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Spirit Wolf

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He was the next Alpha, and she was a refugee who sought refuge in the wrong pack. Samantha was fated to Alex (the son of the Alpha and future Alpha of his pack). She was mistaken to be the daughter of a rogue when she went to seek refuge in the Yellow moon pack. They accepted her but she had to work as a servant in the pack to earn her keep. Alex later discovered she was his fated mate and did not reject her at first, in fact, he accepted the moon goddess's match. They had mated but he never marked her to complete the bond. On her 21st birthday, he proposed and all was going well until tragedy befell the pack and he was forced to mate and mark Hilda (the daughter of his father's beta) for protection and the survival of the pack. The fact that Samantha was presumed to be the daughter of a rogue and a servant did not help her chances either. He finally rejects her and gets together with Hilda, whom the pack believes will bear stronger untainted Alpha wolves. Samantha and Alex still feel the mate bond but they can no longer be together. They both try to move on but find it impossible to do. Eventually, Alex finds out he has made a big mistake and tries to find a way out of the fate he has created for himself. Unfortunately, werewolves mate for life. He tries to win back Samantha's trust and end his marriage and relationship with Hilda. This will be a difficult task because there are rules but Alex intends to break every single one of them to get his fated love back. (This story is told from Alex's and Samantha’s point of view only.)

CHAPTER 01 Escape


The wolves chased my mother and me through the woods, trying to kill us. My father had been betrayed and killed by his best friend. They had also killed my brother. We were running for our lives. We had never lived outside our pack before, but the fear of death had made the unknown our safest option.

"Sam, give me your sweater and wear this," my mother called out, tossing me a smelly sweater. I did as she said.

"Go north. There is a pack that would take you in. Do not let anyone know your family name or the pack you are from. We are in werewolf territory, whatever story you give, make sure you only speak of werewolves. They must not know, Sam. Trust no one," she instructed.

"Mother," I cried, "Why are you saying this?"

"If I come with you, none of us will survive. Promise me you'll survive, Sam," She pleaded, by then, I had figured out her plan. The sweater she gave me was to hide my scent. My mother was going to sacrifice her life so that I could survive. I knew I couldn't convince her otherwise, and I knew the hunting party intended to end our lives.

"Listen to me, Sam," she held my face to look into my eyes. " You must survive. Our bloodline must not end. Promise me. "

I hesitated, but when she shook me fiercely, I nodded. She kissed my forehead, told me she loved me, shifted to her wolf form, and ran in the opposite direction. I knew that was the last time I would see her. I was only fifteen.

I ran till I got to the Yellow Moon pack territory. I was immediately arrested at the gate and locked up in their cell for trespassing. It was in the cell that the reality of my situation dawned on me, and I began to weep. My entire family had been wiped out. I never got to say goodbye to them. I was alone. I didn't know why my mother instructed me to never disclose my family name, but I chose to obey her last wishes.

"Speak, girl!" the guard yelled as he slapped me hard across the face. I had been locked up for two days with no food and water. Hope and determination were what kept me going. They had asked me several questions, and I answered all that I could. Unfortunately for me, the questions I could answer were not much, which made me seem suspicious.

"That's enough," I heard a deep voice say. I looked up and saw a man in his late forties. He had jet black hair and blue eyes. He was huge, and his presence was dominant. The guard immediately stopped what he was doing.

"Alpha Wildbreed," he greeted "We found this girl trespassing. She has refused to tell us where she is from and her mission here," he explained.

"What is her name?" The Alpha asked.

"Samantha Blackwell," I replied.

"Miss Blackwell, why are you here?" he asked me directly.

"To survive, sir," I managed to reply.

"Where is your family?" he asked.

" They were killed by some werewolves. I am alone." I replied.

"What was the name of your pack?" he asked me, and I paused a while before I could not give a reply. My mother's instructions were clear. I wasn't to reveal my identity to anyone, so I had to think of a lie.

"My parents were cast out of their pack before I was born. I grew up outside the pack." I lied.

"She is rogue." A man exclaimed.

"A daughter of rogue," the Alpha corrected, and it broke my heart. I felt I had brought shame and disgrace upon my parents.

"How old are you?" the Alpha, asked.

"I am fifteen years old, sir," I replied, and I heard him pause.

"You can stay here." he finally said, "but you will have to work to earn your keep."

" but Alpha," a man tried to protest, but the Alpha told him to be quiet.

"Do not make me regret taking you in, child," he finally said to me and left.

As soon as he left, the shackles were taken off and I was escorted to the staff quarters. There was no room for me, so I was taken to a small room that was in disrepair at the back of the animal shed.

"Sure, you can fix it up, rogue girl. Work starts at 4 am. Don't miss out on your chores. I have instructed the other servants to keep an eye on you. " The scary guard said and left.

CHAPTER 02 Sudden Storm


My first night in the room was long and hard. It wasn't just the state of the room that kept me up, the state of my heart also made it impossible for me to sleep. I hadn't mourned my parents properly, and I never knew if I would ever get the chance to. The image of my mother's wolf was burned into my memory. I wondered if she escaped.

Glover had betrayed my father and eradicated my entire family. My whole world changed that night, and the most painful part of it was I could never speak of it to anyone to keep my identity a secret.

There was a knock on my door the next morning. A girl was sent to bring me clothes. They were used and did not fit well, but I appreciated the generosity of the pack.??

The people at the packhouse were not welcoming. They looked at me with suspicion. Finding food that morning was impossible. The cook had deliberately locked the kitchen to prevent me from getting something to eat. At first, I thought it was by mistake, but w


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