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Subduing My Alpha Mate

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Meet Gabriella Racheal Stone, Vice-chairman of Stone Construction Company and daughter of the chairman to humans, Alpha Princess and daughter of the Alpha king of the Red Moon pack to werewolves and a dominant figure to everyone. Then meet Marvin Alistair Hale, manager of a new branch of Havillah Industries and Alpha king of the Moonstone pack, Alpha Ultra of Wisconsin and Illinois and a well-loved leader. Richard Stone, Gabriella's father sends his daughter to convey his displeasure at the werecouncil's choice of Marvin over him for the position of Alpha Ultra. And suddenly, the new Alpha Ultra and the fierce Alpha find themselves a new mate in each other. Both parties reject each other immediately but it turned out the moon goddess had other plans.... Is Marvin going to be subduing his Alpha Mate or would Gabriella do the subduing?

Chapter 1

A group of men sit in a conference room all talking informally and completely relaxed since their head was yet to arrive.

Majority of the men were quite advanced in age but there were also specks of younger men. However, the men of different ages were all comfortable with one another since they met often.

It was the last Friday of the month, the usual meeting day for the werecouncil of the US where the state of all werewolf packs and provinces were discussed with the Lord of all werewolves and their Alpha Ultras, the Alpha Supreme.

The large doors of the room are suddenly flung open from outside and everyone silences as the herald walks in.

"Welcome the Alpha Ultra of Moonstone province consisting of the packs of Wisconsin and Illinois states, Alpha Marvin Hale", the herald announces and a young man walks into the room.

"If it isn't the newest Alpha Ultra," one of the men chuckles once the door is closed leaving the Alpha Ultras alone once again.

"It's awfully weird to see you as one of us and not the Alpha Supreme's aide"

"He is definitely not one of us being the Alpha Supreme's son", a third man argues and Marvin laughs.

"I may be the Alpha Supreme's son but I'm really just a mere Alpha Ultra. I'm even a junior to you all since I just got appointed about a month ago so please treat me with no extra care", Marvin counters.

"As you wish. Welcome to the Werecouncil, Mr Hale or should I say... Alpha Marvin?", a man seeming around Marvin's age replies.

"Just Marvin would be fine", Marvin chuckles. "Can I sit here?", Marvin asks as he draws out a chair beside the man.

"Yeah, we have no seating order so anywhere is fine", the man responds.

"So... I didn't get your name", Marvin mutters once the Alpha Ultras have began talking again and the man turns to him.

"Dale, Dale Kingston, Alpha of Nightcrawler pack and province"

"Where's that?", Marvin questions.


"So we're neighbours", Marvin chuckles.

"I guess so", Dale smiles.

They soon divert their attention back to the ongoing discussion and Marvin is quick to blend in with the older men.

A few other Alpha Ultras come in before the table is completed except for the three seats reserved for the Alpha Supreme and his two aides. The Alpha Supreme was to sit at the head of the table with his aides at his left and right.

It takes more time after the last Alpha Ultra comes in before the herald enters to announce the presence of the Alpha Supreme.

"Welcome Beta Lord Jonathan Wilson and Alpha Martins Hale, the aides of the Alpha Supreme of the United States, and the Alpha Supreme himself, Alpha Lord Magnus Hale", the herald announces and the Alpha Ultras immediately stand to their feet.

The Alpha Supreme immediately enters walking towards his seat with his aides at his side and the Alpha Ultras remain standing with their heads bowed.

Magnus Hale immediately takes his seat on getting to the head of the table while his aides remain standing.

"Thusi Grato, we welcome you", the Alpha Ultras hail once Magnus sits and a curt smile creeps onto Magnus's face.

Magnus slowly begins to look around the table to check if there was any free chair in the room which would signify the absence of one of the Alpha Ultras. On seeing that everyone was present, he signals for them to seat which they obey immediately.

"You may begin the introduction now", Magnus bids once everyone is seated and a man sitting beside the aide at his left quickly stands to his feet.

"I am Alpha Nicholas Virkai, Alpha Ultra of the Demonslayer province which consists of the packs of Kansas and Missouri State", he introduces and the person beside him hurriedly stands up to introduce himself in the same format.

The introduction goes down the left side of the table until it gets to the end then it begins from the top of the right-hand side of the table and begins trailing down again.

Marvin who is on the right-hand side of the table soon introduces himself after some time and is taking his seat when his nose picks a faint scent that suddenly stirs his wolf.

"What the hell is this", he mutters under his breath confused if he was smelling an attacker or something else.

It was definitely a werewolf's smell, but the smell had a scent of vanilla that was definitely too faint to belong to a lady.

'It has to be a male', he decides on sniffing a strong woody scent mixed with the vanilla scent and immediately brings his wolf to the surface to sniff the air again then diverts his attention back to the meeting.

"Okay. Since we're done with the introduction, we can now...", the Alpha Supreme is pronouncing when Marvin's attention slips away once again.

His wolf had just figured out the source of the scent: He had a new mate, and she was near.

'It definitely has to be a she because I know I'm d*mn straight. But how can a lady smell so woody?', he thinks just as he realizes his wolf was now struggling for control with the intent to go and find their mate once it took over control.

Marvin immediately subdues his wolf, still yet to accept that he has a new mate and aware that he couldn't walk out of the room till the meeting was over as it would be regarded as a form of insubordination to the Alpha Supreme.

His wolf however fights back and soon his eyes turn yellow just as his fingers change into claws. His torso is beginning to enlarge with his skin becoming more hairy already in the process of transformation when he finally sucks back his wolf and reverts back to human.

"My Lord, may I be excused?", Marvin hears the Beta Lord request as his attention shifts back to the meeting and the Alpha Supreme stops in the middle of his speech.

"Yes Jonathan, do you have anything to say?", Magnus replies.

"Marvin, are you alright?", Jonathan immediately asks surprising everyone.

"This is not a private meeting, Jonathan", Magnus scowls.

"But he..."

"I'm fine, we should go on", Marvin quickly chirps in cutting Jonathan short before he could mention what was happening.

The two older men quiet and the Alpha Supreme is just continuing his speech when Marvin's shirt rips slightly just as his claws extend. He sucks it in even more quicker this time but Dale notices him.

"Are you alright?", he whispers and Marvin is about to reply when Magnus bangs the table angrily.

"Godammit, I hate distractions! What is going on there?", he roars.

"I'm sorry, my Lord", Dale quickly apologizes.

"I didn't ask you to apologize, I asked what is going on there"

"It's nothing much, my Lord", Dale responds after a small glance at Marvin.

"Did I ask of the magnitude? Tell me right now before I rip you to shreds", the Alpha Supreme thunders.

"My Lord, Alpha Marvin just seems to be having a small issue with his wolf"

"Marvin, what's going on?", Magnus asks and Marvin sighs heavily.

"My mate", he utters softly and his father's eyes widen. "She's here", he adds and everyone is confused just as the doors burst open.

Chapter 2

"Greetings, Alpha Supreme", the leader of the troop that had just burst into the conference room greets.

Marvin immediately relaxes on hearing the voice and sighs. It was a woman, a very thuggish smelling one though, but certainly a woman.

"Do you realize that you have just committed a crime against your Alpha Supreme by barging into this place?", Jonathan snarls and the leader laughs.

"I am Gabriella Stone, daughter of the Alpha of the Red Moon pack in Green Bay, Wisconsin. My father said to send his regards", she introduces.

"Do you think it's appropriate to speak to your Alpha Supreme when he can't even see your face?", Magnus asks in a calm tone having figured that she had to be Marvin's new mate.

"My apologies", she sighs and signals her subordinates to take off their helmets.

Once their helmets are off, she turns back to face the members of the werecouncil and gently takes he


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