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The alpha king's kidnapped mate

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Olivia had always been at a great disadvantage her whole life. From growing up in a home where she’s barely loved to being sent off to pay off her father’s debt to an Alpha King and to being severely maltreated by her mate. When she’s close to giving up, Life throws a certain blue-eyed boy at her. He gives her sparks and makes her happy enough to continue bearing the pain. Olivia knew what it felt like to be truly loved by one person. Alpha Julian of the silver-crest pack finds his mate where and when he least expects it. When he goes undercover to investigate the violation of the spirits code and She’s the luna of his worst enemy, Alpha Leo. He wasn’t going to give up his only chance at experiencing true love because of a treaty, he does what he thinks is the best. He KIDNAPS HER.

Chapter 1

Anyone would think that waking up to people screaming their names would get easier since they'd probably wake up to it every day for the rest of their lives.


It didn’t. I would know because I experienced it first-hand and for seventeen years.




Seventeen years later and I was still experiencing it.


I stretched my legs and got out of bed. It was a routine I was used to. 

They would scream and I would attend to their needs.


I listened for footsteps and immediately heard one. I straightened up and faced the door.


Only a few seconds later did the door open and I was met with my glorious brother's cocky smile. His arms were folded, and an arrogant look shone on his face. His body posture exuded the hatred he felt for me even though I was his sister.


“Breakfast isn’t set and the pack will soon wake.” He continued to stare at me in the most condescending manner I always associated with him.


My anger rose and I restrained it. My anger never did any good.


My back stung, the scars on it a reminder of the punishment I faced for defying him.

He had no manners and I had no strength. But at least he had a title that carried power and I was nothing.

Regardless of what I said, I was on the receiving side of the punishment so my words didn't matter.


“Right away,” I said. He stared at me before walking off. That was his way of reminding me about the punishment I would receive if breakfast was even a minute late. I started moving as soon as I could because if my mom got here, she wouldn’t use words. 


I threw on the first clothing my hand landed on and made my way to the kitchen.


Clara, the only person I could call a friend in this entire pack, was already in front of the stove, mixing eggs.


“Hey, Olivia.” She called as a form of greeting. I walked up to her, hugged her, and took the bowl from her.


“Hey, mama. How’s the leg?” I asked, looking at the leg in question. 

Clara's left leg got amputated during the last pack's attack. 

Surprisingly, my father got the faerie doctor to craft a new one for her. To say Clara and I were surprised would be an understatement since we both knew how cruel my father could be.

Clara had laughed and said it was probably because my father always enjoyed the meals she prepared and didn't want to have another person cook for him. I didn't believe it. 

But whatever the reason, Clara and I were grateful to him.


“It’s a bit weird, but it's starting to feel more natural.” She answered, tweaking the leg about a little to prove her point.


“That’s fae magic for you,” I said with a smile.


Clara clicked her tongue, pointing at the eggs. “The Alpha said scrambled eggs, so be sure to use the recipe he likes the most.” She told me and went to get the other meals ready.


I finished up the eggs and started with the bacon. 


With the collaboration between Clara and I, we were able to finish breakfast in less than an hour. Good for us since that meant there was no reason for us to get punished early in the morning. But since the day had only just begun, there was a possibility that we could do something that would offend the higher-ups. 


If we were really careful though, we weren't supposed to receive any punishments unless the young wolves decided to move mad like they did most of the time.  


Clara rang the bell, signaling the servants and they all rushed in. 

If I had been the one who rang that bell, the servants would not have arrived at such a short time. 

Despite my father being the beta’s assistant and my brother being the deputy general, the servants still showed me no respect. Maybe it was because they knew my family hated me, so when Hannah pushed me aside to grab a tray of bacon, I did not mind.


Clara opened her mouth to speak and I placed a hand on her shoulder. They weren’t worth it. 

Besides, reprimanding them didn't mean that they would change. I rolled my eyes when Hannah threw me a snotty glance. Clara tapped me, pointing at a tray of wine.


“Can you help me carry that in?” She asked. "Juan is sick, his mom just called me.” 


“Anything for you, Clara,” I told and she gave me a sweet smile.


“You like to sweet talk me, Oivia,” Clara said and her smile turned into a full beam.


“Only because you deserve it,” I said as I picked up the tray. Then I winked at her before I made for the door.


I made my way to the luncheon hall, dropping the tray on an empty spot. Gillian, my brother, picked up one of the glasses without looking at me. 


“The siege was successful. We met no difficulties.” My brother told the people on the table.


One wolf in a soldier outfit made a crude comment, launching the table into laughter. I shook my head internally, going to stand by a corner. That was the exact moment the Alpha walked in, along with my father and some other members of the pack. My dad gave me a sparse glance before he went to sit next to the beta. I sighed, looking at a space in the ceiling.


“They made scrambled eggs, your honor.” I didn’t have to look to know it was Kole who had just spoken. 

She was the sl*t males went to when they needed a quick f*ck. I just didn’t know the Alpha f*ck*d with her untill now. The Alpha ran a hand down her spine, smiling.


“You told them. For that I am grateful.” He said before moving his hands away.


I must have not masked my disgust in time because the beta was in front of me before I could blink. His eyes were rumored to be ice, but I underestimated their cold gaze. They were like the ice forge frozen on a lake, a little crack and one could sink in, forever lost to the depth of the water it covered. I shivered a little under the cold stare.


“Lift your gown.” He commanded.


"What?" I asked, baffled. I was sure I heard the wrong words from him.


“Lift…up…your…gown.” He repeated, stretching each word more than necessary. I looked at him and saw his eyes daring me to disobey him. I thought about disobeying him, but then I realized that he was the beta, and disobeying an order from the beta might not just end in a punishment. I could lose my life over it. I bit my teeth as I lifted my gown. Those icy eyes dropped to my crotch.


Please don’t touch me. Please don’t touch me. I began to chant in my head.


“Isn’t this your daughter, Ferno?” I heard him ask my father. My eyes snapped to my dad and the look on his face broke my heart.


“She is not mine. She is my cousin's b*st*rd daughter.” My father replied to the beta with a shrug.


The beta cupped my chin and forced me to look at him. “She seems to think differently.” He told my father.


“Do with her what you must.” My dad said with a dismissive wave of his hand.


“Oh, I intend to teach her manners.” The beta responded. The Alpha made a sound with his glass.


“Take her away. Some of us don’t appreciate a show while eating.” The Alpha said as a warning and the omega bursted into laughter.


“Speak for yourself, Kian.” The omega told the Alpha.


“You are welcome to follow them, Zayn.” The Alpha snapped back, but the omega just went on laughing.


The beta chuckled and looked back at me.


“Drop your gown and wait here.” He told me. I schooled my features to reflect nothing of what I felt as he walked back to sit next to the Alpha. Hannah slid up to me and I held in the urge to smack the b*tch.


“You are so lucky. I heard the beta has the ultimate d*ck game.” She told me with a naughty smile and I gave her a blank stare. “You don’t want to f*ck the beta?” She sounded baffled, but with Hannah, you never know. I looked away and ran smack into the omega’s stare.


“Can I join though?” He asked me. He said it in a very low voice, but everyone probably heard it with their wolf ears anyway.


"No," I responded in a loud voice, not caring if I got punished for refusing someone of a higher status. Hannah smacked my upper arm.


“Shut up! You are so f*ck*ng lucky, girl.” She told me and looked at me like I should be grateful I had two horny wolves who were hoping to get a piece of me on my back.


“You in grey, can I get another plate of bacon?” Gillian held up a plate in Hannah’s direction and she tugged on her gray sash.


“You give me deets later,” Hannah told, before she hurried away.


I rolled my eyes internally as she walked off and I let my gaze drift to the ceiling. These were the times I wish I had my wolf. I could feel her presence and do anything any normal werewolf could, but I had never once heard from her. I wondered why I'd never been able to communicate with my wolf. 

The truth was, I didn't know why either. But I knew that my mom hated me for that specifically.


A hand gripped my forearm, sending me out of my thinking zone. I looked at whoever had gripped my arm and saw that it was the omega.


“Come with me.” He said softly. His eyes were warmer than that of the beta, but I wasn’t fooled. The devil lived in the heat too.


“Where’s The beta?” I asked and he just laughed as he pulled me along the hall.


“Eager to f*ck him instead?” He finally asked when we were out of the hearing shot of the others.


“I don’t want either of you,” I answered him with little fear.


“You have sass. I like that.” He said and threw me a glance over his shoulder. “I can’t wait to f*ck it out of you.” He finished with a smirk.


“If I refuse, isn’t that like r*p*?” I asked him and he gave me a sly grin.


“We can also knock you out. But trust me, you wouldn’t refuse.” He told me.


Cocky much? I thought. Men like him needed to be taken down a few pages.


He stopped in front of a door and pushed it open. The beta was on the bed, reading a novel.


“She has more sass than you think.” The omega told him immediately we were in.


“I am not surprised. Her eyes hold fire.” He said and looked up from the book he was reading. I shivered again under his gaze. It was like his eyes got colder every time I looked into them.


“She happens to think she doesn’t want to f*ck us.” The omega said again.


“Also, not surprised.” The beta said and smiled faintly, giving me a shock.


“I didn’t know you smiled,” I told the beta. The omega laughed, pushing me forward.


“I like your mouth, little one.” The beta cupped my face and I held in the urge to shiver. “You are his daughter, aren’t you?” I nodded and pulled my face out of his grip.


“It is not a big deal,” I told them. I watched as the omega took a seat by the edge of the bed.


“That’s a shame, little one.” He said and I shrugged. I gripped the hem of my gown when the beta came closer.


“We are not going to have s*x with you, Olivia. We are going to send you on a little mission.” I blinked at the beta who simply smirked. 


“Your father owes us a lot of money, sweetheart.” 


The omega nodded in agreement, a sly smile on his face. “Emphasis on a lot of money.” He chuckled. 


I shook my head, stepping back. Although my father was a lot of things, I never knew him to be a debtor.


“My father is not a debtor!” I shouted at them both.


The omega winced and patted the space next to him.


“Take a seat, darling. You are going to burst a vessel if you keep doing that.” He told me. I blinked at his gentle tone and warm gaze. Tempting as it was, I ignored his offer.


“How on earth could my father owe you a lot of money?” I asked and the beta laughed, dropping the book in his hands in the process.


“He has a gambling problem,” The omega revealed to me and he chuckled at my large rounded eyes.


I thought about it for a minute and then shrugged the new knowledge about the man away. 

Whatever he was, a murderer, a gambler.. It had nothing to do with me.


I looked at the two men in front of me and shrugged again. There was no way I was helping them with anything even if they crawled on their knees to beg.


However, I didn't want to be punished so for courtesy's sake, I asked them how they needed my help.


"What do you want me to do for you both?" I asked them.


“We want you to sneak into his office or his study or wherever he keeps his important stuff and get us some documents.” The beta replied.


“I don’t even know where that is. My brother would have been a better option.” I announced it to them. 


Truly, my brother was the better option between both of us. When the omega scoffed and rolled his eyes, I got the idea that they already tried with him and failed.


“Your brother is a loyal *ssh*l* and he can’t keep a secret to save his life.” The beta said.


“He can. He is the most trustworthy person I know. He is one of the pack members that holds the family in higher regard than the pack.” I told them.


"Please." The omega pleaded. I shook my head and looked at my feet. 


“You can’t trust me with this. If I get caught, my back is going to suffer again.” I told them. My scars twitched as if to remind me of the pains it had suffered in the past and I tried to touch it.


“Take off that gown. Family feuds or not, abuse is not allowed.” The omega said in a lethal voice and I stepped back.


“This is not any of our business, Zayn.” The beta said, putting a hand on his shoulder.


“You know how the last case ended. You can’t tell me you would let a pack member die at the hands of a family again.” The omega shouted at the beta.


“Zayn, we don’t know..” The beta tried to say.


“F*ck*ng take off that gown now, Olivia.” The omega said, cutting into the beta's words.


I was surprised that the omega knew my name. True, they should know the name of everyone in the pack, but since I was absent from the pack most of the time, I didn't expect them to know mine. 

When I didn't take off the gown in time, I heard the omega's wolf groaning and the beta warned me about how feral the man's wolf was. 

I quickly took off the gown to avoid it being shredded into tiny pieces. I didn't miss the flash of heat in their eyes when they saw my naked breasts but it soon turned into shouts when I turned my back to them. The shouts from the two of them were so loud even I flinched.


“Put the gown back on, Olivia.” The beta said, but I didn’t miss the note of anger in his voice. I put it on, shrugging as I turned to face them. 


“It’s not that big of a deal. They barely hurt anymore.” I said with a dismissive tone.


“Olivia, listen to me. Get the documents and come to my cabin. If your father shows up, we are going to get him killed.” Zayn, the omega, told me.


“My mom holds the whip,” I told them in a solemn voice.


“Sarah?” The beta asked. His eyes went a fraction colder and I raised my brows.


“You can't tell me you don't know. It’s obvious to the entire pack that I'm the scapegoat of the pack. The b*st*rd girl who isn't even a complete werewolf.” I watched as Zayn swallowed uncomfortably and tried to say something but I cut him short. 


“And that's why I'm here. Because I'm at the end of the food chain. And you know it.” I was not sure where this was coming from since I usually took everything in silence but maybe I had reached my limits.


Even though I acted like it was nothing when I took off my dress, I was terrified they might r*p* me. Maybe it was because I was a virgin and I was uncomfortable with my nudity. I had the feeling that no matter how many times I had s*x, hopefully with someone who would adore me even though it 

seemed like an impossible wish, I would never be brave enough to show my scarred body to anyone.


Zayn held the beta by the arm and they went to the corner of the room and began to speak in hushed whispers even my super heightened wolf ears couldn't pick up on their conversations. I gave up on trying to hear them and began to lightly massage my shoulders which were still sore from the recent beating.


“Come stay in my cabin. I promise you'll be safe.” Zayn said a minute later when they were done with their talk.


“Like hell, I would. My father will find me.” I told him.


“He won't think of my cabin. Why would I be hiding you from him?” The omega said in response.


“Why are you even trying to help me?” I asked them with a suspicious look.


“Because you are right. And enough is enough.”


I let them talk me into it. I knew I shouldn't have, but enough was enough and there was only so much that a girl could take.


Chapter 2

Like most girls growing up, I dreamt of living in a big castle with a ballroom and chandeliers, grumpy butlers, and my very own wing where I could wear my princess dresses and do princess stuff. Let's not forget the part where the prince comes to whisk me away to his even bigger castle and we all live happily ever after where I spend his money on dreamy stuff. 


Yes, I was materialistic, sue me. But unlike most girls at almost twenty years old, deep down inside the burdened heart of mine, I still cradled that dream like a newborn. Maybe it was a coping mechanism or maybe I was just plain stupid. 


As I walked into Zayn's cabin, I knew it was no castle and that Zayn was no prince and I was no princess. Nonetheless, I felt a little strange. I searched within my soul but couldn't pinpoint what it was. 


Was it a strange feeling of serenity? Happiness?  Peace? Maybe it was all or none, I couldn't tell.



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