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The Alpha Games Rise of the Alpha Queen

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After trying for many years without success, The Alpha and Luna of Amethyst Moon finally conceive.... a daughter Amelia Emberstone.  After learning they will never have a son, Alpha Alden begins training his daughter to become a powerful yet compassionate leader. She has faced many challenges and trained her entire life to become the Alpha of the Amethyst Moon. Amelia is not only beautiful and sharp-witted, but she has also proved to be a robust and fearless future leader and, after 24 years, is ready to take over the pack.   Her parents have finally decided to retire, and she begins to plan her life by taking over as Alpha and living her reign when things take a sudden turn when she finds an invite to the Alpha games.   The alpha games occur every twenty-five years to determine who the new Alpha King will be. Bloodline means nothing; strength, agility, and intelligence mean everything, and only 100 Alphas are chosen to participate. But a she-wolf has never participated in the Alpha games until now. Will Amelia have what it takes to win the Alpha games and become the Alpha Queen? Will She finally find her mate she never wanted? Will she be able to prove she can protect the Kingdom from some of their biggest threats if she wins?

Chapter 1

 Bing! Another email pops into my inbox. I'm sitting at my desk scanning through pack emails, deleting all of the invites to the ridiculous mating parties happening this month. Every invite begins with how much they would like for me to attend and become their Luna and merge my father's pack with theirs and become "the most prestigious pack in the realm." Pathetic. "What if mate happens to be at one of the parties?" My wolf chimes in. Her eyes glaze over with lust at the thought of the 6'7 blonde hair and washboard abs she salivates over—Willow, like I told you before. I do not want a mate, and I'm sorry you are stuck with such a dreadful human. That life just isn't for me. I sigh as frustration creeps onto my face. "I understand." She whimpers and returns to her resting place in the back of my mind. 

 I scoff as I continue trudging through the 250 emails I have received in the last twenty-four hours. Today's best one is a marriage proposal to an Alpha I've never met. I didn't even finish reading it. Delete! Power-hungry assholes. I snort and tap the button. I roll my eyes as they continue with fake promises on how we can blend seamlessly. 

 Hours later, I've abandoned the emails, and I'm deep in thought and pack finances when I hear my mother barely knock. Her chocolate curls make their way around the edge of the door. Hints of grey peek through as her many years of being Luna have taken their toll on her. Yet, her sweet face is pulled into a contagious smile that makes deep creases around her almond-shaped blue eyes and perfectly plump lips. I might be biased, but my mother is one of the most beautiful Lunas in the realm.

 I feel my grave face fade as her tender smile spreads across her face and spontaneously puts a smile on mine too. "Amelia, dear, your father needs you in his office." She says, a little more chipper than usual. I raise my eyebrow, "What would that be for mother?" She doesn't respond and turns on her heels, leaving as quickly as she came. I stand up, stretch, and head down the hall to my father's office. 

Mom and dad tried for years to conceive, and in the last month of trying, mom finally fell pregnant with me. Dad was slightly disappointed he didn't have a son but has always supported me in taking over as Alpha. When he knew mom would never have another child, he told me how strong and beautiful I was and how women could be Alphas, too, and his pack would be the first of many to be led by a female Alpha.

 I started my training the day I turned 10. He taught me how to defend myself without my wolf first, and I slowly climbed the ranks in the pack even without my wolf becoming the best female warrior we have. 

He also didn't believe in the typical practice of turning an eighteen-year-old loose to run an entire pack. Especially considering we have well over one thousand members. I recently turned 25 this year, and I can feel my mother and father slowly releasing the reins and giving me more responsibility over the pack. He says every single year, they will retire at the end of this one, and I'm not sure he will ever be able to do that.

I walk up to his door and take a deep breath. I raise my hand to knock, but before my knuckles touch the door, I hear his gruff voice, "come in." His age is showing tonight as his sizeable muscular frame is tucked neatly behind his desk with only the lamp on. His long black hair is pulled back in a ponytail, and his salt and pepper beard hangs braided from his chin. His battered face and eyes show deep wrinkles as what little youth he had left is leaving him. 

I walk in and sit in his chair, and he continues reading over a very thick formal letter. His brows are furrowed together, and I see concern and relief written across his face as he finally looks at me. I stare at the scar across his right eye that I was the cause of all those years ago, feeling remorse every time I think back to that day. 

We sit in silence for a few moments then his eyes glaze over as he links someone. My mother bounces through the door and stands behind dad with her hand firmly on his shoulder. He lays the letter to the side and covers it with other forms he is working on. I make a note to snoop for it later after they have retired for the evening. He looks up at her, and she gives him a smile and nods. "Lia, your mother and I have decided to retire. We are the oldest active Alpha and Luna, and we think you're more than capable of taking over now." I look back at my dad in disbelief as he snakes his hand up my mother's arm and sighs with relief. "Are you sure," I asked them, puzzled by the strange timing of this. "We have never been more sure of something in our lives, Lia. You have done more than enough to prove yourself to us and this pack, and they will be lucky to have you." My heart is pounding with excitement as I've waited to hear these words my entire life. My wolf had been relatively quiet up until this point tonight. But then, I hear her start howling with delight. 

"When would you like for me to take over? Next month? Next year? I ramble until my dad interrupts me. "Next week. Sunday, it's a blood moon." He doesn't look up from the paper on which he's scribbling his signature. "Oh," is the only word I can form as fear and panic set in. I'm really doing this. 

Chapter 2

BAMMP! BAMPPP! BAMP! I turn over and slap the alarm and try to doze back off for a few minutes. Then, just as I'm about drift back off, I hear my door squeak open, and a familiar warmth fills the room. It's like a summer morning with a fresh bouquet of flowers and freshwater all mixed into one. It's warm and inviting, and I'll never get tired of it. " Good morning to you, mother," I say with a sleepy smile. She walks around the bed and places something on the bedside table, and I hear the familiar click-clack of her heels on the marble floor over to the window. '

She opens the shades and cracks it to let in the first bit of spring air. She walks back over, gently sits on the edge of the bed, and runs her fingers through my long chestnut hair. I turn to face her. Don't you think I am a little old for this mom? "I am the future Alpha, you know," I say with an eyebrow raised and a giggle. "Alpha, smalpha, at the end of


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