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Sold to the Cruelest Alpha

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Plagued by a death curse due to a crime committed by his predecessor, Alpha Xavier seeks means for his freedom. He must find a teenage girl and get her pregnant. Once the son is born, the curse will be broken. Unaware she was his mate, he despised her yet coveted her beauty. A few months into her pregnancy, she discovered she was nothing but a s*x tool to him. Devastated, she eloped with the pregnancy and was poised to raise the baby alone. Will the Alpha ever find her? Will the curse be broken? Find out in this intriguing story.

Chapter 1 : The Message

It was exactly 9:30 a.m. at Alpha Xavier quarters. Just like every other morning, Alpha Xavier was seated happily in his beautiful garden, feeding his eyes on his beautiful Royal Castle. Most of them are all amongst other packs. New Dawn is a magnificent and attractive edification, built with fortified gigantic walls that usually prevent opposition wolves from trooping into the royal Castle unannounced. 

   While Alpha Xavier was seated in his beautiful garden, meditating and taking pleasure, a strange person found her way to the pack without his consent. 

No one saw her walk inside despite the massive soldiers safeguarding the castle walls. It was as though she came in like the wind. Narrowing her gaze at the environment, she sniffed the atmosphere and shook her head in pity.

“Hmm! Drastic attention needs to be taken. I smell danger. Real danger that may wreck the Alpha's lineage if correction isn't made," said, the moon guardian.

    "Hey, you. Stop it right there. Where are you going? I need you to run an errand for me." She points at a maid passing by.

  " I'm so starving right now. I just need to get something to eat before I perish. I starved myself to sleep last night," the young female maid.

   "Your food can wait. You can do that some other time. But right now, I need to speak with the Alpha. It's an emergency. I bring him a message that's more important than feeding your empty stomach. Now depart immediately without hesitation before I lose it completely," the moon guardian ordered but the staff refused and insisted on being fed before running errands for the moon guardian even when Alpha Xavier was involved. 

"You must be a fool to think I'll ever let you go. How dare you defile my orders? Go call the Alpha this moment if you don't wanna see the other side of me. I can be very dangerous. I'll ensure the Alpha punishes you severely for disobeying me. The choice is yours to make. I'm not gonna put the pressure on you. I'm not asking you, this is me telling you to do this and you're gonna obey me," she threatened the chef sending shivers down her spine. This time, the chef obeyed and immediately stormed to the garden to fetch the Alpha.

   "Are you blind? Can't you see I'm observing my quiet time? How dare you interrupt my hour? Have you suddenly lost respect for the Alpha's privacy? Now I get it. You're tired of your duty. You want a dismissal?" Alpha Xavier yelled at his staff after hearing that his attention was needed at the pack.

 "I apologize for invading your privacy. It wasn't intentional. But the moon guardian sounded so urgent. She wouldn't leave until you showed up. You may wanna consider her request, my Alpha."

    "The moon guardian? What does she want at this hour? Isn't it too early to visit? Hmm! You go tell the moon guardian I'll be there shortly. You can leave," Xavier instructed.

     "But she demands to see you immediately, my Alpha,"

  "One more word from you and that's the end. I'll dismiss you without pay. That's not all. I'll ensure no one associates with you in this pack. Now get the f*ck out of here," Xavier threatened him. Immediately, she took to her heels and dashed back to the moon guardian.

  "I just spoke with the Alpha. He'll join you shortly. Your message was delivered. Can I leave now?"

 "Hmm" nodding her head in affirmation, the moon guardian replied.

  "What a pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting to see you this early. 

What is conveyed by the Moon guardian to my pack at this hour? We all know you rarely visit, but when you do, it calls for swift attention. I want to believe this isn't a friendly visit, right? What message does the moon goddess have for me this time,”  walking majestically to his sacred throne and accompanied by his BETA, Kenneth, Alpha Xavier tossed the question at Aria, the moon guardian? He can't seem to recall the last time she visited the pack, let alone at this hour. His instincts tell him there is a situation on the ground that requires drastic attention, but he just can't decipher. Hopefully, Aria would spill. 

 "Good to see you again, Alpha Xavier. You may not be far from the truth, Alpha. Wait for it! You have plenty of time to ask questions.  Smart of you to know I rarely visit, but when I do, then it calls for urgent attention. I doubt you're ready for what's coming your way.” 

 "Coming my way? Now I'm getting scared.  I can't seem to comprehend what you're talking about. Please be seated, let's dwell on this extensively. What do you care for? I could ask my staff to get you something. 

I'm completely in the dark. A little explanation would do.” Xavier was puzzled. He strives to discern the aura hovering around him, but he just can't wrap his head around it. 

 "So generous of you Alpha, Xavier. I'm indeed honored by your act of generosity. But I prefer to stand and divulge the divine message sent by Selene, the moon goddess. I didn't come here to be entertained like a special guest. I was just sent by the moon goddess to deliver an important message. Once that is accomplished, I'll leave.” Politely, she refused. Narrowing her gaze into his blue eyes, she frowned and looked away. 

       "Hmm! Quite fascinating. 

Your words convey profound utterances that could only be understood by the wise. I'm afraid I cannot understand the in-depth meaning. I am not loving the suspense, either. Please speak and quit playing with my emotions,” Xavier sparked outrageously. He doesn't appreciate being kept in suspense for too long. Especially in a situation like this involving the moon goddess. From the tone of her utterance, Xavier could discern an impending storm lurking in his pack. But whatever that is, he's willing to find out. 

      "Now you're beginning to act like your male wolves. You're the Alpha of the New Dawn pack. 

You're the strongest of them all. Why shiver? Don't be scared. Be courageous and patient, my Alpha. When it comes to issues of the supernatural, absolute patience is required to aid easy comprehension,” Aria made an upraised hand to calm Xavier and allay his fears. 

    “Then speak! Why take forever to spill it already? It's not that difficult, is it? You've been here for over an hour, yet you haven't disclosed anything. I'm gradually losing my patience. Argh!” He flared and frowned at the prolonged silence. He doesn't understand how long it takes to disclose a message. 

     "Fine! I'll speak before it gets worse. I can see your rage. I know your anger is like a burning furnace." The moon guardian conceded and sighed. She paused a bit and continued. "Many years ago, your great-grandfather alongside his soldiers invaded the human Kingdom and enslaved the human soldiers while the women were molested and r*p*d. The moon goddess cursed the future generations of the New Dawn Pack. Your great-grandfather wasn't' left out. The moon goddess proclaimed that no member of your Alpha clan will exceed age 35.” The moon guardian unleashed the shocking bombshell that nearly had the Alpha pee in his panties. 

       "This is nothing but a mad joke. It sounds like some fairy tale told to kids beneath gigantic trees. I refused to be misinformed. 

Tell me this story isn't real. How come no one told me about it? Neither my father nor my grandfather mentioned it to me. Why would they hide such sensitive information from me?" Xavier questioned and doubted the authentication of the revelation. 

     "It wasn't their fault. Your great-grandfather lost his life trying to break the curse. He couldn't tell his son, your father because he was trying to protect him ofrom the fear. 

Now the curse has been passed to future generations, including you. If you fail to act fast, I'm afraid your lineage will entirely be wiped out from the earth's surface. Royalty will stop existing from your lineage."

she added. Xavier was still in shock and disbelief. He didn't find the information quite worthy and considered it a mere hallucination. But after deep thought, he came to realize the moon guardian was right after all. His father died at 30 while his grandfather got struck by lightning when he was just 34. Now, Alpha just turned 30 a few weeks ago. His death is fast approaching, too, if he fails to swing into action.  

    "Oh, no. I know that look on your face. Do not be dismayed, for there is a solution to your problem.” She allayed his fears and conveyed his hopes of staying alive. 

   "Wow! Finally, a relief to stay alive. At some point, I thought I was gonna die.  What's the solution? Please tell me. I wanna experience longevity. I haven't accomplished anything yet. I could give up an arm right now to stay alive.” Xavier spoke hurriedly as the situation sent shivers down his spine. He hasn't been this scared in his entire life.  

 "Don't make empty promises, my Alpha. Be careful of what you wish for." She cautioned.

"Empty promises? You have no idea what this is all about. I'm being condemned to die untimely. How do you explain? You would do worse if you were in my shoes. Forget about me. What's the solution? I'm curious to know."

"Hold on a sec while I converse with the moon guardian," For a few minutes, she was quiet. Her eyes widened and turned red. 

Narrowing her gaze into the dark clouds, she shouted in a mysterious voice. “All hail Selene, the Moon Goddess. Xavier has sought a lasting solution to his problem. He shouldn't suffer for a crime he knows nothing about. What can be done to break the curse?”

  “Thank you, the moon goddess. I've always known you're merciful and considerable,” Aria nodded her head in affirmation. f. “Your freedom all depends on you. Are you ready to pay the price?”

"I'm down for whatever. I can pay whatever price it is,"  Xavier replied with confidence. 

 "Good! I admire your courage. This was the Alpha I knew. The moon goddess has instructed you to go find a teenage girl. Once she bears you a son, the curse will be lifted. But, you need to tread carefully to avoid the wrath of the moon goddess. Good luck in your quest,” Aria vanished after revealing the solution to his concerns. 

Yet again, Xavier was confused and needed answers to the thousand questions lingering in his heart. 

Placing his hand below his jaw, he ponders, flinching at the tone of his voice. “Why do I need to find a teenage girl? Is there no other way?"

Chapter 2: Finding the chosen one

What's the problem? Your food would get cold If you keep pacing around. You just need to eat something. Remember you starved yourself to bed last night. Is that your new routine?" Kenneth questioned his Alpha with keen interest. 

  "I don't consider food important anymore. Why should I eat when my heart is troubled, huh? No, you tell me. I'm sure you saw what happened a while ago. Perhaps I should remind you. I've been condemned to death. Don't you get it? My future lies in the hands of a teenage girl. Where do I find her?” Xavier yelled at Kenneth, his BETA. 

The night was fast approaching and Xavier refused to eat anything. 

Ever since the moon guardian revealed the solution, Xavier suddenly lost his appetite. He didn't quite believe food was essential when his life was in ruin. 

  "I know how you feel right now. But one thing I'm certain about is, that finding a teenage girl isn't difficult. With your


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