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Sweet Ecstasy

Sweet Ecstasy

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#Daily Updates Warning! this book is rated 18+ with a score of 5 out of 5 on a spicy scale (NSFW) This book contains numerous engaging stories sure to leave an impression, pulling you into a world of lust red hot romance! It holds a compilation of unique erotic archives with an incredible, thoroughly edited, with a writing style tailored to experience through the eyes of the main characters. Warning#2 Starting a chapter might cause slickness or wetness. After each chapter you might feel tingling, hot and electrifying sensation. Proceed with caution. Welcome to 1000 Ways to Ecstasy. Copyright @scotfree

Chapter 1 My Hot Neighbor 1

I stared out the window, into the neighbor's yard after the school bus came to pick up my kids, hoping to catch a glimpse of Nicolette going out for her morning jog. She was already fifteen minutes late from her usual schedule.

I became quite disappointed when she didn’t come out after a while. When I was just about to look away and carry on with my day, Nicolette came out her front door in haste with a bunch of keys dangling in her hands.

Today she is clad in pastel purple yoga pants and a matching spat sports bra that hugged her ample figure firmly. Her brunette hair was up in a tight bun with the front edges flaying from the slightest breeze. Even in exercising hours, she’s never failed to look gorgeous.

I observed her keenly as she fiddled with them until she found the right one and locked her door. Just then, she shot a look in my direction and smiled warmly accompanied by a little wave. I waved back before she went on her way.

Her ass wriggled with a tantalizing bounce as she jogged off at a slow pace. I quickly reached into the already open cupboard above my head and grabbed the eight inch dildo in it. I steadied myself on the counter and parted my legs wide open, displaying my soaking wet pussy directly in front of the open window.

Buzz buzz …

The sound of the vibrator I stuffed in it fifteen minutes ago became more apparent. The fucking little tease came out late today so I had to use it to keep my aching kitty steady.

I took the vibrator out and slipped my fingers in. My pussy was already so hot that my fingers came out slick and warm to the touch.

“Fuck~” I groaned, horny as heck.

I slapped my clit with the dildo and teased it with small circles before pressing its tip against my slender pink lips, slowly sliding it in, all while being focused on Nicolette's huge ass in the distance. The recoil from every step she took was so arousing, I couldn't keep my eyes off it.

“Mhmm,” I slowly worked it in and out of my wet hole, biting my lips as a sweet sensation gradually grew.

Nicolette was now out of view but I've seen enough to keep me going through this session.

I fully relaxed on the counter, feeding the silicone dick into pussy at a steady pace as Nicolette's perfect figure replayed in my mind.

The way her E-cup breasts fit snuggly in her sport, with the exposed top sweaty and glistening under the sun was too damn sexy.

My other hand went underneath my dress found my boobs and I squeezed on my rock hard nipples, letting out hot puffy breaths from the electrifying sensation.

I worked the dildo strokes even faster.

And that ass… fuck! I've never seen a more beautiful ass in my entire life. Her slender waist gave her luscious booty the shape of a succulent peach just waiting to be fucked.

I craved to hug her naked and explore that voluptuous body.

I want that ass clapping against my pussy while I fuck myself!

"Fuck…! Oh, God!" I moaned and threw my head back savoring the rising feeling whilst angling the dildo deeper and faster with each thrust.

I wanted this experience to last but the thought of that her sexy naked body was just too stimulating for my needy pussy.

A small pool of my slick pussy juice formed at the base of my cunt as I fucked myself harder. I abandoned my erect breasts and rubbed my clits with two fingers, edging toward an orgasm.

"Oh yes, shake that ass for me you slut!" I moaned, imagining Nicolette doing a private strip tease for me.

"Mmm, ohhh… yeah!~" I couldn't control myself as I massaged my clit even faster, my hips slightly raised up from the building sensation.

I've nearly burned the next three minutes before electrifying pleasure shot at every angle at my body. My back arched in ecstasy as my pussy clenched and pulsed against the dildo.

The dildo popped out with a wet sound when I removed it from my kitty before proceeding to lick my cum off the red tip. It tasted salty but sweet at the same time.

"I am able to cum again today," I thought aloud, plugging up my pussy with the dildo again but didn't bother thrusting.

After my orgasm finally wore out, I causally came down from the counter and cleaned the mess up. After that, I closed the window and headed upstairs for a shower where I had another orgasm, thinking about Nicolette.

Why am I obsessed with Nicolette? To be honest, I have no idea.

Nicolette is my new neighbor that just moved in next door two weeks ago.

She politely came to my yard to announce herself the day that she moved in but on that day I replied to none of her statements to me as I was already engrossed with her figure.

With a fat ass and boobs coupled with a slender figure, she looked like someone who does pilates at least five times per week.

While she tried to communicate, I was subtly rubbing my thighs together as my panties became soaking wet.

It was only till she turned to leave when the situation became too awkward to bear that I snapped out of the trance.

My arousal that day came as a huge shock. The last time I had sex was about a year ago after my husband died. Since then with the full time job of taking care of our two kids solely, I've never had the urge to have sex until now.

I've been approached by multiple handsome men throughout that time but now of them managed to pique my interest, until now with this lady I know nothing of. It was a quite confusing thing to realize because I know I'm straight.

There's no problem with being gay but a hard throbbing cock fucking me senseless is my preference.

I've never been attracted to the same sex or thought of them in a lewd way before, but with Nicolette, I find myself thinking about her day and night.

Since that encounter, I've found myself watching her leave for her jog every morning just to see the outline of her body in tight clothing.

Eventually, I gave in to my needs and started fucking myself to the thought of her. It's become routine.

Suddenly, I started getting excited for the mornings I usually dread getting two tasking kids as it became the time for ultimate pleasure.

I'm afraid with me watching her from the window every day after our first encounter, she'll probably misunderstand me as a problematic neighbor.

I registered in my mind to visit her with some freshly baked cookies and clear the situation soon.

I can't wait for tomorrow morning.


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