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Please Be Mine, Alpha

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In a world where soulmates exist, finding your other half is a phenomenal occurrence in their daily lives. Each of them has a significant other to spend their entire lives with. Each will have a mark decorating their skins as a sign that their soulmate will soon enter their lives. The moment Blake Myers discovered his secondary gender as an Alpha, a beautiful mark has appeared on his chest. This mark announces to the world that he too has a soulmate. Blake thinks his life will go smoothly and all he needs to do is continue living his perfect life and waiting for his soulmate's arrival. But his plans were disturbed when Felicity Larson entered his life. She's a woman whose presence attracts the crowd around her—An enigma that pokes the curiosity of everyone and Blake is not an exception. Felicity is one of the people who brings comfort in his life and she's the woman he wishes to spend his entire life with. Except, Felicity Larson doesn't have the same mark and she is an Alpha like him.


Today must be a good day.

The weather has been warm these days. Despite living in a city, the clouds still drift slowly. Together with the refreshing cold air, it can make someone sigh in satisfaction.

Many people are busy in the city. The streets are full of life as usual. While others walk very fast while talking on their phones, some rush to catch trains or buses. There are also cars lined up on the road waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

While the outside world has been busy for hours, a certain young man who just woke up is moving at a fast but messy pace.

Blake Myers cursed his brother while checking the phone he left charging last night. He received several missed calls from his teammates, a few messages from his brother, and a voice message from their mother. Blake groaned in frustration while rubbing his face in his hand. He first checked the message he received from his mother.

'Blake, I have to travel abroad for two days. Your allowance and Blaise's allowance have already been deposited into your account. You two should be considerate of each other, alright?'

Blake hummed an answer, even though his mother couldn't hear it. Then he opens the drawer to get the clothes he needs today. He pulls out two black shirts, two pairs of shorts, a pair of socks, and one clean towel. After that, he abruptly closes his drawers and pulls his charging phone near the table. While putting clothes inside his duffel bag, Blake called his brother, and he answered it after three rings.

"You scrub! Why didn't you wake me?” Blake scolded loudly.

(What are you talking about? I tried to wake you up for almost thirty minutes. But your lazy *ss does not want to leave the bed at all.)

"Ugh! I will kill you later, Blaise! I only have thirty minutes before my first class starts!"

(Yeah, yeah. See you later, Blake. Don't forget to lock the door once you leave.)

"Wait. Where are Mom's car keys?"

(Stupid. It is my turn to use the car remember?)


(Whatever. Don't stink the room with your scent, get it?)

"What the hell is wrong with you? Listen here, you-Hello? Blaise? Hello?! Ugh! That sh*t!"

'Calm down...' His inner wolf whispered to him.

'Yeah, yeah. Whatever.'

Before answering him back, Blaise ended the call. Blake groans in frustration before putting his phone inside and zipping his duffel bag. He makes sure to have all the things he will need for practice later. Blake quickly undresses and throws his clothes in the laundry basket before pulling a clean shirt from his shared closet with Blaise. While closing his shirt buttons, Blake sees the words imprinted on his skin under his collarbones.

'Mi Girasol'

It was a Spanish word that meant 'My Sunflower' written in bold cursive letters. The colors on his skin, however, represent blue and purple rather than sunny and bright images. It looks mysterious and elegant. Blaise and his mom once joked that whoever his significant other is, she must be a beautiful princess.

'Move or you will be late.'

Clicking his tongue, Blake quickly fixed the last two buttons on his shirt. Then he put a small amount of gel on his palm, rubbed it on his fingertips, and used it to style his hair. After making sure he looks decent, Blake grabs his phone, wallet, and keys to the motor vehicle.

Since their incompetent brother used their mom's car today, he will ride his motorcycle to school. After double-checking their door's lock, Blake did not use the elevator anymore. Instead, he uses the emergency stairs and runs to the parking lot. His and Blaise's shared apartment is located on the fifteenth floor of this building. Blake will treat these stairs run as morning exercise since he missed his morning practice.

Blake quickly finds his motorcycle in the parking lot. Its luminescent yellow-green color can easily be spotted from afar. Taking a deep breath, Blake runs in its direction, straddles the motorcycle, and turns it on. He wears his helmet and moves forward. He puts a bit more speed on his motorcycle than usual although there is a chance the police will catch him. Still, he has to arrive at their university on time. They will be having an exam today and Blake cannot afford to mess it up like he did the last time.

Blake's scents are quickly dispersed in the air due to his boldness. When he passes by a group of high school students, some turn their heads to follow his scent. A smug look appears on his face when he sees their reactions in the bar-end mirror. In response, Blake shakes his head and continues his journey until he arrives at the university.

After a few more turns and shortcuts, Blake finally arrives at the university. He first checks the time on his phone. He still has seven minutes before the school bell rings. Parking his motorcycle at the back of their school, Blake quickly locked it before greeting the school guard and dashing toward his classroom. While running, he bumps into his brother, and the food in his arms scatters on the floor.

"You jerk! Look where you are moving!" Blaise shouted at him.

"Shout at me later, scrub! I am late!" Blake replied.

He steals his brother's cinnamon bread before leaving, then runs back into the corridor. He ignores his brother's shout telling him to pay him back later for the bread he stole. When Blake sees his classroom, he sprints towards the door.

The school bell rings when he steps into the classroom, indicating their class is about to start. Blake takes a deep breath before walking towards his seat. He put down his duffel bag and let out a long sigh.

"Congratulations for not being late, Mr. Future MVP."

Turning his head, Blake finds a familiar pair of striking olive eyes.

He adjusts the way he sits in his chair and gives his seatmate a cocky look.

"Isn't it such a huge privilege to receive your congratulatory words, Ms. Who-don't-know-what-career-to-choose?"

Instead of getting mad at him, the woman tilts her head before smiling innocently.

"Does it mean you acknowledge how talented I am?"

"I'm insulting you, stupid."

"Ah, really? Because it sounds like commendable praise to me."

"You must be having ear problems, Felicity Larson."

"You just have a few insults stored inside your simple-minded brain, Blake Myers."

Blake scoffs before rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, sure. Whatever makes you sleep peacefully at night."

Because of his answer, the woman sitting beside him giggles happily. He pursed his lips before turning his head to stare at her gorgeous face for a moment. He may look bored and bland right now, but his inner self is bursting with compliments for her.

Watching her smile warms his heart. She looks pretty with her smile and her eyes are lit up. Lizzy definitely knows how beautiful she is, but she probably has no idea what her smile can do to his heart.

'D*mn it. Stop liking her too much, Blake!'

"You are really no fun, Blake. Smile a bit, can you? It will surely improve your ugly face."

"Ha-ha. Very funny." Blake laughed sarcastically before smiling.

"Why are you irritated so early in the morning? Here. Wipe your sweat with it." Felicity said before giving him a pack of tissue paper.

Blake accepts it and uses the tissue to wipe his sweat. He also uses this chance to glance at Lizzy. She is wearing a black fitted tank top and skinny jeans that emphasize not only the s*xy curve of her body but more importantly her pinkish-white skin. Her long hair is also tied in a high ponytail which makes it easier for Blake to see her evenly shaped neck.

His eyes lowered a bit to see her collarbones. As expected, it is clean and free of his marks. There are no blotches of colors decorating her skin or any signs that a soulmate mark will appear under her collarbone too.

"What? Mesmerized by my beauty again?" Lizzy teased.

Blake's face crumples in irritation before giving the remaining tissues to Lizzy.

"Who wants to admire your face? I’m just looking at your patch." Blake said while pointing to her neck. "You are still using those suppressants?"

"Oh, this?" Lizzy asked before touching the suppressant patch on her neck. "It's only for safety measures."


"There are two omegas who recently joined our club. They are too attached to me because of my scent."

"Isn't that annoying for you? If they’re not yet ready to be mixed up with others, they should not join any clubs for now."

"Why are you so harsh, Blake? Those kids obviously have dreams and potential."

"But using too many suppressants will hurt your health, you know?"

"Aww. Does it mean you worry about me? I'm touched by your overwhelming concern, Myers."

"You wish. I just don't want to deal with your annoying *ss every time you get sick."

Lizzy stares at Blake with a raised eyebrow before she shakes her head. Before he throws another snarky comment toward the female alpha, their old professor finally enters the class. Lizzy gives him a smug look while Blake growls in frustration.

When their professor gives a stack of papers to one of their classmates, Blake and Felicity finally stop talking. Today is the last day of examinations. All students have to take their examinations so their professors can compute their grades for next week. After this day, they only need to finish their school projects, reports, and other requirements for the next two months before graduating from college.

Blake needs to pass this exam or his efforts in his club will be wasted. He already f*ck*d *p his previous exams because he is too focused on his role as captain of their men's collegiate volleyball team. As a result of only getting a passing mark on his previous tests, he almost lost his position at the sports club.

Fortunately, his professors took pity on him and gave him a chance. They gave Blake a second chance by telling him to perfect eighty percent of his exams. If he still cannot do it, Blake might not graduate this year and not get his MVP award.

When the professor signals, the whole class answers their test papers. He forgets everything and remembers the lessons he reviewed last night. Half an hour has passed and Blake is still focused on answering his test papers. His mind is completely filled with numbers and equations until he smells the familiar and addictive scent coming from the female Alpha sitting next to him.

Sugar and lavender.

After seeing Lizzy remove her scent suppressant just now, Blake turns his head. Her scent is actually not too noticeable considering their class is full of alphas like them. But Lizzy's addictive scent is already imprinted in Blake's mind. It doesn’t help that Lizzy is only a few inches away from him too!

Only a whiff of her scent and she instantly put him under her intoxicating spell.

"Mr. Myers, stop turning your head around and start answering your test papers!"

Blake tries to answer his professor back but decides to swallow his words and continue answering his test papers. As he closes his eyes, he tells himself to concentrate on his exams. But no matter how much he tries to hypnotize himself, Lizzy's scent still lingers around his seat which makes him excited and agitated.

'D*mn it! F*ck these hormones!'


Sugar and Lavender.

That's the scent of the sole female Alpha that he's been addicted to since the two of them were only six years old. His simple admiration for that girl slowly turned into a crush until it became love. If Blake can only dictate his feelings, he does not want his heart to beat fast every time Lizzy is near him. He knows it is absurd to like someone who is not even his.

Everyone in this world has a soulmate. That person will accompany them until they die. Their other half is waiting for them somewhere in this world. And their only guide is the splash of colors that paint their bodies together with the words that symbolize their other half. In addition, they symbolize the deep longing their wolves will feel if they meet their soulmates.

Blake and Felicity met at six. Lizzy and her single Alpha mother moved into the condominium next door. At first, Blake was not interested in their new neighbors. He does not want to be associated with ot


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