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The Alpha King Runaway Bride

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I saw this tradition in Klean and I thought it was cute," Xavier answered, still on one knee. "What tradition?" Mia asked in a curious tone, her brow raised. "Well, the to-be groom asks the bride to marry him by getting on one knee and saying will you marry me? So, Mia Ainsworth, will you marry me?" he asked her. She seemed interested to know how this ends. Yesterday he had gotten on his knee to give her the gold and green ribbons and she wanted to see how this would go. "Okay, and then what?" "Then the to-be bride says yes," he guided her. "So I say yes?" "Yes," he nodded. "That's my line," she protested with a pout. "Then say it." "Yes," she said, and he took her hand and slid the ring onto her finger. He rose to his feet and pulled her against himself before claiming her lips. They pulled away, and he placed his head against hers, his eyes fluttering. "The kiss is a part of the tradition?" "Yes," he said, beaming at her. His happiness was getting her excited, "Okay, now what?" "We get married.

Chapter 1 The crown prince

Seventeen summers ago...

Robb Ainsworth stormed out of his inner chambers after having a talk with the council of alphas about the behaviour of his eighteen-summer-old son, Xavier Ainsworth, who had become a thorn in his flesh. He had once been a good and obedient boy and suddenly he changed and became something he barely recognized. Every day the news he received about him was saddening. Turns out he wasn't the only one the brat had offended, he had also gone far to offend a lot of other people. In the last few weeks, he hadn't been home and a news source said he had been in Shelled, the Eastern region with his friends, causing chaos where ever he went and dragging the Ainsworth name through the mud.

He stormed out of the palace and into the gardens. He saw Layla seated and speaking with Edward on the left side of the garden where the lily flowers grew. She glanced up and saw him and the delight she had in her face almost disappears.

"My king," she bowed her head and rose to her feet, stepping towards him with Edward beside her. "You look upset."

"Your son is the only one that can make me feel this way." he hissed, offended.

"I am sorry, my king. Is there something I can do?"

"You should have raised him right as his mother. That was your only job." he seethed.

Her head dropped and her voice came out barely audible. "I am sorry, my king."

"I hope you do a better job with Edward or the Ainsworth's name will go down as a mockery." he stormed off from the gardens.

Her eyes grew glassy, and she blinked the tears away.

He was almost in the palace when he heard a familiar voice call to him.

"King Robb!" he paused and turned around to see Elliott.

"Elliott," he called, his eyes regaining a little happiness at the sight of him.

Elliot had travelled back home to meet his mother, Jane Ainsworth, who was gravely sick months ago, with no sign of recovery. He sent words about her death a few weeks after going home. Robb wanted to be there for her burial, but he couldn't. His responsibilities as king kept him down in the capital.

He and Jane had shared so many memories while growing up together and they remained close until the war that saw him to the throne of Wahala as king. She married his younger brother, prince Blake Ainsworth, and they lived in the capital for a few years before his brother's death. Jane decided to move back to Shelled after her husband's demise and lived there until the moment of her death.

Robb wished he could have been in attendance, he couldn't. The matters of the throne were pressing and he would have sent Xavier his eldest son, to stand in his place, but he knew better.

"My condolences," he said with a remorseful look on his face.

Elliot shook his head. "I'm glad I was there in her last moment. I would have missed so much and hated myself for it."

"I'm glad you stayed with her. She was gracious and beautiful and my prayers will always be with her."

"Thank you, my king," he bowed again.

He reached into the pocket of his coat and pulled out a sealed scroll. "The council of Shelled hoped to bring you this letter a week ago, but since I was already returning, I offered to bring it along today." He handed it over to Robb.

He looked impressed at the diligence of the young man and at this moment he asked himself if he had done the right thing all these years. Elliott, who wasn't crowned, was a better decision-maker than his worthless son, who was the crown prince. Elliott had the interest of the kingdom at heart. He always had, ever since he was a boy and the older he got, the more it grew. He was also hardworking, noble and brave, all the qualities he didn't see in his son.

He wished Xavier was a little like Elliott. If he was, he would have been the happiest father and king.

He took an oath, and he couldn't go back on it. Not even until his last breath. "You did well, Elliott." he reached out and placed his hand on his shoulder.

He bowed again, his eyes showing he was flattered. "Thank you, my king."

Robb withdrew his hand, "Keep this up and maybe someday you might end up a great ruler of the kingdom."

A week later,

Rob arrived at the High tower to meet Kai, the Shaman of the capital and gracefully made his way in. None of his guards followed him and the carriage that brought him to the lofty High waited outside. It was a holy place of consultation and only those consulting and permitted could proceed.

He stepped into the tower hall, which was so quiet it sounded off every detail of his step and echoed it throughout the hall. The High tower, unlike the temple, was significantly smaller in build and it also had no seats or altar or pulpit. It was just a wide empty hall but for the long white curtain at the front hall. The High Tower was a haven in times of war or battle and only the Royal who had studied the history of the High Tower would have this knowledge. The presence and the safety it brought made king Ilon Ainsworth, Robb's grandfather, erect the Royal estate a few miles away from the High tower hundreds of summers ago.

Once at the centre of the hall, he bowed his head as in the rites of the Holy place and continues to the front. He reached the front and bowed his head again and sat on the floor, folding his legs. Robb knew the Shaman was already behind the curtains and he waited for him to speak.

"I received words you wanted to speak to me."

"The last time I came here, you told me I will win the war, and you were right. I did. We won the war and there has been peace throughout the kingdom so far."

"Now you're here to ask about your son." Kai seemed to have already discerned his motive for coming.

"Yes, your holiness. So far, your words have come true and I want to know about my son. Xavier Ainsworth, the crowned prince has attributed characters that make him unworthy of the throne so many times. I've done my path to teach him the way to go. He defies me every chance he gets and makes a mockery of the Ainsworth's name. He also hates me, which I am not surprised about since indiscipline hates discipline. Someday I stare into his eyes and all I see is the death he wishes me. I want to know. Will my death come at his hands?"

Kai became silent and Robb wondered if he was silent because he had nothing to say or because he was still listening.

"Your death will come at the hands of one of your sons." Kai concurred, his tune certain.

Coldness gripped him and he shudder helplessly. "Which one?"

"I cannot say, but it will come."

He had always had the fear, but to receive confirmation of his fear made him tremble.

Robb knew his sons. He watched them grow since they were but children, and only one was capable of taking his life.

Xavier Ainsworth, the crown prince...

Chapter 2: The peace

Mia stood at the entrance of the palace with her heart racing at the return of her mate, Alpha King Xavier Ainsworth. She had heard the carriage for not very long and then caught the faint scent of the alpha king in the palace estate, and she immediately abandoned her studies at the in-built office and raced out to see him.

It's been three moons since he left with Edward for the kingdom of Klean, and it felt almost like three decades. He had put her in charge of his affairs, and so she acted in his place for three moons.

Robb Ainsworth and Alpha Koz Lupe had been by her side, just as the alpha King instructed. They aided her and were close counsel, and with their help, she ruled effectively, just as Xavier would.

How does one survive three months of ruling without their mates by their side? She barely did. Yes, outside her chamber, she carried out the task and responsibilities placed before her, but on the inside, she was crumbling and barely holding on.



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