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Save Me Mate

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Kayden was invited for a wedding in Lock Heart pack but was no fan of the party, going out he knew someone was in the booth of his car and the set of werewolves who came dared not go against a demon alpha like him. He had no idea she was his destined mate but he saved her, little did he know she is in great danger because she is already marked as a slave ,she tried to cry to her mate in a way to save her but he rejected her when he found out she was his mate, she was heart broken. What will she do? She needs her mate to accept her and save her.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Writer’s POV

Loud howls were heard, excruciating howls but they were suppressed. They ran for safety, they were powerless against their oppressors, all they wanted was to live peacefully but peace was something the oppressors were not willing to give to them.

“Get them all!” A loud voice echoed and the howls increased, the cries increased.

“Please… Please don’t take her away! She’s still young!” A woman pleaded with them but the stoic man before her had a stern face on, a face that showed no expression, no emotions.

“Take her away!” He ordered and the woman shook her head.

“Please!” She pleaded but it was clear, the man before her was not going to pity the little child in her hands.

She dropped the little child and shape shifted into a huge white wolf, she wasn’t going to give up on her only child so easily.

“Nice” the stoic man mumbled, his lips curling up in a smirk as his shape shifted into a grey wolf within seconds.

The furious white wolf jumped onto the grey wolf but she was almost powerless, she was weak and ordinarily, her strength was inferior to his.

In a few seconds, the white wolf lay on the floor, breathing heavily. The grey wolf shifted back and brought out a silver dagger from the pockets of one of the guys around him.

Silver was forbidden in the land, it wasn’t supposed to be there!

The man walked up to the weak white wolf that had shape shifted back to human and gave her a huge smile before a sudden frown appeared on his face and he dug the dagger into the weak woman.

She let out a hear deafening scream amongst the screams and howls of others.

“Grab the child”



19 years later

*Samantha’s POV*

“ Get up! Get up you bitches!” We were pushed and we got up in a hurry.

“You, get out!” One of the Masters said, pointing at one of the girls and she shivered forward.

“You look beautiful, don’t you think?” He asked with a flirtatious smile and I could see fear evident on the face of the girl.

I am Samantha, there’s nothing about me special, I am just a slave, I live for my masters, for years, no, for all my life I have been a slave.

According to Granny, we are from the Green Moss Pack and we are being enslaved here by the Lock Heart Pack, these people are very cruel and oh yeah, my wolf side is Cara, met her a few months ago.

Late shifting, I know but then what’s the essence of early shifting when it’s still yet the same miserable life.

“Move forward!” He said, pushing the girl forward.

“ What are you going to do to her?” I asked and immediately after I had finished talking, I knew that was a mistake.

“Not again.” Cara groaned.

“Who just spoke?” His voice asked dangerously and I gulped down, tightly holding onto the chains that held me down.

“I asked… Who just spoke?” He asked again.

“ I… I did” I stuttered and he gave me a cheeky smile.

“Wow, such a bold lady we have here, isn’t it?” He laughed hysterically while my heartbeat increased.

“I am in deep trouble, Cara!” I said to my wolf form.

“ I already said it severally, your mouth is going to put us into real trouble,” Cara replied to me and I could sense that she was scared as much as I was as well.

I knew very well what was going to happen next, it had happened a few times in the past but recently I have learnt to keep a leash on my tongue but today, I… Was just unable to!

He approached me with a silver coin, he had gone through silver resistance and he was holding the silver in a small piece of clothing.

My breath hitched as he moved closer to me.

He crouched beside me and placed it on my skin, I could feel my skin sizzling and burning, no matter how hard I didn’t want to show this b*st*rd how much pain I was feeling, I just couldn’t.

“Aaaaaaaaaaargh!!!” I let out an ear defeaning scream.



*Kayden’s POV*

“Alpha” Davis, the beta bowed.

“It’s okay Davis, what’s it?” I asked trying to loosen up a bit with him after all he was my friend.

“The Lock Heart Pack is inviting you to the marriage of Alpha Carrison and his Luna, do you want to attend or decline?” He asked.

“The Lock Heart Pack? They are one of the best and obedient packs, they give me no problems at all. I will attend, when is it?” I asked.

“ Tomorrow evening Alpha,” he replied.

“So soon? We set out tomorrow morning then” I said.

“ Yes Alpha, Uhm… There is…”

“Why the stutter?” I asked, my voice turning cold in an instant.

I hated it when someone stutters, it is a totally silly and stupid act to me and Davis should know that by now.

“There is a lady out there, she wants….”

“ Declined” I cut him off.

“ Sure” he replied and turned to leave but halted.

“I have something to tell you,” he said and I diverted my gaze towards him.

“Your mother worries about you getting a mate,” he said and my eyes turned cold.

“ Davis,” I called.

“You really can’t just give up on finding a mate or getting the pack a Luna because of what happened with….”

“ Don’t you dare mention her name!” I raged, my eyes turning dark.

I could feel Jay, my wolf form raging along with me!

“Alpha!!” Davis called.

“Outside now!” I said to him that his wolf had no other choice than to submit to my wolf.

He quietly left and I shut my eyes trying to suppress the rage in me.

I don’t want to hear anything about her, there was no way I was also going to get entangled with any other person.

I, Alpha Kayden, the alpha of alphas was simply not made out for love.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

*Samantha’s POV*

I laid on the floor weakly, I was still shivering slightly. Silver for someone who has never received silver resistance training could be hard.

“Are you okay now?” Granny asked in a whisper and I nodded.

We were not allowed to talk when we were not asked to.

“Do you think we can ever survive this Cara?” I asked my wolf side.

“ As long as we have the determination and as long as you keep a leash on your tongue,” she replied and I chuckled softly.

“ Even that still won’t work, where is Derek who attempted to run away last month? He got killed right in front of us,” I said to her.

“ Derek has always been clumsy,” Cara replied.

“ What do you think if we find our mate?” Cara suddenly brought up the question and I felt my heart skip a few beats.

“Our mate? How could you even think of him?” I asked, pressing my lips into a thin line.

“What if he can help us out from this?” She aske


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