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Seducing Mr. Werewolf

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Abigail is a human, whom dreamt about having a fairy tale life, she didn’t want a man in her life, she hated men, she didn’t want to be the type that was tie down by a man, neither did she believe in love. All she wanted was a child, she wanted to be a single mother. Damian is a werewolf, a species he was force to become, after his encounter with a mysterious werewolf, he was ruthless but loving, every full moon he was forced to turn into a wolf, not having control of what he do or people he kills. All he wanted was to live a human life and fall in love. They were two different species, a human and a werewolf. Abigail went to a bar in search of a man to have a one night stand with, she wanted a man to get her pregnant, so she could be the single mother she always wanted to be. As faith could have it, she bumped into Damian, and both of them had a one nightstand, unknown to her, that the person she had a one night stand with wasn’t a human, but a werewolf. When she found out she was pregnant, she took a flight and left the country. What will happen when she finds out that the child growing in her womb isn’t human? What will happen when faith brings two of them (Abigail and Damian) back together? Find out by reading….

Chapter 1

It's the year 1626 in the gloomy days of Europe, a young french lad, Damian Luis is walking back to his home in central Paris after a very exciting night with the ladies, he was the charmer of Paris as some called him, his good-looks and perfect choices of words made ladies fight each other just to spend a little time with him.

But that particular night was different, it was unlike the others, it was darker, quieter, and spin chilling but the young man didn't seem to mind as he headed blissfully home thinking about one of the numerous girls he has come in contact with, but unlike the rest, he liked this one her name was Miranda but as his mind was filled with thought of her he heard a sound, something like a loud crash which took his attention making him halt in silence.

" Who is there?" he asked, with no response other than silence he continued his way.

As he moved ahead he felt like something followed him but there was nothing whenever he turned back there was nothing. He felt like this for a while until he had had enough.

He turning back to challenge who or whatsoever was stalking him to reveal itself and in the shadows were a pair of yellowish glowing eyes staring at Damian, taken aback by what he saw his body froze then in a seemingly slow swift manner, the eyes rose to the height of a horse and whatever was was In the shadows began to breath heavily.

Damian regaining control of his body sought to run away but was taken by the side with lightning speed by the creature, he laid on the ground thinking to himself, it is Finished for me, staring directly at the dreadful creature that looked like a wolf and man in total shock, all of a sudden he felt sharp pains in his shoulder area, the creature was about to turn him to a meal , as the pain traveled through his body, he unconsciously screamed alerting the town police patrol whom rushed to see what was happening luckily they were very close and arrived on time.

On sighting the creature on Damian they started firing shots at it which made it run.

but some of the policemen chased it still shooting at it till it fell dead. The other police men took Damian to the nearest doctor for treatment and it was then he passed out.

The police who shot the creature stood over its body and to their surprise it gradually turned to a woman, they were stunned to say the least.

Come morning, Damian had woken up though he had been almost amputated in the shoulder by a monster he didn't really feel any much Pain as he expected or had felt the night before

" ah monsieur Luis, you are awake" a voice said from behind the bed he laid on, he turned to take a look and it was the doctor,

" yes docteur but I don't seem to completely remember what happened" Damian said,

" I most say my boy you have a very strong body, you heal really fast" the doctor said, Damian saw the daily newspaper with the doctor intrigued with a headline that read

" an early end for many nights of death" ,

" docteur can I see that paper please" he asked,

" yes of course" replied the doctor, and handed the paper to Damian,

" I'm still marveled by how fast your arm has healed overnight......." The doctor was saying while examining Damian's shoulder but Damian paid no attention to whatever it was he was babbling about and had his entire focus on the news paper in his hand.

" What a night, caught by the police nationale of France while attacking one of Paris most eligible bachelors a woman who turns into a wolf like monster at night have been terrifying the streets of Paris killing and killing the innocent the one of most recent being the cases of Anne Marie ( deceased), Magret Margerie ( deceased) and Damian Luis being the only survivor of yesterday's attack.

The only thing more curious than these attacks is why the people of Paris weren't alerted of this menace. Today the real form of the beast shall be displayed in Paris square by 10 o'clock today

" Funnily it was already 10am and the doctor's place was in the Paris square and at that time he started hearing what sounded like a mob ranging on.

Damian stepped back he felt ' whozie' he didn't know how he felt it was so much of a mixed sensation, on one hand he felt happy that he survived, on the other he thought of Magret the one whom he loved in fact he thought of so many things at once and couldn't quite contain his emotions, with a slow gesture he tried holding his hand over his eyes in a rather useless move trying to stop the river of tears from flowing out as he cried with confusion.

" there-there my boy, I understand your feelings, to escape death is a feat only few can do and you should be happy and thank God for his infinite grace" the doctor said, the old man though was saying something meaningful from his perspective but to Damian it didn't satisfy him at all.

The mob had finally arrived at the square during that time, and as we all know the French had a reputation of discarding the bad with utmost rage and brutality. The mob proceeded in burning the woman to stake, at that time the doctor checked up on Damians arm again noting this time It was surprisingly completely healed, Damian waking up from his bed dropping the paper that was still In his possession and walked out into the mob right to the middle were the monster woman was being burnt.

Immediately as he face came into the zone of what is supposed to be the woman field of vision the woman rose to live in flames and pointed at him saying in a very horrific manner

" You are next, it's never our fault" , everybody turned to look at the young lad but he just shrugged it off and left home.

After what seemed like a shorter walk home, Damian felt different. He felt strangely more energetic than ever before. He felt stronger or should I say stronger but he thought they were effects of the drugs he had been given by the doctor and went straight to bed and slept off.

Fast forward to night time, the moon was whole and brighter than ever and it's light Shawn through the open window of his room falling directly on his bed with him still dozed off in it, and his body began to turn and churn, break, twist and bend, lo and behold he turned into one, he had turned into a werewolf going out causing havoc for that night.

It was morning already Damian woke up in an air of confusion, he was stark naked and the clothes he wore to sleep were torn to shreds though still in confusion, he cleaned himself up, got new clothes and went out to see the day's papers. As he went out he noticed everyone's eyes were on him , he was looked upon like an outcast, he got to the newspaper stand trying to buy one but the vendor wouldn't sell to him and he increasingly noticed the townspeople were getting closer as to corner him but he thought of it as the newspapers urgency or interestingness, anyways as the vendor wouldn't sell to him he left seeing a used one on the floor and picking it up, " countless dead in manners more gruesome than the last with one feared suspect another wolf monster with all fingers pointing at the lone survivor of the last monster Damian Luis '' the paper read.

Damian started backing up slowly and slowly figuring out what was going on expecting to be caught by the people so he had to run for his life but where to, as he backed up he was also being still cornered by the people and as a man in his normal senses would do he started running but some of the villagers who tried catching up with him were then out run by him, even he was surprised at how fast his legs could carry him and when some of the towns people wanted to tackle him from the front he dispersed with a swift blow of immense force and he finally managed to escape running and running till he was lost to the horizon.

While running he was headed west to Great Britain, he had run all day till it was night, he had arrived at a farm In a small village near the coast of France. Sleeping there in one of the farms sheds for most of the rainy night until he couldn't sleep anymore and just stayed up wondering of what he had become at a point he was amused and could only imagine what extent his powers could reach but then the thought of Magret swept through his mind and to that he could only think to himself

" I've become the same thing that took you away from me" and so he continued the rest of his night.

It was dawn already as indicated by the chickens in the farm, Damian then continued his journey to Britain, he had arrived at the docks and boarded a ship headed north west to Ireland in a disguise and under the new name of John Wilson because as luck would have it he also had a touch of English in him. The journey went on with no hassle on deck and perfect weather conditions where he was dropped off at London, where he spent many years of his life as the British pioneer John Wilson moving from place to place changing his name and identity as he moved for fear of being noticed as someone different, for the main reason being he couldn't age.

As the years passed Damian built wealth upon wealth seeing revolutions, wars of great proportions and the world expanding and by 1876 he moved to the United States of America under the identity of Damian Lewis Jackson in the state of New York.

Damian started small in the states with money he got from his numerous businesses in Europe investment in things like oil and more building his legacy slowly and steadily,but it still got to the point where he had to worry about his age and the likes, so he devised a plan where he would pay women to pretend to get pregnant for him then leave the area around him for years where he too after sometime will disappear and come back as his son whom stayed away to reclaim his inheritance hand continue his father's legacy. Though people always noticed the strong resemblances they just assumed as they said the blood of the males in the family was strong but in truth the only thing that had changed was Damians name by adding names such as junior or some other.

And this continued throughout the end of the 19th century and the 20th century, the only thing that had changed was Damians ability to control himself while in the werewolf state though he occasionally lost control and stained his fur and body with blood. In the year 1999 Damian was reborn as Wilson Damian Smith in the state of Pennsylvania with the only people knowing of his true identity being the butlers he has had over years, but it was the year 2024.

In one of those occasional nights where he hungered for blood, Damian had got out in his werewolf form to find flesh to satisfy his desire. Hidden in a forest by the highway the werewolf stood in the shadows waiting for it's prey to show a face, at the other side of the road a bus from California road down, the werewolf had took notice of this bus, as the boss rode pass he jumped on it with its monstrous size making a large " thump sound" almost rerouting the bus until the driver stabilized it, everyone shouted out of fear and when the had silenced their eyes looked up to the roof of the bus with the desperate desire to find out what had caused the sound.

After a while of silence and neither seeing nor hearing nothing the minds of the passengers started to settle, until a furry arm the size of a bears broke a window and was pulling a passenger outta his seat with the passenger being pulled back by his neighbors in a fit of reflex, and with this action happening the driver slammed on the breaks, reaching for his emergency gun, what can i say It's America.

But even as the bus stopped the hand still held the passenger which turned out to be a young lady in her 20s, the wolf finally yanked her out of the bus jumping to the front of the bus in the light where he was ready to devour his prey until he suddenly stopped, the young lady shivering in his grasp couldn't care to do anything but fear until her eyes met with the monsters, and the rest of the passenger just stood there horrified waiting to witness a brutal carnage of a murder, the people of weak guts had fainted while others became hysteric but the brave driver was focused in trying to find his bullets, and as usual there are the ones who record the stuff for social media.

" But could it be, could it be that Magret survived, could it be that she was like him, why didn't she transform it was the full moon" Damian asked himself as his consciousness came back while he held the girl in his claws, the girl who looked like an exact photocopy of Magret the love of his life, he stared at her for a while.

then put her down gently and made to leave and that was when the driver finally loaded his gun, running out firing at him, a bullet grazed him which hurt, something he had not felt for a very long while, pain, and a silver bullet.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Chapter 2

As Damian escaped into the dark, his mind only darted back to the girl he just held in his arm. On the other hand the girl had gotten back to the bus and the journey continued and her fellow passengers trying what they thought was to calm her down and make her feel comfortable but her mind too was fixed on the monster, she looked deep in its eyes and saw that there was a good soul behind the scary mask, she felt deep down somehow that there was something human about the beast, she felt a connection but at the end maybe it was just dumb what she was thinking about.

The next day In one of the brightest mornings of mid spring, the doorbell of Damians home rang and his butler got it. It was Mr Damians new assistant who was to arrive today, the butler led her to the room she would be living in and told her she could see Mr Damian at the table for breakfast.

The girl's name was Abigail Granger, and she was from California and she was also the girl from the previous night which


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