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The Alpha King's Desire

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"My King, my king!" I called desperately as I shifted towards him, the heavy weight of my chains scraping against the stone floor. "My King, please say something, please. You know I'm innocent of all these charges, you have been my first and only, my King. I didn't break any breeder code. Please help me, King Rafael, please," I pleaded. But it was as if my pleas fell on deaf ears. King Rafael refused to look at me, nor say a word in my defense. **** Ariel gets sold as a breeder to Alpha King Rafael, but the breeders have lost their use to King Rafael, that is until Ariel comes into the palace, causing him to experience wanting and desire he has never experienced before. Accused and almost killed by Rafael’s chosen Luna, Lady Mirabel, Ariel runs away pregnant with Rafael’s baby and disappointed in the man she loves. Luckily, she meets another Alpha who accepts her and her twin sons. Now, Rafael wants her back and is willing to do anything to make that happen. But Lady Mirabel mated Rafael with a plan, and she refuses to let a lowly breeder ruin everything for her, especially when she's so close to achieving her goal.

Chapter 1

Ariel pov

"As the betrothed of Alpha King Rafael and soon-to-be Luna of this kingdom, I sentence you to death by decapitation for breaking the primary breeder code. The death sentence will be carried out on the next full moon," I listened in horror as Lady Mirabel announced gleefully. 

Still on the cold concrete floor of the throne room where the guards had dumped me minutes ago to face my judgment, I knelt shivering in fear, my heart racing frantically. 

I couldn't die like this. No I couldn't! 

Turning to look at King Rafael where he was seated on his throne, I prayed and hoped he would say something- anything to save me from this terrible fate, but his face was turned away from me, his dark bottomless eyes fixed to the other side of the large throne room where his council members were seated. 

I swallowed down the sob that was building in my throat, but a bit escaped in a soft cry of hurt and betrayal. 

"My King, my king!" I called desperately as I shifted towards him, the heavy weight of my chains scraping against the stone floor. 

"My King, please say something, please. You know I'm innocent of all these charges, you have been my first and only, my King. I didn't break any breeder code. Please help me, King Rafael, please," I pleaded. 

But it was as if my pleas fell on deaf ears. King Rafael refused to look at me, nor say a word in my defense. 

I turned to the guards and breeders who had stood as witnesses for my supposed crimes, the chains around my arms and wrist heavy but I ignored it, my focus on them. 

I needed to get through to them. I needed them to change their statement. I didn't know why they would lie about the things they said, but my life was not the only one on the line here. If it had been only my life, I would have just accepted the judgment and seen it as my fate. 

"Mira, Josh," I said, turning to each of them. "Tessa, Vance. Please say the truth, tell the council the truth. Tell them I didn't sleep with anyone else, guards or others, please," I sobbed. 

"Please tell them I didn't break any of the breeders' codes, that I have been faithful to the Alpha King, please tell them the truth!" I screamed, tears pouring down my eyes profusely. 

Lady Mirabel stood up from the small throne-like chair she was seated on and strode to me, landing a hard slap on my cheek. 

"Shut up you cheap slut or I will command the guards to cut out your tongue, and spread your legs here till every single one of them have their way with you. I'm sure you will enjoy it, since that what's you've been doing even before you came into this palace,"

Bending close to my face, she whispered in a way I was sure even with their sharp werewolves ears, the others wouldn't be able to hear. 

"It looks like King Rafael has abandoned you, Ariel, if not, why isn't he speaking up for you? I'm sure you thought you were so special because he was paying you so much attention. Or, did you think he loved you?" She let out a mocking scoff. 

"King Rafael cannot love anyone. He doesn't even love himself, let alone an ordinary wolfless breeder such as yourself who is only good for what you were brought into this palace for; which is to spread your legs wide for the king. You brought this upon yourself by attracting his attention when other breeders couldn't, so you will bear the cost," 

Straightening away from me, she ordered the guards. 

"Take her to the dungeon. She's to be without food and water till it's time for her sentence to be carried out," 

At her words, the guards bundled me up and headed towards the exit. 

As they carried me out, I chanced another desperate glance at King Rafael, and this time I found his gaze on me, his angular handsome face expressionless, his dark eyes gazing at me flatly, not even an iota of emotion present in them. 

That flat gaze showed me exactly who I was to the Alpha of the biggest werewolf pack in the world; the Alpha king of all werewolves. 

It showed me that I was really nothing special, just a wolfless breeder lucky enough, or in my case unlucky enough for the king to have taken a fancy to, and only used for sex; after all that was the duty of the King's breeders. To be used in whatever way the King deemed fit for the King's pleasure. 

And it didn't matter that I had loved him or thought what we had was special. 

The guards dragged me past the other breeders of the palace who were standing at the entrance of the throne room to watch my downfall and I could hear their mocking laughter and insults. 

"Serves the wolfless bitch right for thinking she's better than us just because the king chose her out of all of us. Tweh!" One spat, her spittle hitting me on the side of the face. 

"I can't believe I was ever jealous of her. Now I'm glad the king never chose any breeder all these years until her. I wouldn't want to be in her shoes facing Lady Mirabel's wrath," Another murmured grudgingly. 

"The slut deserves this and more. If I was the only breeder the Alpha King has ever chosen in years, I would do everything to keep that position. But instead, she goes ahead and spreads her legs for anyone who wants to take a peep! She's truly undeserving to be chosen by the king."

I couldn't listen to them anymore, so I tried to shut my ears to their vile words but the occasional shouts of slut, cheap! kill her! sneaked in, killing me inside slowly. 

I knew the other breeders didn't like me, and I could understand that. King Rafael had ignored the breeders in the palace for the past decade since he became the Alpha king. 

But then I got sold to the palace as a breeder by my Uncle, and the King to the shock of everyone, even his betrothed, showed interest in me and became my first and only lover. 

This had created a sort of enmity between me and the other breeders, especially the older ones who had come into the palace during the last two breeder's run, which was ten and five years ago. 

But I guess I didn't know the jealousy and enmity had been so deep, that they could stand as false witnesses against me, vomiting terrible lies about me. 

We got to the underground chamber where the dungeon was located, and the guards threw me in, uncaring if I hurt myself when I fell or not. 

I folded into myself as I fell, so my stomach wouldn't bear the brunt of the fall. 

I was pregnant with Alpha King Rafael’s baby, and I was going to tell him the good news today before this whole horrible affair happened. 

Now, I was glad I didn't get to tell him. If he had known I was pregnant, I was sure he would have stopped the death sentence but only till I successfully put to bed. 

I refused to let that dead heart monster, with no iota of feeling, take care of my baby, especially not with his evil betrothed, Mirabel.

The two of them were perfect for each other in their coldness, and my broken heart was all my fault because I had been wanting what was impossible.  

Picking myself up from the smelly damp cell, I observed the small room, looking for anything that could help me get out of this place. 

Since nobody was planning to save me, I planned on saving myself and my baby. 

I was a fighter, a survivor. I survived my parents' death, I survived my bitter upbringing with my uncle, I survived getting sold, and I would survive this. 

Dying was not an option, especially with the baby inside me. 

Chapter 2

Ariel Pov

I woke up to the sound of male voices murmuring, while my head throbbed almost unbearably. 

What happened? I wondered as I forced my eyes open, to find myself still in the forest, the leaves on the trees beginning to cast long shadows on the ground to show that it was getting late and the sun was returning to sleep. 

"Is she dead? Why don't we check?" One of the male voices said, the voice coming closer to me, his footsteps silent on the forest floor, showing he was a warrior. 

Has Lady Mirabel found me? I thought in fear, shooting up, only to fall back down with a groan, gripping my head tightly in my hands. 

The sudden movement had shot a bolt of pain straight to my brain, bringing nausea with it. 

I tilted my head to the side to avoid messing up my tattered dress and threw up the meager contents of my stomach. 

My pregnancy was in its second month now if I was correct and it's bee


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