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Rejected by Alpha Dimitri

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“I, Alpha Dimitri, reject you, Noah, as my mate.” His cruel words always replayed in my head. My stomach churned whenever I remembered that night. ~•~ When Alpha Dimitri rejects Noah Petrova as his mate, she faces an unfortunate fate and is stuck living with the man who broke her heart since his father took her into his home when her dad died during an attack. Along the line, she falls in love with his younger brother, Aiden, who has been in love with her ever since she moved into their house. Alpha Dimitri wasn’t happy about their relationship and tried his best to make their lives miserable. What happens when Aiden challenges his brother for the position of the alpha? Will he win? Or will Alpha Dimitri retain his power?

Chapter 1



“One more shot of tequila please,” I yelled loud enough for the bartender to hear over the loud music buzzing from the speaker.

He nodded his head and poured from the bottle into the tiny transparent cup. He passed it to me but as I was about to take it from the table, someone else beat me to it.

“Oh, bummer.” I turned slowly to see it was Aiden. “Buzzkill,” I said drunkenly and pushed him away.

“It’s time to go home, you’ve had too much to drink.” He lifted me from my chair and returned the shot to the bartender.

“I don’t want to go back there.” I pouted and caressed his face. I was about to ruffle his brunette hair when he stopped my hands.

I rolled my eyes and smiled at him. “When will you ever let me touch your hair?”

He ignored my question and tried lifting me from the stool. “It’s been over two years already, you don’t have to live a miserable life because of him.”

“You don’t have to keep on saving me,” I responded with a normal voice. “I’m not living a miserable life, I’m having fun.”

“Drowning yourself in alcohol almost every day isn’t called having fun.” He said, giving me a stern look. “You don’t even hang out with your friends anymore.”

A huge grin broke over my lips and I stared at him for a few seconds before responding. “Who needs friends when I have you?” I teased him and stood up from the chair.

He took a step back, watching to see if I was going to be able to walk on my own. The floor was blurry and I was a little bit dizzy, so I staggered as I was about to raise a foot. Aiden placed his arm over my waist to prevent me from falling.

“Thank you.” I smiled at him and we both walked to his car.

Aiden always came to my rescue when I made unhinged decisions like going out alone in the dark to get drunk at a bar, without knowing how I would go back home.

I didn’t have a car and he always had access to my location. He had forced me to share my location with him ever since I started getting myself drunk.

I just wanted to forget the pain.

The car ride back home was silent. I just rested my sleepy head on the window of the car admiring the beautiful town of Hawkins, while Aiden drove the car.

Normally, he would scold me and lecture me on how I was ruining my life. But I guess he was tired of repeating himself without seeing any changes.

I was glad he wasn’t tired of me or gave up on me because I literally pushed everyone else away. No matter how hard I tried to push Aiden away, he still didn’t leave me.

After a short drive, we finally arrived at the house. It was dark so the only people roaming around the compound were the guards.

Aiden parked the car and quickly walked to the door of the passenger’s seat. He opened the door and helped me out of the car.

We both walked into the house and he led me to my room and tucked me into the bed. After he saw that I was settled, he turned off the lights and made his way out of the room.

I closed my eyes for a few minutes, trying to drift to sleep but I couldn’t. My head was hurting and I was restless, so I decided to get out of bed.

My stomach rumbled and I remembered I had only had breakfast throughout the day. The sight of that girl made me lose my appetite.

Sliding into my fluffy crocs, I walked to the door and twisted the knob, making the wooden door swing open.

I planned on making myself an easy dish or eating leftovers from dinner. Passing through the corridors on my way to the stairs, I heard strange noises coming out of Dimitri’s room.

His room wasn’t really far from mine. I tiptoed to the door which was slightly opened. I knew it was a bad decision but my inquisitive mind made me do it.

“Whose pussy is this?” Dimitri’s voice echoed from inside the room and my eyes glistened with tears.

“Dimitri’s.” Becky’s shameful voice echoed after releasing breathless moans.

I took a step closer, so I would be able to see what was really happening. She was naked and on all fours, while he stood behind with his dick inside of her.

“Call me daddy.” He said and spanked her buttocks.

“Daddy.” She managed to say in between her hitched breath.

I knew I wasn’t meant to be watching them. I was meant to be moving on. I was meant to accept my fate. My mate rejected me and settled for a random girl from another town.

She had come earlier in the day and we had crossed paths. I couldn’t stand being in the same building with them, so I had to leave for the bar. Thankfully, she was in medical school and only visited during some weekends.

I needed to drown myself in alcohol to try and forget the pain. It had been almost two years since the rejection. I thought it would hurt less with time but it felt like the pain increased anytime I saw them together.

If they were going to be fucking loudly in a house full of people, at least they should have had the decency of closing the door.

Frustrated, I banged the door and ran downstairs to the kitchen. It wasn’t the first time I had seen them having sex but I always got triggered.

I always imagined it to be me. Ever since I met Dimitri, I chose to keep my virginity until he chose me to be Luna. In my twenty years of living, I didn’t have sex because I wanted it to be special with Dimitri, the love of my life. But he was fucking another girl in the same house I lived.

Wiping off my tears with the back of my hands, I made my way into the kitchen. The lights were already on so I guessed someone was already was already inside.

“Noah, were you crying?” Aiden asked as he saw me walk into the kitchen. Of course, it was him. He always had late-night snacks.

I sniffed back my tears. I didn’t want to have that conversation with him. “No, I’m just hungry.” I managed to say without breaking down.

“You saw my brother and Becky?” He asked, giving me a knowing look. “Right?” He opened his arms and I leaned into his broad and muscular chest. I cried my eyes out and he just patted my back.

Chapter 2



“Why did he have to do that to me?” I finally spoke after crying for about ten minutes. Aiden was patient enough to wait for me until I was done.

“I don’t know, Noah.” He released me from his grip and gestured for me to sit on the counter. It was a little bit high, so I had to jump and I sat facing him.

“It’s been over two years but I can’t seem to get over it. Normal people would heal as time goes by but it’s different with me.” I kept on blabbing and blabbing while Aiden listened and watched quietly.

It wasn’t appropriate talking to him about it but I couldn’t help myself. Aiden had been in love with me even while I was in love with his brother.

I couldn’t imagine myself not being with Dimitri so I never gave Aiden a chance. I was in love with his big brother and I didn’t want things to get messy.

Aiden was always a good friend to me. He was like my best friend, the only friend


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