her head and take her things and ready to walk to their garage. There she saw Tonio, their driver.

Tonio just smiled at her and gestured that she can get in the car. Letitia get in and Tonio started the engine and drive. It will take 2 hours before Letitia will arrived at her grandparent's house.

The car halted when they finally reached the house. Letitia gets out of the car and looks at Tonio when he suddenly speaks.

“Take care of yourself there, Don Cail told me before that there are monsters lurking in the forest. Make sure not to go there, remember what I said,” Tonio warned her and Letitia just smiled bitterly. Tonio then drive away and left her.

Letitia walks slowly and reminisces the past when she was three years old when her grandparents are still alive. She used to play with her grandmother and bake some cookies with her. Letitia breathed heavily and smiled shortly. She open the door and saw the house dirty.

She put the box with her things on the couch. She decided to clean the house and re-arrange the things. Letitia took eight hours just by cleaning the whole house and re-arranged the things that her grandparents had left.

After cleaning, she decided to shop for food to eat for the whole month. She spent the one thousand of her allowance and immediately walk to go back home. While she was walking, she turn her gaze at the forest beside her. She remembered what Tonio has said to her, but as she gazed at the forest it feels like there is something in her that she needed to go there but she controlled herself not to go. She remembered what Tonio had told her earlier.

When she finally came back home, he take a deep breath again and look around the house.

“The house is clean and quiet. I hope I can stay here forever,” she murmured to herself and placed the foods in the cabinet and the refrigerator.

Letitia was living peacefully for days in her grandparent's house. Her parents didn’t even contact her about how she was doing, Letitia decided not to think about her parents anymore. She wanted to become independent and forget about the past that she had with her parents. She decided to find work to sustain her everyday needs and wants. Since her grandparent's house was near the city, she can just walk there and find something to work.


A few days had passed, and Letitia was lucky to find herself a job. A simple job but enough for her to buy food and to pay her bills. While walking on a quiet road, she was astounded when a man suddenly blocks her way making her perplexed. The man was keeping on staring at her face, he had this handsome face, tanned skin, raging deep purple eyes, and black hair. Letitia just shook her head and continued walking.

The man kept on staring at her trying to keep his mouth shut but the scent is stronger and wanted him to shout. He cannot believe that his mate is a mere human, a pure human. He waited for years and the moon goddess just gave him a human mate? For him, it is really absurd. A dangerous and strong alpha that will only be mated to a weak human with not even a little bit of werewolf blood.

Even though Letitia was a distance away from him, he can still smell the scent that Letitia had. He cannot hold it any longer and finally let out the word that he was keeping in his mouth. "Mate."

Letitia stops after what she heard and turned around to face him. He can see Letitia’s confused face, her eyes were sparkling and for the alpha, it was the most beautiful eyes that he had ever seen. He has been staring at her for a while but this time he felt different. As if there is something was trying to tell him to take her.

Unfortunately, Letitia just slowly walks backward and then walks faster away from him. Letitia was thinking that he might be some of the people here who kill people without reason. That’s what she heard while working in her workplace.


After finishing her work, Letitia went home early, fearing that the man who had been staring at her a few days before would appear in front of her again. When she got home, she immediately locked the door and sighed deeply.

She went to her kitchen to cook her dinner and open the television. Right after she open the T. V., she suddenly heard the new news about her family that they said their eldest daughter has died because of the accident. The plate that she was holding dropped down and broke because of shock. That means her family will no longer send her money and just let her die.

Her tears drop down to her cheeks, she immediately wipes them with her hands and laughs softly. “Let them be, Letitia. They don’t care about you anymore, you only have yourself so be strong! ” she said to herself and immediately pick the broken plate and put it in the trash can.

She ate dinner first and took a half bath before deciding to sleep in her grandparents' room and cryin


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