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Rejected by her Alpha Mate Colin

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Elinor Wildes had never met her parents or anyone related by blood. She was raised by a Lycan named Glinda and was told that she was given to Glinda by one of her pack's omegas. But the truth is, Elinor is a werewitch, that is, she is a werewolf that has the ability to perform witchcraft. But were-witches are not supposed to exist. As danger follows Elinor and she found herself running away with her secret babies to save their lives after Colin, the firstborn child of the Alpha of the Bloody Immortals Pack, rejects her as his mate. With all the secrets surrounding her, will Elinor be able to uncover any of them when everyone around her keeps pushing her away? Will she and her babies survive as they run away from her alpha mate?

Chapter 1

Werewolves and Witches

Long ago, there was no bad blood between werewolves and witches.

No lines were drawn between them, no werewolves were burned and cursed, and not a single witch was ripped and feasted by a pack of wolves.

Werewolves and witches have each other’s backs, and for so many years, they conspired to defeat their mutual enemy-the vampires. Needless to say, they were allies.

Witches were a great help to werewolves. They are powerful and magical creatures, and it has somewhat become common knowledge to all werewolves to never underestimate the abilities of a witch, or better, never get under their skin, ever. You either choose to be on their good side, or you’ll keep watching your back for the rest of your life, it’s all up to you. And werewolves, being extremely intellectual and practical creatures, chose to maintain their alliance with witches.

For hundreds of years, witches served as the healers of werewolves. They concoct potions, worked on their spells that can restore a werewolf’s strength in a split second, and even performed rituals that can raise a deceased creature back to life.

Werewolves are valuable creatures to witches as well, serving as their protectors, hunter, and partners for years. A werewolf’s fangs, strength, speed, good judgment, and loyalty cannot be underestimated as well.

Although witches are known to be highly independent beings because of their ability to perform sorcery to get what they want, their spells and magic could barely match the superhuman strength of a vampire.

Years of companionship, trust, and alliance between the two different beings continued.

Nothing could ever go wrong… or so they thought.

Wolves are for wolves, and witches are for witches. One of their unspoken rule—one must never marry or mate with their opposites. As long as their bloodline remains pure, that is, no hybrid of werewolf and witch is produced, then there is nothing to worry about.

But that was until a Were-witch was born.

Judas was the first were-witch to exist. At first, his parents tried to hide him in the dark but it was not long before his parents were captured and killed by The Spirits, the most powerful and superior witch since primordial times.

After the murder of his loved ones, Judas, who inherits the powers of both his parents, almost wiped out the entire population of witches and werewolves in just a span of a fortnight.

Fourteen days of him ruthlessly tearing the bones apart of every wolf in sight, of conjuring powerful deities that strike to kill witches of every kind.

Fourteen days of avenging the untimely death of his parents. He was fueled with rage and was hungry for justice.

His wrath echoed throughout the entire community and was felt by all spiritual and physical animals. It made everyone hold onto their dear lives, praying for protection from their gods, and digging up tunnels to hide themselves from Judas.

His powers were a hundred times more powerful, and even vampires and The Spirits cower at the sound of his name. In just a matter of days, he became the most feared night creature.

Werewolves, witches, vampires, and beasts alike who once wander confidently at night now find themselves hiding, staying out of sight from Jude, who they called the devil himself.

At that desperate moment when everyone was forced to face the possibility of extinction, werewolves and witches learned the hard way just how deadly and extremely powerful their hybrids can become.

Both werewolves and witches were placed in grave danger, and a decision was made between the two: If by some miracle they survived the wrath of Judas, which is very not foreseeable at that moment, they would make sure there would never be another Judas. No matter what, they have to keep their bloodline pure, and have their unspoken rule of purity be spoken, be known, over and over again.

Judas roamed the wild for over a decade, searching, hunting, and detecting hideouts. He ruled the night all by himself. And oh, does that make someone succumb to loneliness.

That was the first crack of his powerful reign. Loneliness. It was slowly eating him up day by day.

Vampires, who are cunning as hell, sensed Judas’ growing loneliness and desire for someone to mate with. They instantly think of a devious plan to make the devil even more vulnerable—by sending him a weakness known to every man of their kind: A beautiful, and charismatic creature.

They gave Esmeralda, a beautiful maiden, to seduce Judas.

And Judas stepped both his feet right into the trap—he fell in love with Esmeralda. He was smitten and tamed faster than the Vampires had predicted. After years of keeping their bodies intact, they finally saw the gleaming lights of hope. They are so close to defeating the devil. They are one step away from being free to roam the night again.

Judas, who discovered his capability to love and trust, decided to put his guard down for the first time; not knowing that it will be the very cause of his demise.

When Esmeralda sees the shining light of opportunity, she does exactly what she has been told. She strikes her sword horizontally, decapitating Judas, and proceeds to extract his heart out.

As if that wasn’t enough to kill a Were-witch hybrid, she dragged his body to a clearing where his body will burn once the sun rises, and while doing so, she felt the remorse nipping violently at her heart.

And so, Esmeralda decided to stay with Judas until the very end.

She lies in the clearing, embracing the lifeless and decapitated body of Judas while the sun rises from the distant mountains. She suffers a slow and painful death, with her skin burning, her heart filled with guilt and love, and her mind hoping to find Judas in another life.

That puts an end to the decade-long reign of Judas.

Once again, the creatures were free to roam without the watchful eyes of Judas. There was a celebration, and a rule has been made.

Though werewolves and witches helped each other, a boundary has to be set between them that separates them forever.

Ever since then, you would never see a werewolf and a witch in the same place. It stayed like that for hundreds of years not until just recently, a bold werewolf made the same old mistake of falling in love with a witch.

His name was Gregor Wildes, and he would later be hunted by the entire witch community for crossing the line.

Her name was Ruby Atwater, a necromancer, and a mother to Elinor Wildes.

Elinor Wildes would be forever on the run from The Spirits who are determined to make her the last Were-witch to ever exist, to make her suffer the same fate as Judas.

But she does not know it… yet.

Chapter 2

The Deal

The floors of the old Victorian manor creaked at his every step. Moonlight streaks penetrate the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, illuminating the dark room that he’s in.

He stopped at its center where a round wooden table is set and took one of the seats.

He turned his head toward the huge window and stared right outside, waiting for the full moon to appear behind the thick clouds. And when it finally shows itself, Ernest slowly places both his hands on the table and took a very long, deep breath.

Ernest then shut his red, bloodied eyes, and in his mind, he fearlessly summons one of the powerful creatures—The Spirits.

He understands how great danger he’s getting himself into by summoning the presence of The Spirits but he also knows that this is the only way to keep his remaining relative alive.

No matter what, he must make a deal even if it means putting his own life on the line.

A strong wind, almost like a hurricane stirs the room


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