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Once Upon a Time There Was an Alpha

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Lora L
  • Chapters: 67
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 196
  • 7.5
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To bring a touch of fairy tale to the humdrum of everyday life? No, thank you. Evelyn had tried it once before, and paid for it with her nerves and tears. But then, many years later, a kind fairy godmother appeared in her life and persuaded her to try again. One single ball, what better chance to say goodbye to childhood fears? Or to plunge headlong into new ones.


The girl bit her lips tightly, trying to keep her mouth shut as she was told. But she couldn't help the tears. She was hurt and scared. And cold, too. For some reason, her jacket was no longer warm at all. And her fingers stung as if she'd been playing in the snow for a long time and had soaked her mittens.

Grimacing as if there was something unpleasant in front of him, the man squeezed her chin once more, gazing into her eyes, and then simply shoved her aside with such force that she nearly fell to the pavement.

- Why did you bring your freak here?! - he shouted.

Evelyn lunged toward her mother. But she didn't think to defend her. Or argue that her daughter wasn't a degenerate. She just stood there and didn't even clench her palm when the girl clung to her mother's hand with stiff fingers.

- But... I saw it... Look again!

The man, Evelyn couldn't call him grandfather, growled. His evil eyes turned yellow, and his fangs grew even larger. Wiping away the tears running down her cheeks, the girl tugged at her mother's sleeve, trying to get her away from these terrible werewolves, whom she had thought were a fairy tale last night. And she was very, very sorry that she had believed the stories about them and let herself be brought to this bad Auda City. Her mother had always deceived her! Every time she promised to stay for good, and then she left again on her stupid business trip. And Daddy felt so bad about it! Evelyn hugged him around the neck and pitied him, drew beautiful pictures for him, but for some reason the sadness in his eyes only grew.

The girl cried even harder. What if that evil man doesn't let them out? And she would never, ever see her daddy again?

- It's a useless litter! - The wolf's fangs snapped. - How many times have I told you to stay out of the Pack?! Don't you get it?! Hey!

The man waved his hand and the men who had been standing behind them, preventing them from reaching the car, pounced on them and pulled them apart. Evelyn struggled and screamed, but the rough slap bit her tongue and her mouth filled with blood.

- The girl," the man squinted, groping her with his gaze, "don't touch her. You can use this b*tch.

Around them, attracted by the noise, others stopped. And no one wanted to help! Mom's coat was ripped off. Her skirt was torn, amid her screams and the laughter of the onlookers around them. Evelyn felt nauseous. And her legs were suddenly weak, like two overcooked macaroni. Something nasty was going to be done to Mommy. Right here, on the dusty road of the village, in front of everyone!

- No! No! Please! - she screamed. - Grandpa, please! We'll go away! Let go!

Looking at the man pleadingly, Evelyn babbled promises to never, ever come to Auda City again. She was confused, stammering, but she kept her childish vows. If only they would let her mother go. The evil werewolf frowned.

- Stop squealing.

But Evelyn wouldn't stop. She just couldn't stop! She pressed her icy hands to her chest, choked on her tears, and said, said, said...

- Ah, let go! I'm sick of her whining! - The werewolf grimaced.

There were murmurs of displeasure as her mother was pushed to the pavement. Evelyn immediately rushed to her. Two steps away, her legs gave out, and she crawled forward. Toward her moaning and trembling mother. With shaking hands, she pulled off her jacket, trying to cover the bare shoulder tattooed with a small hummingbird.

- I don't want your spirit here! - growled the man. Evelyn nodded frantically. So much so that the hair from her disheveled ponytail stuck to her cheeks. Not at all! There was no way she would ever come back here again. She wanted to go back to her daddy. Her favorite, strong daddy, who was definitely not a werewolf and had never hurt her. He'd always protected and loved her, and let her mom go back to her business trip! Evelyn wouldn't go out with her, and she wouldn't listen to her anymore either!

The woman rose to her feet and staggered toward the car. Evelyn struggled to find the strength to follow. Her mother's coat remained lying on the road.

The door of my mom's blue car slammed shut only the second time. The houses outside the windows jerked and rolled backward. With trembling fingers, her mother pulled a cigarette out of the pack, and the cabin was filled with acrid smoke. But Evelyn didn't think to open the window. She was still very cold and scared.

- What's up, baby? How do you like werewolf stories? - A chuckle flickered in the husky voice.

With a flushed face and disheveled blond hair, her mother now looked as frightening as the man. The girl hugged her shaking shoulders and turned away from the window. Her jacket was left on the road, too.

- I was a fool, of course," the woman inhaled noisily and suddenly swore. And Evelyn wanted to cover her ears. Daddy said those were bad words.

- I was imagining things.

Her mother muttered something else, but Evelyn couldn't hear.

- And not a word to your father," the mother spoke again, "Unless you want to end up in the asylum.

Part 1

Part 1 Chapter 1

The rain whipped through the windows with elastic jets, and she sat in the cafe and waited for half an hour for Isabella, who was always and everywhere late. There was no anger. First of all, she got used to it, and secondly... It was good here. Soft, striped sofas, smells of baked goods and working air conditioning. Sit in warmth and comfort, and admire the views of rain-drenched Hauntly Lane.

- I'm sorry, please...

A quiet voice pulled me out of my thoughts about nothing. There was a little girl standing next to her. Just a little girl. About five years old. A real doll, and I wanted to rub her thick, flaxen hair.

- Can I sit here too? Please," and in her clear eyes, this "please" shines in blue neon letters.

- Olivia! There you are! - A young, well-groomed woman ran up to them, - Oh, I'm sorry. This is her favorite spot! I wasn't watching.

And smiled guiltily. Sincerely and kindly. Evelyn responded, and a sharp needle ran lightly through her heart. S


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