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Sold To The Alpha, He Hates Me

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"Do you feel anything?" This question made me look up in confusion. "Feel what?" "You really don't feel anything?" He asked again, making me more confused. Am I supposed to feel anything? "What a weak bitch.” Disgust filled his eyes as he spoke. He began walking towards him, his steps slow and light. ---------- Avery was thrown at the feet of Alpha Jared by her stepfather in exchange for his debt. Alpha Jared recognizes her but she doesn't cause of her lack of a wolf. She is forced to live a life full of suffering and pain as Alpha Jared and his girlfriend who was aware that she was his mate never missed a chance to make her life hell. Would she ever find out that the Alpha is her mate? Even if she does, is she capable of making the Alpha who hates her, love and yearn for her?

Chapter 1


"Avery!!!!!!" The loud voice piercing through my ear made my eyes snap open. I took my eyes at where I was and sighed out... I can't believe I slept off in the storeroom. I had every reason to cause I had been working my ass off since morning and...

"Avery!!!!!!" The voice came again and I immediately sprang up. It was the voice of my stepdad and I couldn't ignore. I rushed out of the room to the sitting room.

There, my stepdad stood with an angry glare on his face, which made me gulp nervously.

"Where the fuck were you? " His deep voice sounded as he started walking to me, slapping me hard on the face the moment he got to me. I winced at the pain it brought.

"Are you deaf?" He questioned, but he shook his head immediately, turning to the two burly guys who were standing at the far end of the sitting room.

"Take her away."

My eyes widened immediately as I took my eyes to the men who were now walking towards me. Taking a step back, I took my gaze to my stepdad. "What's.. going on?" I asked in an unsteady voice.

"What do you think?" He smirked and the next thing that happened was the men grabbing my both hands.

"Let me go!" I yelled, but it fell on deaf ears cause they started dragging me out and no matter how I struggled, I couldn't free myself from their hold. They were just too strong and considering the fact that I was just an omega whose wolf hadn't resurfaced yet even though I was old enough for it... I was just too weak.

They forcefully dragged me out of the house and hurled me into a black car. They also came in, sitting by my sides, and the driver in the front seat started the car. With tears in my eyes, I watched as the car drove out of the house and onto the road.

"Where are you taking me to?" I asked after some minutes, but none of them replied. I bit my lip as more tears slipped out of my eyes.

About thirty minutes later, the car pulled up in front of a large building which I recognized as the pack house, but what was I doing here? I was about to voice out my thoughts when one of the men grabbed me again and dragged me out of the car. They began taking me in, and I could feel eyes on me as we walked. We continued walking for minutes, passing different hallways until we finally stopped in front of a room.

The guards in front of the room opened the door and threw me inside, causing my body to land roughly on the floor. I winced out. Struggling to sit up, I stared at where I was and from the looks of things; it was a throne room cause few meters away from me were three golden thrones. The one in the middle was bigger and taller than the ones on the left and right.

The sound of the door opening made me turn to it and a gasp left my lips when I saw who it was... the Alpha King!

He stopped in his tracks when he saw me, and a deep frown appeared on his face.

"Alph.a.. King." I bowed.

"Do you feel anything?" This question made me look up in confusion. "Feel what?"

"You really don't feel anything?" He asked again, making me more confused. Am I supposed to feel anything?

"What a weak bitch.” Disgust filled his eyes as he spoke. He began walking towards him, his steps slow and light.

I watched as he crouched down to my level when he got to me and grabbed my chin roughly, his eyes lingering on my face as a devilish smirk slowly appeared on his lips.

Swallowing nothing, I asked. "Why am I here?"

"What do you think?" His thumb slowly moved from my chin to my cheek. "You are mine now."

"How am I yours? Let me go. " I tried my best not to snap.

"Oh, you are not aware? Well...your father gave you to me in exchange for his debt, so you are mine from now on." He stated, and my eyes widened. "What!"

"Get a grip." He tapped my cheek twice before standing up. "Take her to my room." Turning to the guard behind him, he ordered before walking out of the room.

The guard immediately grabbed me, taking me out of the room. We began walking again and this time; we left the building, entering another one and after a few seconds, a door appeared. The guards in front opened the door and pushed me in. I almost fell, but I was quick to regain my stance.

Staring at the room, I took in its features. It had a black paint with a touch of white. I could only see the sitting room, but just staring at it, I realized how luxurious it was.

Sighing out, I left where I was standing and moved to the window side. I looked out to see people moving about. Some of them were discussing happily while some were just going about their business.

I stared at them for only a few moments before peeling my gaze away from them to look up at the sky. What the Alpha King said earlier came to my mind, and I couldn't help the tears that came out of my eyes.

I couldn't believe my stepdad gave me to this man in exchange for his debt. How heartless is he?

Ever since my father died and my mum remarried him, my life as being a living hell and it was worse when my mum also left this world. I had to work even when I was still really young and all my earnings went to him. He didn't take care of me with the money, rather; he squandered and gambled all. I couldn't even go to college and now, he gave me to the man who everyone knows how cruel he is.

What as he gotten me into?

Chapter 2


I walked into my office with my hands tucked in my pant pocket. Settling down on the swivel chair, my eyes closed and the image of that girl from earlier flashed through my brain, making me frown. Recalling the spark I felt when I saw her, I scoffed. Can't believe she is my mate.

The moon goddess must be joking if she thinks I will accept that weak thing who can't even recognize her mate as my mate. Just thinking about it made my blood boil, like.. the hell.

The door opened and I opened my eyes.

"Baby." Lisa, my girlfriend, said with a smile as she walked to me. She settled down on my laps causing me to smile. "You are here."

"Hmm. A girl was taken to your room. Who is she?" Lisa asked and I smirked. "Just some stupid bitch whose father gave to me in exchange for his debt."

"Whatever, I missed you." With seductive eyes, she began fondling with the button of my shirt.



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