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Rejecting the Forbidden mate bond (18+)

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Kayla: Being the only daughter of the Alpha king, I was living a dream life that's until when my Foster brother returned from his training. The first time I saw him, I was love stricken but scared of the circumstances I decided to keep it to myself. Until one night, we crossed the line and ended up doing the forbidden... So I ran away from him. Alpha Marcus: The training at the Packhouse toughened me and I was ready to rule the Kingdoms both in the human world and my pack. I had never imagined in my wildest of dreams that the young girl I left behind was all grown up now. The problem was my wolf called her our mate and she wasn't ready to accept me... So I had to keep looking for her. ***** When Kayla the only daughter of the Alpha king can't resist the attraction to her foster brother which ends up in both sleeping together, she runs away from the pack in shame unaware of the mate bond they shared, and got accepted into another pack as a rogue. Will they finally be able to accept Goddess Luna's decision when the Alpha of the new pack wants to make her his luna or they will keep running away from each other?

The annoying half brother...

There was a soft knock on the door with a three seconds pause. The second wasn't as mellow as the first and the third one which was a bit harder and firmer roused Kayla from her sleep as she groaned and pulled the blanket over her shoulder.

She was partially awake but kept her eyes closed. Her eyelids felt heavy and she was about to drift back to sleep when the door creaked open and the sound of heels clacking along the floor followed.

"Oh why my! You're still in bed Kayla?" A familiar voice said, causing her to stir in bed. She groaned and stretched her legs then turned her head towards the voice.

She slowly opened her eyes and could see a figure of average height, slim with beautiful long red hair walking towards the drapery.

Everything seemed blurry.

She itched her eyes for a bit and opened them almost immediately when she heard the zipping sound of the drape being drawn to the side.

The rays from the sun flooded the room with a blinding flash causing Kayla to squint as she mumbled something opaque. She slowly opened her eyes letting them adjust to the lighting.

"Are you pregnant young lady?" The woman asked with a tone of amusement lacing her voice.

She had a very mellifluous voice, soft and smooth, it was very pleasing to the ear. It also had a very subtle edge to it which suggested that she was teasing her daughter.

"Mom!" Kayla whined as she sat up, wide-eyed. Her mother chuckled and shook her head.

"Just teasing baby... just teasing," Her mom said.

She went over to the dresser, picked up a brush, and went back to sit on the bed a few inches away from Kayla who out of impulse turned her back to her.

Her mom smiled.

She took a handful of Kayla's hair and began brushing it gently.

Why was her hair so wiry? She thought as she combed out the tangles.

Kayla mustn't have been applying the essentials for her hair, she concluded as she took another handful and kept brushing. Brushing Kayla's hair usually took a while and she enjoyed the excuse of spending a long time with Kayla.

"Mrs. Alexander?"

Her secretary suddenly entered the room and called for her, disrupting her thoughts almost immediately.

Kayla's mum frowned at this. She hated it when her time with her daughter got disrupted.

"I assume you walked through the doors and you didn't just appear in this room," she said as she went back to brushing Kayla's hair.

She spoke so calmly yet her words sent chills down her secretary's spine making her quiver in fear.

"Yes —yes Mrs. Alexander." She spoke falteringly.

"Next time you come into a room without knocking first, I'd make a necklace out of your fingers. Do you understand?"

The secretary nodded, trembling with fear. As honeyed as her voice was and even as slender and small as she looked Mrs. Alexander could also be very baleful. She was of course the Luna of the pack, coupled with a very strong successful Alpha, she was strapping. No one dared question her.

"Speak," she ordered.

"The client from Algatron is here. Your attention is needed." She paused. "Mrs. Alexander," she added for maximum respect.

"Mr. Algaso is here? How shocking." She pulled Kayla's hair back, twisting it in a very gentle way, then she wrapped it in a circular coil around itself and secured it with a bobby pin.

"Where is Marcus by the way? Haven't seen him since dinner last night." She looked at Kayla who frowned.

"Why are you looking at me, mom? He's probably somewhere pissing off someone, as usual, I mean how hard could it be to find him just looking for trouble and he'd be there."

The Luna chuckled. "Respect your brother Kayla, things come to worse, he'd be the next Alpha and you'd have just him to protect you."

"People only need protection when they're into dangerous stuff. All I do is go to school and paint when I'm home. You barely see you, mother."

"There's one thing you need to know Kayla, if you have your eyes on two people, you'd have 6 people's eyes boring holes into your back."

Kayla made a face. "What does that even mean?"

Mrs. Alexander stood up and straightened her skirt. She stretched out her hand as she held the comb towards her secretary who dashed to collect it and placed it on the dresser.

"It means you can never tell who is watching you so be careful and never slack. Always be on guard, you would always need protection and I have every confidence in Marcus to give it to you."

She leaned forward and kissed Kayla on her forehead before heading out with the secretary.

Kayla finally had some alone time. She got up and locked the door. She walked back to her bed and dropped on it with only one thought on her mind. Marcus.

Thinking about him made her frisson with excitement. She had always had a very big crush on him but was too scared to show it and also sometimes very disgusted by her feelings because he was her brother even though not biologically.

She was adopted into the family when she was thirteen. Her birth parents had died at a construction site or so she was told and she had been living at the orphanage since she was four before the Alexanders adopted her. She never fit in with the rest of the kids and was always picked on probably because she was a short, miniature kid whereas the other kids were tall and big.

She wasn't even that short, Kayla thought.

She was going to be eighteen in a few months and she was five foot five. She sighed and closed her eyes slowly drifting into fantasy and almost immediately the doorknob rattled. She rolled her eyes and didn't move an inch.

It kept on for ten seconds before a deep yet euphonious voice that sent an exhilarating feeling all over her body made her hold her breath impulsively.

"Open this door, Kayla!"

The way he drew her name. It was several more seconds before she was able to take deep breaths, even longer before she was able to utter more than a strangled sound.

"What do you want, Marcus?" She pulled herself together. "Go away!"

Despite her massive crush on him, she hated him sometimes or so she tried to force herself to believe.

There was a time she caught a naked girl hastily leaving his room and she was so consumed with jealousy she didn't talk or go close to him for a week.

She saw a lot of girls hit on him at school but she didn't think he'd have anything intimate to do with any of them. He looked good only with her...

"Kayla!" He growled, swearing silently as his body quivered with building rage.

Why wasn't she opening the door? Did she have someone in there with her?

Was it one of the guards or the boys at school?

The thought of Kayla having a boy with her alone in the room infuriated him and he didn't know why.

Why was he possessive about her?

A thin line between lust and love...

Marcus was already thinking of where in his room he'd put the skull of the boy he found in there when he heard a faint click almost not audible but loud enough for his werewolf ears and the door slowly opened.

His face held no expression to it but his mind was blown away. She had her hair in this beautiful bun though she looked like she just got off her bed. He moved closer causing her to pull back a little.

The sleeve of her gown was a little loose and the motion caused it to slide off her shoulder revealing smooth glistening skin. His eyes darted almost immediately to her shoulder as he felt his inner wolf stir.

Kayla wasn't having it any better on her end. She caught a whiff of his eau de cologne and all she wanted to do was hug him till she smelt like him. She looked up at his face and couldn't tell what he was feeling. His eyes met hers and her heart melted but then his expression turned from placid to anger.

"Why didn't you open


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