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Accorms are Shapeshifters, acolytes of the moon goddess who has been hidden for centuries but fate brought them and humans together through one person. Chapter 1# Dorian is a princess of the Accorm legion but she has to abandon everything in order not to be tied with someone she despise and do not love. What would be her fate? #Mysterious death: The death of two photo artists in Bane Forest took forever to be unravelled and the cause of death, well you would have to find out yourselves. Chapter 2# Johnson is a special person right from his childhood but would be faced with different trials. He would have to make sacrifices for others along the way. #Marpha "the prime ruler" he is the father of Dorian, he lost his wife during child birth, at a point he went missing. What really happened?, Is he dead?. #Darius is the Adviser of Marpha and the Grandfather of Dorian. He holds on to a prophecy given by the Moon. Come find out!!

Chapter 1: BANE FOREST

Middle of the night, (panting heavily) Dorian ran through the forest as the moon rises in it's elegance mixed with the glowing star light, she couldn't stop for fear of been caught and taken back to the palace.

It's winter and the forest is freezing cold, the trees are covered with snow and the wind hallowing rapidly from every corner of the forest. Dorian haven't gotten this far from her home before, the forest is an ominous and dangerous place to be at night time but she is not scared of the forest rather is she slowing her pace.

At this point she has probably lost those who were chasing her as it will be difficult for them to trail her in her human form without realizing that she has crossed pass the Accorm territory. Now she could see the end of the forest as she approaches the road lit with street lights and cars parading to and fro.

It's a two lane road with road signs like an (S) showing users that the road is curvey and also a SLOW DOWN sign on pole sticks at both sides of the road, there is also a caution and danger blockage at the direction of the forest telling people to avoid entering the forest. This road in particular was deserted about three weeks ago following the story of a man who reported a case of a wild strange looking animal about two times bigger than a wolf with large fangs and ominous aura in the forest where he normally go to gather woods for his furniture work. But the case was closed after the police investigation was to no avail, though there was a lead on the case after they discovered blood samples on the trees but for days no body was found or any sign of attack in the forest.

The police was convinced that the man must have exaggerated pending his medical report from the STATE MUNICIPAL CLINIC that the Man is not mentally stable and has been in isolation for years, because he is old they thought it was psychological complications which involves mental disorder. The man kept saying "I know what i saw!, i know what i...i.. saw it! you have to believe me." and as for the blood samples found the test results were not satisfied to belong to a human being. After all this the police closed the case but still yet the news went viral with many media television channels, radio stations and news magazines publishing the storyline.

As expected the reporters wanted Mr Miller to come live on air to narrate what he experienced at Bane Forest but were all restricted from interviewing him. For some period of time motorists avoided the road for fear of being attacked.

:Three weeks ago (Bane Forest)

"Hey Johnny come over here look at that...howow!." the white man said calling the attention of his colleague.

"wow I've never seen anything like it before, is that an ape or a monkey?"Johnny asked. "Man I don't know which is it but it sure looks like you, just look at the resemblance hahahaha!!." (Rony mocked his colleague) "hurry up and take a picture before it leaves."

"That wasn't funny Rony"Johnny said as he takes pictures of the creature.

Johnny is an African from Kenya and Rony is an American. They are both working on a "NATURE PHOTO CONTEST" as a team to win the grand price of five million dollars and a chance to show their photography skills to the world as the best.

It was getting late and the two men were still in the forest looking around and taking pictures. Johnny was a little behind, mesmerized by his surrounding, how beautiful nature is and he suddenly heard something(he paused), "Rony!! did you hear that?."

"you always hear things because of your elf ears!."(Rony mocked him again) Along the way now both of them could hear a loud terrifying sound and it was coming towards their direction.

"Holy sh*t!... ruuunnn!!!!, go..go..go..go, what the hell is that?." as they both ran through the trees the beast chased after them with fast and steady moves and in no time it caught up to them and pounced on Johnny shattering his bones as his scream travelled above the forest. Rony was still on the run and he was so close to the end of the Forest but unfortunately the beast appeared at his front, growling and walking slowly towards Rony with it's eyes some how green fixed on him, his fangs sharp as an iron blade and his claws firm on the ground.

Rony could not understand what he was seeing even though it was right in front of him, he started moving back slowly, in his mind he was like "this cannot be a wolf!."

Mr Miller who also came to the forest to get woods was hiding at the back of a big tree and he saw as the beast leaped on Rony and devoured him. Mr Miller made a sound out of fear and the beast noticed him instantly, now the beast focused on the old man's movement letting the lifeless body of Rony fall to the ground, it growled at the old man but did not move an inch which meant RUN!, then Mr Miller obediently agreed as he started running as fast as he could but was still too slow because he is old. Reaching his truck he ignites the engine and immediately drove away as quick as possible and the beast took the body of Rony away into the deep forest.

This beast is known as an Accorm the most dangerous predators among shape shifters, never seen before by the human eyes, for those who have seen never leaved to tell the tale. They are very calculative in attacking preys, their hunting skills is second to none as escaping an Accorm sight is useless because they are as fast as cheetah and big, strong, fearless and wise. When hunting they leave no single trace behind so as to keep their identity secret, they know most things about humans but humans know nothing about their existence for centuries but things will change because of one person. The future is here

"Good day people,God bless America(radio playing) yaeah yeah yeah it's another day with Dorch the gr*at, watsup coming live to the popping most epic and mind blowing show in the universe!!! Woow, alright it's 3pm on the dot and you are live with Dorch the gr*at and this is the Blacka*s show where we take you to the most trending famous concert in America and around the world. We have alot to talk about today but let me..let me cut a little bit of the iceberg, yah I've been thinking if I could have the opportunity to meet one celebrity diva it will definitely be Nicky Minaj, mmm cuz she's giving me minajies!, you know she gat that big boo*s and the a*s my Gad, d*mn men! everytime she makes me wanna co..." Chiii***(Switching to another station) "What's this nigga talking'bout, he crazy man" the man driving said.

"Welcome and thank you for joining me on THE NEWS FACTOR, my name is Isabel Daniels and I'm reaching you live from California. It's been two days now and the two Photo artist's named Johnny Kumaru and Rony Stones has not been found yet, with the report from the state police received at the early hours of today it has been reported that their last location was at Bane Forest road, Now let's here what the LAPD Captain said during the press conference at the STATE POLICE DIVISION earlier today. We'll be right back.."

"It took this long for us to know that the two photo artist last location was at Bane Forest because they both took a cab from the museum instead of the car assigned to them by the company they work for, so just recently when our ICT team were going through the company computers, the one belonging to Johnny Kumaru happens to be linked to his wrist watch with a tracking device which has an update location timer every 24 hours and yah that's how we traced it to Bane Forest. We are doing everything possible to get to the bottom of this and we assure the public that the LAPD is working tirelessly to unravel this mystery. Thank you for your cooperation."

"Sir can you brief us on the incident reported by Mr Miller some weeks ago?" a reporter asked the captain to the hearing of everyone...

"Yah that's true! could it be that this case is linked with the one of Mr Miller?" another reporter asked. "are they hiding something?."

"Who could be behind this?"...

"something is not right!" the crowd started mumbling).

"attention please!!!, we are not considering anything for now untill we are sure of it, we maintain hundred percent factuality, that would be all for now, thank you." Captain Robert addressed the crowd. "Sir...sir!" the crowd still mumbling.

"Welcome back, so the public wants to know if the present case of the two missing photo artist is somehow connected to the story of Mr Miller from Bane town and maybe probably the case will be reviewed. Thank you for staying with us on THE NEWS FACTOR i remain Isabel Daniels see you next time."

"Men this is getting interesting, how can something like this happen with no trace at all?, something's fishy here and is not gonna be good at'll." the passenger perplexed

"yes sir it's crazy sh*t out there." Few minutes later the uber rider arrived at his destination, the passenger pays off and exit's. "Bye sir!" Shawn the Uber rider said jokingly.

".....yah I've finished the design samples you asked me to make and I have more umm..right here just incase" Johnson said handing over some designs to a client.

"ohh okay let me have a look, wow what do we have here!. nice, hmm(flipping through the designs) oh my God this are all great!, Mr Johnson I always knew you were the right man for the job, I mean like this is more than I expected" Mrs Smith said.

"thank you very much Mrs Smith I'm glad you like it, you know art is something I have always wanted to do since I was a little boy" Johnson replied. "Wonderful, i see you are good at it so umm when would it be ready."

"I can start working on it by tomorrow morning so probably will be ready before Saturday" Johnson replied.

"Okay that's perfect, I will keep that in mind and please do well to forward the account details so my accountant can make the payment by tomorrow" Mrs Smith said. "I will do just that Mrs Smith, thank you very much for trusting my work, i won't disappoint you" Johnson replied. "of course I know that, I should be the one thanking you for the wonderful work in a short while and for the affordable price, it's just so remarkable and i do hope we can work together again Mr Johnson."

"it will be a great pleasure Mrs Smith. (exchanging pleasantries) let me walk you to your car". "Oh thank you (she chuckled) for being such a gentleman, I'm sure your fiance is a lucky girl" Mrs Smith said.

"Ummm actually i.. don't have a g'rl friend yet." Johnson said smiling back at his client.

"Oh I'm soo sorry I didn't know that, i talk too much nowadays." Mrs Smith said with an apologetic face

"it's ok Mrs Smith."

"but why?, if I may ask."

"nothing really, the thing is that I haven't really seen someone i love and I'm not gonna rush things so I don't regret my actions later in life" Johnson said. "Wow that's nice, really I wish you find that special girl that will make you happy and I'm just so positive about you being a good father some day." patting his shoulder. "i wish you all the best Mr Johnson."

"thank you very much Mrs Smith for your concern, i will call you tomorrow" Johnson replied.

"Alright dear." She smiled and entering her car she then drove away.

Chapter 2: TWIST IN TIME

"Hey Johnson come join us, here have a bottle. You've been working since morning when do you have time to rest?."

"thank you Big j, you know I don't take Alcoholics" Johnson said.

"Hahahaha who says that?, look i know i don't go to church but I have watched that one time even priests drink wine on that huge table, uhhh what do they call it again?,(he asks rhetorically) the Altar!!!, Yeah that's what they call it."

"OH YAH ME TOO!." a man said roughly.

"let me tell you something, you don't have to become a bad guy before(in a low tune) you do this things" Big j said.


"I know you gat great potentials boy, put them into use."

"DEM RIGHT!." the man still talking

"come on Johnson you know it's a free world and this motherfuck*rs ain't better than you."

"DEM RIGHT!." the man keeps


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