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Sleeping With Mr. Alpha

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Jasmine was forced to accept her marriage to Jovanka. Being married to Jovanka was agony for her. Jasmine did not expect that her life would suffer like that. Jovanka not only cheated on her but also made her a mistress doll in her palace. Knowing that Jovanka had made love to her own best friend made Jasmine go to a bar and spend the night there. She had no idea that the man who saved her at the bar was a werewolf, and they had a one-night stand. Jasmine wakes up in a luxury hotel and sees a handsome man lying next to her. Jasmine leaves immediately and wants nothing to do with him. She considers her one-night stand a folly, and she will forget about it. But who would have thought she was instead trapped in the neighborhood of Mr. David? The most powerful werewolf who built his business in the human world Mr. David lives with humans and does his activities like humans. He has no taste for looking for a Luna. His first encounter with Jasmine made his body feel a different sensation. Jasmine has hidden energy in her body that makes David unable to stay away from her. Ever since that one-night stand, David has been hanging on to Jasmine. He needs Jasmine to be by his side and calm him down. But unfortunately, Jasmine is the wife of a businessman named Jovanka. Knowing the rift in Jasmine's household, David tried to snatch Jasmine from her husband and wanted to make Jasmine a Luna.

Chapter 1

Jasmine didn't expect her relationship with Jovanka to break down so easily. When Jovanka almost slapped her, Jasmine quickly left and ended up in a bar.

"I never loved you, Jasmine! Never! I don't even think of you as my wife!" Jovanka's words danced in her mind.

Jasmine wanted so badly to curse the man. But she had no power. Jasmine could only leave and cry.

The evening atmosphere at the bar was so lively, while only Jasmine was not enjoying her day because of her heartache. The beat of the music was so loud that it echoed. Everyone was enjoying their evening cheerfully.

"Give me some vodka!" ordered Jasmine.

The woman looked coldly at the bartender, who was pouring vodka into her glass.

"Miss, this is already the second bottle. Are you sure you can drink that much?" asked the bartender. He looked at Jasmine quizzically.

"Just give it to me!" Jasmine's voice rose; she didn't like being contradicted.

Meanwhile, those people around her ...

"Pretty lady, please dance with me. Shall we?"

"I will give you whatever you want." A tall man in a black suit came over. He looked at Jasmine's body from head to toe. The man grinned mysteriously. Everyone in the bar was admiring Jasmine Smith's s*xy body. Jasmine shot a glare at the potbellied man who was teasing her.

"Leave or I'll break your neck!" threated Jasmine in frustration.

"Wow, you're too precious, dear!" said the man.

Jasmine didn't care. She turned around and walked away. Her footsteps were unsteady. She kept chanting Jovanka's name and wearing herself out in the crowd.

Jasmine's steps stopped when a man in a black suit stood in front of her and gave her a sharp look while yelling, "Go away!"

"Are you going to tease me too? Go away!" Jasmine shouted in frustration. Everyone in the bar noticed Jasmine screaming. Her loud voice drew attention.

"Boy, that woman is in big trouble. How can she cuss at Mr. David?"

Some of them started whispering. Jasmine slowly looked up. The alcohol had caught up with her, and she could not see the man in front of her at the moment.

"Go away!" Jasmine shouted again. Moments later, Jasmine's body collapsed in the man's arms. The smell of alcohol wafted in clearly.

"Ah, this young lady is troublesome, Mr. David, we should get rid of her," said Peter, Mr. David's assistant.

Peter pushed Jasmine's body away from her master, but David's burly hands stopped Peter's movement. Instead, he hugged Jasmine tightly to prevent her from falling to the floor.

"Just leave her to me! I'm going to take this girl with me," David ordered.

"But, Sir, this woman is a stranger; she could be a danger for us," Peter interjected a little anxiously. David gave Peter a sharp look. "Just do as I say!" he growled.

In the car, David looked at the girl's face. He touched Jasmine's cheek gently. "Peter, for some reason, I feel stable around her."

"Sir, that's not possible. She's just a stranger," Peter said quickly. And anyway, where do you want to take her?" Peter asked again. He looked at David through the rearview mirror.

"Take her to my room, Peter!" By these words, Peter zipped his mouth.

The car stopped at a three-story house. This magnificent house had stunning architecture. The main building consisted of several floors with elegant white marble stone walls decorated with large windows.

David picked up Jasmine and let her put her arms around his neck. Once in the room, Jasmine's body was placed right on the bed.

David continued to stare at her. This woman was very beautiful, different from the hired woman who always came to satisfy him.

"Peter, come out! Let me have some fun with her!" David ordered.

Peter came out of the room. Slowly, David took out his clothes and threw them in all directions. He was the strongest alpha of the Veridian clan. David lived a modern life in the human world.

"Let's have some fun!" David spoke softly. Gently, David kissed the woman's luscious lips. There was no movement. Moments after his deep kiss, her body reacted. She threw her arms around David's neck and kissed him back passionately.

"Ugh ..."

"Hi, there. Are you awake?"

Jasmine slowly opened her eyes. She looked up at the handsome man who was on top of her. Jasmine did not move as she looked at the handsome face.

David's face was like that of a perfect Greek's God. Those crystal eyes seemed to possess her heart. David's kiss deepened, and d*mn it, a sigh escaped from between her lips. Jasmine wanted to resist, but David's touch was getting more and more intoxicating.

"You? Who are you, sir?" Jasmine's voice was barely audible.

David ignored Jasmine's pleas; he continued to sip and savor her s*xy body. Jasmine wanted to rebel, but she slowly savored David's play. Until the long union resulted in pleasure Jasmin fell to the side of the bed. She vaguely saw the man go somewhere.

After the long activity, Jasmine felt her whole body was in great pain. She woke up two hours later.

"Ah, why does my head hurt like this?"

Jasmine woke up. She stepped out of bed. She looked at the area around her. Her eyeballs widened.

"What? Where am I? Ah!" cried Jasmine in panic.

Both of her legs were painful. She tried to hold onto the side of the bed to help her step into the bathroom.

An athletic man was in there. Jasmine was stunned.

"This isn't my room, so where am I?" she muttered. Jasmine saw her underwear scattered on the floor. Her face reddened instantly.

"No, no, did I have slept with him?" thought Jasmine while quickly picking up her clothes, put them on, and hurried away.

She walked towards the elevator and tried to reach the elevator.

"Ah, what did we do last night? Why am I lured into a trapped like this?" growled Jasmine, realizing that vefore she met that man, she should run away.

Peter, who was in the front garden, saw the woman running while stopping the taxi at the main gate. Not wanting to wait long, Peter ran to her master's room.

"Alpha, the woman has run away," he said.

"Leave her alone!" David replied calmly when he came out of the bathroom and looked at Peter.

"I don't need her anymore," David continued.

"Prepare a clean room for me and find a lady of the night for today," he ordered. Peter gasped in shock.

"Alpha, what if that woman is a person sent by our enemy?" What if she disguised to be a poor girl just to destroy you in the future?" Peter tried to explain.

"What are you worrying about, Peter? I've thought of all this. Stop being scared like that!" replied David, who didn't seem to care.


Jasmine sat in the city park. She continued to cry. Rebuking herself and her current fate. Her chest felt tight, and her mind was in turmoil. She was at a loss as to where to go home.

At home, Jovanka would do as he pleased. She had no resistance. At the bar, she met a strange man and fell in love with him. What kind of bad luck was going on with her right now?

Jasmine grumbled. She cursed herself for being so naive.

"I'm sure my life will be ruined! Ah, d*mn it!"

Jasmine crumpled the paper beside her and quickly threw it into the trash can. It was the divorce papers that Jovanka had filed because she wanted to marry Shinta, her best friend.

Jasmine covered her face and began to cry. There was no safe place for her. Everything was making her dizzy. Jasmine was at a loss as to what to do for now.

After she was done crying, a message arrived on her cell phone screen. "Come home now! The family is meeting today to discuss our marriage. I don't like to wait, so come here ASAP!"

Jasmine read the message from Jovanka. It was that easy for Jovanka to order her away.

That's how easily Jovanka treated her as a doormaft. After taking his parents' property, Jovanka took Shinta and introduced her as his new wife-to-be.

Jasmine's heart was broken. She spent her time at the bar, but bad luck came her way.

"I-I, I'll be there, calm down!"


Chapter 2

"I will not divorce you."

"I will not do that." Jovanka tore up the divorce papers on the table right away. Jasmine examined Jovanka's features.

At this moment, one question danced through her mind. What was it that kept Jovanka from divorcing her?

"What's wrong?"

Jovanka took a seat next to her.

"I'm not going to do anything like that."

"Clean my body; you're filthy."

"What have you been up to?" Jovanka observed her wife's appearance. Jasmine hadn't been home all day.

"How come your face is so pale?"

"Did you drink again?"

Jovanka pressed her lips against Jasmine's. He was looking at his wife's face. Jasmin averted her eyes from Jovanka. She lowered her gaze.

"I'm getting tired."

"I want to go inside." Jasmine stood up in her seat. She entered the room. Jovanka smirked


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