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The Alpha billionaire mistress and his secret baby

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The results of having affair with humans, turns that human into a shape - shifter. But after living for over two centuries, Maximilian Knight, CEO of a Historical Finding company and a powerful shape-shifting Alpha, discovers true love with his personal assistant, Amelia Lane, a 23-year-old orphan. Despite Amelia's initial disdain for her job due to Maximilian's perceived rudeness, she remains unaware of his secret admiration. Maximilian, defying the rules that forbid shape-shifting Alphas from engaging romantically with humans, falls in love with Amelia. Unknown to him, a one-night stand he had with Grace Monroe about a hundred and fifty years ago, results in the birth of a son, Alexander Monroe, whom he had no Idea of. Alexander Monroe later returns with his mother to confront Maximilian Knight, but ended up lusting and falling in love with Amelia, Maxmillian one true love. Learning about his forgotten past and discovering his son's interest in Amelia, Maximilian faces a fierce battle against Alexander and Grace for Amelia's affection. Amidst the turmoil, Amelia learns about Maximilian's werewolf nature, causing fear and uncertainty about their relationship. However, Maximilian vows to protect her at any cost, reassuring her of his commitment.

Midnight Dilemma

Walking the dark, empty streets of Culver City, somewhere in Los Angeles, with no traces of crimes heard or seen. The streets of the city seemed safe for even a baby to crawl on without his mother having to worry. Maxmillian Knight, a shape-shifting Alpha werewolf, the last of his kind, lived for two centuries, with his hair disheveled under the cool breeze. He reached a pleasure park, seeing how empty it was, no single soul or shadows were seen, his werewolf scent couldn't sense anyone in the park or far from the park. Maxmillian Knight looked troubled, he sat down on a chair in the park, crossed his legs, and placed both his hands on his laps.

His thoughts were all about his maiden Amelia, who worked for him at home. He had been harboring feelings for her secretly so that he just couldn't control the urge to touch her whenever she was close to him. He knew she wasn't like him, and he knew the consequences of engaging with humans. Maximilian Knight was scared that Amelia would run from him if she found out what he was; he couldn't tell her how he really felt, and at the same time, he didn't want to lose her.

He sat in the park for hours, thinking of what to do, yet not reaching a conclusion. And then he decided to head back home, where he would come across the one woman he loved. "Good evening sir, your dinner is set on the table," Amelia told him, although scared of him, she felt he was rude because that's how he treated her. Amelia had no idea her boss was head over heels in love with her. As she approached him calmly, the stare he threw at her was that of detest and loathe, but deep down, he knew he was only pretending, he didn't want to give her the idea of the feelings he'd been nurturing towards her.

"You can go, I will take the food to my chambers," he commanded. His tone was condescending enough to send shivers down Amelia's spine. But as she walked out of the dining room, he could only stare at her from afar, admiring what a pretty damsel he waited patiently to hold tight.

Amelia was done with her chores for the day, went to her room, scared of what the night might bring. She normally found it difficult to sleep, so she stayed up thinking about her past and what the future might hold for her. She unpacked her blonde hair, letting it drop freely on her back, and then she picked up a hairbrush to smooth the tangled edges as she began traversing from one corner of her room to another.

Suddenly, she heard a shout in Maxmillian's room and rushed outside, only to see her boss in the dining room with the tray of food on the floor.

"What is this poison you have made?" he barked at her, his eyes flaming with fire fiercely as if to eat her raw. "I, I... I don't understand," Amelia stammered. Her voice was low and unheard. "So you suddenly can't talk?" Maxmillian Knight asked again.

"I'm sorry if you don't like what I made; I will just make something else," Amelia pleaded. "There will be no need for that, young lady. I'll just go out to eat. You can eat your rubbish off the floor for all I care," Maxmillian said, leaving the room.

Amelia felt so heartbroken. Although she was aware of how rude her boss was, she never got used to his yelling and unnecessary complaints all the time. She was only a 23-year-old orphan, who was in search of a job and a roof over her head. She knew nothing about her past or her biological parents. And right now, she was forced to bear with her arrogant boss whom she despised and hated so much.

She bent down to pick up the food from the floor back onto the plate or what was left of it. She tasted it and still couldn't understand what was wrong with the food. She grudged and went ahead to trash the food into the waste bin.

It was almost midnight, Amelia was pacing around every corner of the house, from the sitting room to the dining room, waiting for her boss to return, so she could apologize for the food he claimed to have been poisoned.

The sitting room was very large and tiring to walk around, the chandeliers in the sitting room shone really bright so that they began entering her eyes, every part of the furniture was sparkling, the white couch with a touch of gold in it was tempting to lay on, but she knew for certain that her boss didn't allow anyone on the couch. She realized that ever since she started working for him as his maiden, he hadn't had any visitors. She didn't want to think about all of that; she became tired of waiting and pacing and fell asleep unknowingly on the couch.

Maxmillian Knight walked into his apartment and found Amelia on his couch. He stood by her side, gazing at the wonderful creature of how beautiful a human could be. At that point, he wished he was human just to be with her; he bent down, caressing her face and moving a strand of hair that fell through her face. He made a move to kiss her lips while she slept calmly, but suddenly his heart began beating faster than usual. He couldn't understand what it meant. But he knew he hadn't felt like that before. With his face slightly close to Amelia's, he noticed her moving from side to side on the couch while her eyes were almost open; immediately he got hold of himself and stood up hurriedly.

"Ahem!!" He cleared his throat loudly, which was a signal meant for Amelia to get up from his couch.

Immediately she heard him, she arose from the couch, "I'm sorry, I had no idea I slept off," she apologized.

"If you don't value your job here anymore, then you can sleep on my couch again," Maxmillian said, pretending he didn't care about her, and walked out of the sitting room, leaving Amelia there all alone.

Love and Pretense

In the middle of the night, Amelia felt restless; she couldn't sleep. She was scared that, for the first time in a long while, she might just end up losing her job. She knew how strict her boss could be. She insisted on apologizing for her behavior the following morning, hoping her boss would be in a good mood by then.

The next morning was bright and shiny, and the weather seemed cool and uplifting. Amelia trembled as she brought breakfast to the table, as her boss, Maxmillian, was already seated in the dining chair. He watched her lustfully, sensing the fear in her while placing the tray of food on the dining table.

"What is wrong with you?" Maxmillian Knight asked her. His voice sounded soft once again, so Amelia felt at ease talking to him. She figured that it might be the right time to apologize for her misdoings the previous night. But the look in Maxmillian's eyes gave a different expression than that of his voice. His voice was so


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