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Runaway Mate

Runaway Mate

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One thing can change and that’s all it took to turn Aria’s life upside down in 1 day. Finding her mate and making the hard decision to reject him all in one day. But what happens when Aria’s mate doesn’t give up, give her up? Will she give in to the mate bond or will she fight it? Will he be able to convince her to stay, give him a chance to prove her wrong and help her fight her internal battles? What will happen with the unthinkable happens and they are tested. How will Aria handle it? Where will she go without being found?

Chapter 1


Why was my life always like this! Nothing could ever go in the right direction and now this! How did my life turn upside down in the matter of a week! My brother hated me now and my best friend well she of course took my brothers side for the obvious reasons!

My best friend Lila and my brother Liam turned out to be mates when they both shifted. Everything was perfect! That was about 3 weeks ago when Lila turned 17. My brother is my twin and our 17th birthday was 4 months ago when we both shifted and saw our wolves for the first time. Liam was a large golden wolf with a white chest and I was slightly smaller silver wolf. Lila on the other hand was a small black wolf with white paws. Lila’s father was the Alpha of our pack.

The Black Moon

Everyone has said that in the Alpha family their wolves were always black except one a pure white wolf which was Lila’s aunt ,but she married an Alpha from an allied pack. Some say she has powers special powers that the Moon Goddess has given a select few families. Our pack has 2 families that someone has been given these powers the Alphas and mine BUT no one in my family has sensed powers since my mothers great grandfather so either me or my brother could possess these powers or pass them down to the next generation.

2 weeks ago we were all planning a large celebration for Lila’s brother because he was coming home from a training camp his father sent him to so he could focus on important Alpha matters before taking over next month when he turns 21, but Maxton still hasn’t found his mate and that’s isn’t something that happened to most Alphas. They need a mate to help them run their pack.

Their father lost his mate when both his children where young forcing him to take a mate by the elders orders. Luna Nix was great but a lot of the older pack members hated that Alpha Mark was not able to be given a second chance mate like his younger brother was. Both females were caught off guard and attacked by a pack of rouges. Leaving Alpha Mark and his brother mateless.

Lila and Maxton have a younger sister whose only 6 but she’s a spit fire. Luna Nix never lets her out of her sight though. The Alpha makes sure Luna Nix is never far from the pack house or if she has to she is always with one of the Gammas which normally one of my parents. Which is mostly why my whole life is turned upside down.

My brother mated into the Alpha family and my parents sworn protectors over our Luna.

-1 week earlier-

It was the big day the one everyone had been preparing for. Maxton was coming home from training and tons of hopefully girls awaited being newly shifted with a lot of high hopes that one of them would be his mate. I was busy helping Lila with the cake since the Alpha family had asked me to make it to help kick off my business. Baking has always been one of my life long dreams and I loved cakes. This one was big enough for the whole pack. It was different shapes or blue and green which happened to be Maxton’s favorite colors. We had been waiting for over an hour and I had finally finished putting the finishing touches on the cake when we heard the excited cheering from out in front of the pack house. This was it! Lila jumped up and down excitingly. Her and Maxton were always super close growing up.

“Aren’t you excited that Maxton is home Aria?” Lila asked me as I was making sure everything looked perfect.

“I am, but this is kinda a big deal for me! Everyone in the pack is expecting this to be perfect and this is be a huge for my store!” Lila knew I wasn’t having much luck in at my store since I liked to do custom work and not set out a bunch of things. Right now I was selling mostly cupcakes on a daily but it’s been super slow.

“Do you think any of those girls are his mate?”

“Not really Lila, but we’ll see.” I smiled at her and followed her to the door only to be stilled as soon as the door opened. My wolf whining in my head almost jumping out of my skin wagging her tail. I watched as Lila ran up to her brother for a hug. I walked out slowly not to draw to much attention to myself and stay out of Maxton’s view.

My wolf was screaming at me to go but I could barley move so I made a move for around the pack house out of view. I was in full panic mode and my wolf was growling at my in frustration. I took off into the forest to clear my head and think things through. My wolf still fighting me to go back but I needed to get out of here fast.

When I finally got deep enough into the woods that no body would see me I let out a deep sigh and that’s when I heard it.

‘Mate’ my wolf whined.

‘But Maxton can’t be my mate!’ I yelled back at her in my head.

‘But he is my dear.’

‘Why tho why did the Moon Goddess do this! I’m not Luna material! I have dreams! More than a mate!’

’ You never know maybe Maxton will let you keep those dreams, running a pack doesn’t have to take up all of your time’

She was right as much as I hated to admit it a small part of me hoped that maybe I would be his mate, but I didn’t want to give up my business or my dream to be Luna and have a mate. I sighed and than I felt it.  The needle and my thoughts going blank.

When I woke up I was back in the pack house in someone’s bed. I looked around and didn’t recognize anything, but I knew I was in the pack house. I tried my wolf and she wasn’t there and I started to panic and I let out a scream and someone grew into the room I was in. It was Lila!

”Thank goddess Lila! It’s just you!”

”Aria! You are ok! I didn’t think you’d wake up! Where did you go! What happened?” She squealed starting to cry.

“Lila, I’m ok I promise, but where am I? And how did I get here? I don’t remember anything that happened except for I think someone attacked me and drugged me.”

“Aria Maxton found you at the edge of the woods disoriented and half clothed.” She paused. “He is furious and on a rampage that someone go past the boarders and got to you.”

”Did he say anything else?” I asked wondering if Maxton knew I was his mate.

“No he was furious when he found you and took you to the healers. The witch took some blood to determine if you were drugged or not. We should know within the next hour or so, but Aria..” She paused again. “The healer believes you were attacked for a reason and that they might have taken advantage of you.” I gasped. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! The biggest day for my business I not only discover my best friends brother is my mate, but I was attacked and raped? Is that was she was telling me.

“Do you know why someone would want to do that to you?” She asked breaking me from my trance.

“No Lila! I don’t know they couldn’t possibly know when I just found out!” I almost yelled. I started to feel sick I couldn’t believe this, but I had to. I started to calm myself down when there was a knock at the door. Lila and I exchanged looks before she walked over to open it. We both let out a sigh. It was the healer.

“Hi Lila, Hi Aria I was stopping by to check on you and see if you were awake. The which has reported back with your report and I brought some herbs over for you. You had a small dose of wolfbane in your system. I have some things for you to help your wolf and I had to travel into town to get a human drug for you since I don’t keep it on hand.” She pulled out some herbs and than a small little white pill. “This will ensure that a unwanted pregnancy doesn’t occur from this.” I couldn’t hold back tears hearing her words. I cried. Lila walked over to me and put her hand on my shoulder to try and calm my down. “ You don’t have to take it, but I advise to. There isn’t any long term effect for when you meet your mate so it’s safe I promise.”

“Thank you” I croaked out. “I’d like to speak with Lila alone for now, but thank you! I will take it.” I took a deep breath and with that she walked out of my room closing the door behind her.

“Lila I know who my mate is. That is why I ran. You know my business is everything to me and I’m very focused on that right now?” She nodded just letting me speak. “ I’m not ready for the responsibility that come with having a mate.”

“What does this have to do with anything?”

”Well it’s probably not something I’ll have to worry about not since I’m not a virgin anymore and no one will want me after this.” I sighed looking at Lila. “ I’m going to have to reject my mate Lila as much as this pains me no one is going to want me after this. This ruins me and shows I’m weak. No male wants a weak mate.”

“Aria who is your mate? And why are you just now telling me you found him? Does he know?” She questions me. “And you don’t know maybe he’ll over look this and love you how you are regardless of what has happened.” I look at her with nervous eyes before awnsering her.

“ It’s Maxton!”

Chapter 2

”Maxton is your mate?“ she almost screamed. “Yes Lila, but he’s not going to want me after this. A weak Luna is not what any future Alpha wants and you know it.”

”That‘s not true Aria!“ She started to cry. “Maxton will take you regardless!” I stared at her because as much as I wanted to believe her I couldn’t.

“Lila I have to think about the packs future and if this is what happens before what happens when I’m Luna?” I paused and before I could continue someone knocked on my door. We both froze and listened and Lila looked at me. I nodded and we both waited not knowing who was on the other side of that door.

“Can I come in ladies?” We both knew that voice even though you could tell something wasn’t right about it.

“Yes.” I yelled before Lila could reply. “ Hi Maxton.”

“Hi Aria. Can we talk?” I looked at Lila and she looked away before walking about to door. She knew my plans and still walked out the door.

“Maxton.” In my head this seems like


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