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  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Yashna
  • Chapters: 8
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 12
  • 3.0
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Sophia Chumming life is far from ordinary neither is it an easy one. Losing her father at the young age of 16 and her mother fighting a war with cancer, which is not looking very victorious for her at the moment, Sophia’s only shoulder to cry on is her boyfriend Kia. However, a shoulder to cry on is all Kai can offer her being an omega. Yet, she still prays to the moon goddess for Kai to be her mate. On Kai’s 25th birthday, the couple is astonished to find out that they are in fact mates. However, what path will Sophia choose, when she finds out that she has a second mate? Will she choose love and Kia? Or will she choose to sacrifice her happiness to save her mother and become a Luna, with her second mate, the green-eyed, chiselled face, masculine billionaire alpha?

Chapter 1: A broken heart, A warm bed

She looked up at the night sky as the stars glistened and winked down at her. Tonight they reflected her eyes as they too glistened and shined. However these stars in the sky seemed happy and excited while her eyes held a kind of pain which is worse than death itself.

She wiped her tears but more just rolled down, she took a deep breath and in a shaky voice she began to speak hoping that he would somehow hear her but in the back of her mind she knew…she knew that he would never hear her voice again but what hurt the most is knowing that the sound of his would never again reach her ears either. “How could I smile back at the stars tonight like I did when you were right next to me? How can I forget the texture of your lips when I still feel the softness of them on the tips of my fingers? How could I not be sad tonight or any other night that is to come when I can’t get your smile off my mind?

Now I demand you to tell me how should I feel safe and secure when I will never be in your strong arms ever again!

But I beg you to tell me, how should I go on without you?

Did you not think of me before you could lay your life down? Was it so easy for you to cause me such a tremendous amount of pain? Was my love not enough for you? Or did you not love me enough to spare me from all this pain?”

She wiped her tears once again and stared into the sky as if she was waiting for something…eventually she turned and went back into her bedroom.

She showered the pain away like she has been doing for a while now only to know that it would return as soon as she steps out of the shower. She looked down at her bruised knees which was the only reminder of the moment when his muscular body dropped onto the ground, taking his last breath and she dropped on her knees as her world went silent and all the colour drained out…leaving her in darkness.

She began to sob and quickly placed her hand over her lips to muffle her sounds. She remembered her first time with him and he placed his hand over her lips to muffle her pleasurable moans.

She broke down once again, falling to the shower floor, the warm water stung on her bruised knees but she didn’t care because the pain that her heart carried was much more. She felt the hollowness inside of her as her heart cried out in pain, before she gathered herself together and turned off the shower.

Stepping out she looked at the unrecognisable reflection on the mirror. A smile may never again form on her rosy pink lips. Her once bright blue eyes was now dull and held dark bags underneath them due to all the crying that she has been doing. Her high cheek bones looked pale and colourless. She brushed the curls on her dark blonde, long hair because that was the least that she could do to make herself look presentable.

She put on a white sleepshirt before she switched off the light. She crawled into bed and placed her head on the high quality pillow. She closed her eyes as she felt her husband wrap his arms around her waist. She tilted her head up allowing him access to place a kiss on her neck, she moved closer to him placing her hands on top of his. She knew that he too was in pain, she could see it is in his eyes. She placed her hands on top of his, whispering that she loves him and she listened eagerly as he said those words back to her before they could both fall into a deep slumber.

Chapter 2: Can't lose them both


The evening breeze blew through my blonde waves, my blue eyes sparkled with happiness and my tanned skin glowed being kissed by the rays of the setting sun.

I took in the view in front of me. It was as breathtaking as I remember since childhood. I remember when my dad brought me here, I remember the piggyback rides, the laughter that we shared, and his strong arms that always kept me safe. Since his passing, I find myself here more often then I was while he was around. Whenever I feel unsafe, scared, lonely, happy, sad, when I miss him or need somewhere to spend my evening, this is where I come. The fact is that I still haven’t came to terms with how suddenly he was taken away from us or how horribly his life was taken. I remember that day as if it was just yesterday even though it was years ago. How could I forget the desperate need of saving my father that I had felt when I heard of his death, only it was too late. I still wish I was there that day, may


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