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It’s an enormous wolf, I've never seen one up close before. I stare into the wolves’ eyes, they seem to shift from green to blue to violet, and I breathe heavily. Is it going to kill me? Think of it, I really don’t care. Its almost as I hope the wolf does me the favor. ” Promise me you survive” I look at the beast again. “You are going to make me keep my word, aren’t you?” The wolf sits down on its hind legs, tilts its head up, and lets out a long, strong howl. The sound vibrates in the ground beneath me and goes directly to my heart, and soothes the flames. I am shocked at first, then I feel the angry energy rolling off my body. I slump down in the sand, the small grains cut into the dry skin on my knees but it doesn’t bother me, that pain is nothing to the one in my chest. I am shaking, crying, trying to hold on to the rage that kept me going but it slipping away. The wolf circles me a few times and then takes its place beside me, whines a little before shocking me by putting its colossal head in my lap. ***When the Goddess wants to make her son happy, she has no idea that her actions will result in two new species and seal one girl's fate.

Chapter 1 - The Cave

I can feel the heat from the fire as my mother adding more firewood to keep the moist air out of our cave, waves of warmth caressing my cheeks. She has a glow on her face I never seen before and I can hear her drawing breath as if she hasn’t been able to breathe in a long time. Outside, the rain is pouring for the first time since I was a child and every soul in the cave was relaxed and in silence, thanking the big heaven for its generosity. It’s been hard, the sun has been furious, and the land has suffered greatly.The gras died first, the green soft carpet replaced by the brown rough one that made your feet ache just by walking on it. After the grass it was the bushes and the trees, all run out of their watersupply and shut down waiting…Animals left our land either looking for food or being claimed by the heaven.The lake on the top of our mountain still has some water, but the fish is long gone.We live off the crops we manage to grow but it is not much and our people are weak and many of us sick. I look down at my body, I am nothing but sunburnt skin and bone, my chest russels with every breath because it’s been filling up with the dry dirt of the land for so long. My long hair is a spitting image of the dead grass, dry, dull and crispy to the touch.My mother comes and takes my hand, tugging me to the entrance of our cave and out in the rain. The water hits me and I gasp for air, but it’s the best feeling I ever felt. The hard drops making my small tense muscles relax and cool my warm body. I feel them tingling over my skin like a hive of bees and I cry. I cry of joy for our land, for our people and for the animals returning. My salty tears mixing with the sweet taste of rain in my mouth and I look into my mother’s eyes and her emotions mirrors my own. We are spinning, dancing, crying, and laughing together. My breathing is getting hard and I have to slow down. Mother puts her hands on my shoulders, making me stop. Her hands travel up my face, pushing the long wet strands of my hair away from my face. She kisses my nose, my cheeks and my lips and leans her forehead against mine. Her prayer is strong as she thanks the Heaven.“I thank you beautiful heaven for hearing and answering me, I thank you beautiful heaven for your gift to the land. I thank you beautiful heaven for your gift to our people and I thank you beautiful heaven for the life of my daughter. She will live, she will be strong and she will be your servant.”As soon as the last word of her prayer left her lips, my newfound strength left me. My legs disappeared under me and I fell to the ground, my chest is burning and every breath feels like flames licking my insides. I take to my knees and hands, trying to cough the fire away, and with every attempt, a little more air went in. I take deeper breaths, cough harder and then i feel it, it’s like the fire is helping to melt the dust in my lungs away. I open my mouth and I vomit. Grey hot mucus splashes on my hands before the rain rinse it away and I am breathing again, really breathing, deep clean breaths to the bottom of my lungs. No fire, no pain, no deprivation of oxygen.I look up at my mother, even thou the rain is pouring down her face I can se she is crying, but it’s the tears that follow the feeling you have when you think you lost something important to your life only to find it again. The tears of joy and relief. She helps me to my feet and into her arms, and I hear her happy sobs against my hair. We are spinning and dancing again and is soon joined by several others from the cave. Children jump in the puddles, men and women hug and kisses eachother. They gather water in pots to bring in to the cave in case the rain disappears again.I lay back and close my eyes, the smell and the drumming of the rain outside the cave lulling me to sleep, and a smile forms on my face.I’m almost there, in the land of green grass, animals and rivers that have no end when my eyes flung open to a cold wind licking my face, leaving the taste of wet gravel on my tongue. I see shadows moving on the cave wall, to fast to be human and then the screams begin.Voices filled with panic, men, women and children trying to get away from the shadows hunting them down. Wet noises from tearing of flesh and the gurgling sound of blood filled throats.My mother runs to my side and takes to her knees in front of me.“Listen to me child! He won’t see you, but he can feel you. You need to stay still and wait, dont let him catch you. Survive! Do you hear me? Promise me you survive! It’s all on you now. Find the wolf and get your own. It’s the only way to defeat him”Golden eyes appear behind my mother. She feels him but instead of fighting, screaming or try to escape, she has her eyes locked with mine and slowly tilts her head to the side, baring her neck. The golden eyes come closer and I can see the face they belong to. A male with the most beautiful features I have ever seen, his brown hair was short, didn’t even touch his shoulders, pale skin but not sickly, he had a strong jawline, full red lips and his cheekbones were high but the flesh cover them was healthy from never knowing hunger. His gold eyes framed by heavy dark lashes under a pair of thick brows.I want to slap my mother out of it, make her run, but I am frozen, my back hard against the stonewall behind me. I am mesmerized by the beauty in front of me. Did we angered the heavens again? Did the heaven sent this beauty to punish us?Everything happened like in slow-motion, the beautiful face close to my mother’s neck, full lips parted and sharp long teeth sinking into my mother’s flesh.Sucking, swallowing, sucking and swallowing, the sound reminded me of the water i drank from the bota bag as a child. My mother’s glow fades, a single tear roll down her cheek, and I close my eyes.The next time my eyes opened, the fire in the cave was long gone, the sun streamed through the cave opening, proud of chasing the rain away. I closed my eyes again, hoping my mother would soon wake up to build the fire, I was never any good at it. I try to listen for sounds in the cave but was greeted with dead silence. No women cooing their crying babies, none of the men ruffling around before going out to work. The only sounds were my own. Then the smell hit me. The smell of blood, intestines and dead bodies. The memories struck me like lightning. I could hardly breathe, i needed to get out. Trying to find the strength, I start on my hands and knees in the opening’s direction. _________ Author Note: Thank you for reading! This is my first book and and English is not my native language so please leave a kind comment to point out mistakes. Make sure to like the chapter if you enjoyed it!

Chapter 2 - Odd Feelings

The sun was shining through the windows, hitting me right in the face. I didn’t open my eyes. Instead, I just let the sun warm me, trying to shake the shivery feeling from the dream i just had. I need to call my mom, need to hear her voice, her annoying but lively chatter about what happened in the past week. I reach for my nightstand and find my phone, pressing the home button, “Call mom,” I say and soon I hear the soothing voice on the other side.“ Morning sweetie! You’re up early today!”I can feel the lump in my throat and try to swallow it down.“ Hun, is everything ok?” my mother asks when I say nothing.I take a deep, kind of shaky breath and answer her.“ Yeah mom, im fine, just needed to hear your voice”“ Bad dreams again?” she wondered“ Kind of, it was a weird one, made no sense,” I say, finally open my eyes and start shoveling out of my bed.“Dreams seldom do at first. Do you want to tell me about it?” she asks.Do I?


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