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reincarnation of the dark magician

reincarnation of the dark magician

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In a world full of adventure and mystery.... The great wizard returns again ... Are all things going to be alright?... With a lot of gloomy darkness and noise everywhere ... Robert Henry Coddrigton dies after a fierce fight against the Eight Envoys...but contrary to his expectations, he finds himself reincarnated in the body of a young man from a family familiar to him.. Will life be good with him in the future, or will it be the same as in his first life? I reincarnated I think it's time to take revenge on this strange life ... Under the sky I am ..

the beginning


There was little oxygen in his current location, causing him to feel strange within that confined space, but as soon as he raised his hand up, he directly opened that strange coffin he was in.

"A coffin?"

After he got up, he looked here and there. He was in a large darkened hall. Judging by the decorations and form of Hall, it was clear that he was in a palace...but whose palace?

“Family Master, have you finished training in the coffin?” That gentle voice came from behind the door of that hall, he immediately realized that that strange coffin was something useful for training… He remembered seeing something like this before.

Holding his head giving him a headache, his mind was still confused, but as soon as he heard that voice from behind the door calling him Family Master, he realized that he was not the same person he was before he died.

He sat on that coffin while both hands were intertwined in confusion, he had a miniature view of his current situation but it was still a mystery.

“Yes... I’m done..” When he said that, the door creaked and a young maid walked in with a tray of food in her hands, “Master of the family, training the coffin consumes most of your energy, you have to consume a lot of food to restore your vitality.”

After the maid put that tray on a wooden table, he raised his neck towards her, "Hmmm."

She was a maid of 17 or so, with a pretty face and a cheerful countenance. After the maid noticed that her master was looking at her with a confused look, her features became a little surprised when she said sorry, "Don't worry about it, sir, although the bloodline is still weak... The magic ark can undoubtedly solve the matter! You shouldn’t despair now!”

He had a more clear idea, he was reincarnated into another boy's body, he had a bloodline of some kind but still not visible, and this coffin was working to show the bloodline... The question on his mind now was About the year he is in now, as well as the reason for his reincarnation...

“What is your name?” He got up from the coffin and said.

"Uh? name is Angela, master of the family..and I'm the servant of your little brother who sent me to give you your meal."

"Okay, go away."

This person is Robert Henry Codrington, the most despicable black magician in all the lands, who is famous for spreading black magic, which caused the renaissance of black magic again in the age of mythology.

Robert Henry Codrington had already died once... It could be said that he had been reincarnated after being killed by the eight envoys when he had gained enough strength to threaten them.

That was shocking! For the black magician who caused terror in everyone's hearts to die suddenly, it was strange and confusing, but when it was mentioned that the perpetrator was the eight envoys.., it seemed very logical.

That maid said that he was the master of the family, and she also mentioned something about a certain brother.. that meant there were more people in this palace.

He wanted to extract more information from that maid but it would seem strange, even though he is currently in this person's body, he doesn't even know who he is, from his family, or what this place is, which means he can't pretend that he is the owner of the body the original.

“Uh?” Meanwhile, he felt his consciousness gradually fade with a feeling of pain in the brain. Soon he had already lost consciousness and those strange images started circulating in his head. They were about events that happened in this place, this house… It was The memory of the original owner

His name is John nenester. At age 18, born with very little mana, yet he did not despair as he would awaken the bloodline that had been inherited in his family for 700 years, the dominant bone dragon bloodline.

Despite all these predictions, the affinity between him and his bloodline was 0.3 out of 10... and this was the ultimate failure.

Now he has inherited the title of Marquis, and he is the master of the Nenester family despite his young age, but he does not deserve the position in any way because of his weakness, and that is why the Nenester family is in decline and may lose its position at any time.

Such memories and more, flooded into his mind, he remained in that position for a few seconds before he woke up, sweating from his head to the bottom of his feet, panting crazily.

“Marquis of the Daleos Empire? Not bad for a start.”

The Daleos Empire is one of the three empires, besides the Salamanver and the Amanistas, on a secluded continent called Italic.

John turned to the only window in that room, and stared at the reflection of his new form, he was an 18-year-old, of somewhat handsome appearance, with dark red eyes and long light gray hair, and dressed in elegant white clothes on his body that was never frail.

On the one hand, he is a jhon nenester, an incompetent marquis who has betrayed everyone's expectations, and on the other, Robert Henry Codrington, a dark sorcerer who has been in constant conflict with the Eight Envoys.

As he stared at the moon through the window, he smiled lightly, "So I'm reincarnated 700 years after the day I died... and exactly in the nenester family."

The name nenester was not alien to him, but he had previous knowledge of that name, in his previous life he had never seen this continent before, but he had heard of it a little, because he spent most of his time in the far eastern lands, and had five disciples when he was in the prime of his power.

One of these disciples was called William nenester, he was his most loyal but not the most talented disciple, and this disciple decided to start a family on a faraway continent.

In a way, this was the continent his disciple meant, and the family he found to be head of is the same family that his disciple William founded more than 700 years a.

“Judging by William’s great strength in the Ninth Circle, his family shouldn’t just be something like that.”

Who would have imagined that the black magician Robert Henry Codrington would be reincarnated as the descendant of his pupil William Nenester,

"Hmm... it's been 700 years already...I wonder where little William went, leaving his family in such a situation."

Currently, John is a real loser, despite the distinct bloodline being passed down from William nenester to his descendants, but John has not succeeded in achieving a high bloodline compatibility rate.

In addition, his mana amount was too weak, not even enough to form a 1st level energy ball let alone hurricanes and earthquakes.

While the affinity between him and the elements was also weak, so even if we assumed that he would find a certain treasure to increase his mana, he didn't have any natural element, he could only do mana ball and mana shield and both of them were e first level.

John's progress was something that was classified as impossible because of all these reasons, but this is for the average person only, but the current John, is the most despicable black magician throughout history, and the master of darkness and evil in the age of myths, and his legend is still being told until now, so how Just because of weak talent to stop him?



“The eight Emissaries…. is that what you did?”

Being still alive is baffling, there are quite a few people who can do this, and on top of them are the 'Emissaries'...

“No..why would the Emissaries make me reincarnate after all the struggle that was between us..they could barely kill me..why would they give me another chance to return?”

The number of questions running through his head was too many, but after all those years that he had lived, he had gained a calm and sober mind.

"Whatever the perpetrator is, he certainly does not intend least for now."

Regardless of the actor, the first thing that came to John's mind as he started training was to regain even a small part of his strength.

He stared at the palm of his right hand and began to sense the mana in mid-air, which is in his heart.

“Patheticwner of the original body had barely started making the second knight chain around his body, while he hadn’t eve


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