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Obsessed With My Alpha Mate

Obsessed With My Alpha Mate

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On the evening of Princess Elena’s 18th birthday, her pack, Crystal Blood pack, was attacked by their rivals, Mystic Shadow pack due to the fact that Alpha Jackson went against the agreement that he made with Alpha Carlos[Mystic Shadow pack] concerning the territorial boundaries. The members in Crystal Blood pack were getting much in numbers, so the alpha made an offer to buy a little bit of land from Alpha Carlos’s territory but he gave a condition that both packs would agree to merge as one which could only be possible if Elena chose to marry Carlos’s son. Alpha Jackson blatantly refused because he wanted the best for his daughter and a ruthless person like Carlos could never be his in-law, so he decided to report the case to the Lycan king after agreeing to it with Carlos. When Carlos got to find out that Jackson had manipulated the king into believing that he was the bad one, he was furious and decided to wipe out every member of the pack and eventually collect their land. The princess happened to survive, she tried to escape but she was caught by the guards and taken in as a slave to Mystic Shadow pack, there she was beaten up badly because Carlos vowed to make her life miserable for her father daring to go against him. She found out that her mate was Nolan, the future alpha of the pack, she instantly despised him and the goddess for giving a mate that was from the pack who removed every form of happiness from her life. Nolan ordered the guards to stop hitting her and insisted that it was better to lock her up, he got into an argument with his father and twin sister since he could not bear to see his mate in so much pain meanwhile Elena had intentions of rejecting him once they got to meet again, they both saw themselves as incompatible. Little did they know that the goddess matched them together, so that it would bring peace between both packs, Elena had one thing in her mind which was revenge, the only thing that was stopping that from happening was the fact that she was weak despite the alpha blood in her. Her father never took time to train her; instead he treated her like an egg because he felt that he would always be around to protect her which was the biggest mistake that he made before his death. When Elena tried to reject him, she felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen, she checked to see a small mark or tattoo of a broken heart, the same thing was on Nolan. The goddess put it there so that if they ever tried to reject each other, they would get injured badly. The truth was that Elena was the only person who could cure Nolan’s curse which was placed on him by a dying witch due to the sins of his father, the poor boy was bound to turn into a vicious monster whenever he shifted into his wolf form, several death has been recorded and it all led to him, he would sleep walk at night and then, go on a murder spree. When he would wake up in the morning, he would have no idea as if his memories were wiped. They tried several ways to make it stop, to the extent that they had to seal his wolf and inject wolfsbane into his system because locking him in a room did not even stop him from going wild, he always managed to escape. Later on, he managed to control it and his wolf was released, he would only act like a beast if he was angered, it was the major reason why most of the pack members avoided such a situation from happening. His wolf loved Elena despite her weakness and anytime that Nolan tried to be nonchalant when she would be abused by his sister and other pack members, his wolf would get annoyed and try to be out of control, Nolan would be forced to save Elena for the sake of his sanity. He constantly switched between caring too much or not caring at all, his knight in shining armor actions would sometimes irk Elena because she had not gotten over the fact that her mate was the son of a murderer but his acts worked like slow poison into her heart to fall for him. She still could not fight back because they kept putting wolfsbane in her food since the last time that they injected her with it and Nolan caught them, it was meant to make her weak, so that she would never be able to shift. Despite the little love-hate relationship that happened between them, they started falling for each other. Elena was like the only drug who made him calm while he made her forget her horrible past. The mate bond between them remained a secret until Nyla started getting suspicious of their recent closeness to the point that she found out that they were mates, she instantly informed her father about it and they joined forces together to seperate them. Nolan was bewitched and he started maltreating Elena who was completely confused with his recent behavior, he would sometimes sexually assault her, lock her up in the silver jail if he went against any of his orders, even if his wolf could not save the situation but she did not give up easily, she wanted to know the reason why he was acting this way, she endured for long in the name of love as he was the only person who treated her differently in the pack house, she never forgot the vow that she made about someday, killing Alpha Carlos and his pack but she had plans of exempting Nolan from the list. His behavior kept getting worse by the day to the point where she was also emotionally triggered by him and it was the last bus stop when he attempted killing her out of rage due to one of his muder at night episodes. His father made a witch to mind control his wolf to think that Elena was an enemy that had to be killed. She did not understand what was going on at first since she had no idea about his past murder record[if she did, she would not have caught feelings for him out of fear], he brought her to the woods in his right state of mind before turning into a monster. Terrified, she ran for her dear life and kept screaming his name to stop but the witch’s power was way stronger, he caught up with her in no time and injured her badly, a hunter saw the incident happened and assumed that it was a wolf trying to hurt a human, so he shot Nolan with a silver bullet, unfortunately, Nolan had protection against it, he immediately went after his new prey which was the hunter for daring to kill him. Elena took that as a cue to escape even in her injured state, she was bleeding profusely but was also healing fast because of the alpha blood in her. She was too weak to shift but she managed to go very far from Mystic Shadow pack into the thick forest before she passed out. Nolan searched for a while and when he could not find her, he returned back to his pack and fell asleep, his father and sister was happy that Elena was finally out of their lives and she would never dare to return because of hatred and fear for Nolan The spell was finally removed from his eyes and he could not even remember what he did to Elena throughout the whole time, he kept questioning his father and sister but they never gave him answers until they lied that Elena had committed suicide and chosen to join her parents, they showed him a fake grave and he mourned greatly. Meanwhile, a rogue named Aaron found Elena in the forest and took her in, due to her past trauma that was inflicted by Mystic Shadow pack especially by her mate, she became scared of Aaron, it took a lot of convincing from his side that he was not going to hurt her and to be honest, his intentions were pure, it kicked against the stereotype that all rogues were bad wolves. For days, she could not utter a word, she had no appetite, she kept to herself. She had several nightmares of her parents dying and her mate almost trying to kill her, he was no longer her mate, he was a beast to her! She saw their love as nothing but a facade. Aaron was patient with her until she decided to inform him a little about her past, he sympathized with her and decided to train her to be much stronger. With his help, she was finally able to shift after the wolfsbane was removed from her blood, she trained every day and night with the sole aim of eliminating Mystic Shadow pack, this time, she was going to start with Nolan Carlos before dealing with his father. When she was finally stronger and heartless, after one year of training, she could even defeat her master, Aaron in their training fight, she found numerous rogues and became the Rogue Queen, she personally trained them for the war against Mystic Shadow pack, she genuinely promised them shelter and safety if they won. She planned to give Alpha a taste of his own medicine; they were going to attack at midnight. The day finally came and they struck, chaos burst out and many guards were killed until it remained the alpha family, Nyla was tortured by Elena, it gave her joy to see Nyla in such pain as the memories came rushing while Nolan was in utter shock because they had lied to him that Elena was dead. When he tried speaking to Elena, she instantly shunned him and in tears, reminded him of what he did that night. He still could not remember anything but he apologized but Elena’s heart of stone did not listen to him despite her wolf, Ariel screaming at her to give him another chance. Alpha Carlos still refused to speak up in shame that the daughter of the man that he had killed a year ago was going to do the same to him. Nyla chose to confess when the pain was beginning to get unbearable, she exposed her father and the witch, leaving Elena in a state of disbelief at first until the witch confirmed the confession and then died. Out of rage and pain, Elena drove the sword into the heart of Alpha Carlos and chopped off the head of Nyla. Nolan was least affected by her actions because he loathed his family for taking away with his happiness, if only those two had chosen to be like his mother, they would have survived. Elena fell to the ground crying because she had finally had vengeance for her father but she was unsure if her mate was going to forgive her for killing his family, she handed him the sword to murder her. She had already fulfilled her purpose on Earth and her parents would be proud when she joins them in Heaven but he refused to do it. Resolution/End; Several apologies and explanations were thrown in the air after both wolves urged to forgive and forget, it was just the two of them now, they could start afresh and build a family, they made up with each other and his curse was broken. The pack was renamed Mystic Blood pack and it became one of the strongest in the werewolf world but unlike before, they were known for good and not for evil. They were respected and not feared, their son later became the Lycan king and they lived happily ever after.

Chapter 1


‘’There she is! Catch her! Do not let her escape!’’

I took to my heels, the moment that I heard Alpha Carlos command to his guards, the downpour of the rain did not stop me at all because I knew that my life was in danger, I tried to ignore my broken heart that thumped hard against my chest but the images kept flashing through my head.

I could not believe that they were gone for good, it felt like a nightmare and I would be forever grateful to the goddess, if I could wake up from this horrible reality of mine, it was not easy for me to see my pack members lying in the pool of their blood, so many heads were rolling on the ground, it was indeed horrifying.

It was a miracle that I survived the war but I was far from happy because my parents were no longer on this Earth. It would have been better if the goddess had taken me along with them, at least I would have peace in the family reunion instead of leaving me in this cold, wicked world to suffer.

‘’Bring her back to me, dead or alive.’’ His words echoed again in my head and I had to shake it off as I ran.

I kept turning back at intervals to make sure that they were still far away from me until I slipped and injured myself, ‘’Ouch!’’

I did not have to panic much since the alpha blood in me helped me heal faster but then, I was in much more trouble, the men successfully got to me, I struggled to free myself from their grip but I was no match for their strength.

The last thing that I saw before they covered my nose with a handkerchief causing me to black out was one of the warriors smirking.


I inhaled suddenly with my mouth open when water was splashed on my body, my legs and hands were tied and from the looks of it, I was in Mystic Shadow pack, the one place that I have always dreaded, right from childhood.

Half of the pack members gathered in the palace to watch me humiliated by the man who murdered my parents, ‘’She’s finally conscious.’’

I shot him a deadly glare through my teary eyes, he was the one who took away all my happiness, I had no home, no pack members or parents.

My life literally went from grace to grass in about an hour, the goddess had surely turned her back on me because she allowed bad things to happen to good people.

‘’Elena, the daughter of Alpha Jackson or should I say, the late betrayer.’’ he added as he stepped down from his throne to meet me who was seated on the ground.

To be honest, I was super scared but I was not going to let them see it, after all, I was once an alpha’s daughter, I would have to make my parents proud, so they would be able to smile from Heaven.

‘’Would you like to see your parents again?’’ he questioned me but I refused to answer him.

Little did I know that my action was going to spite him into doing the worst thing ever, his coffee brown eyes changed into green and a frown was evident on his despicable face, I watched as his claws grew out of his fingers and I gulped down my saliva as I prepared myself for what he was about to do to me, I was so foolish to have forgotten that this man had no patience at all which was the major reason why other packs feared him and kept their distance.

They were literally the black sheep of the werewolf world, most of the rogues running around came from this pack and even, their omegas were rumoured to be very mean due to their suffering.

‘’You, little brat! I do not like being ignored!’’ he yelled at me before scratching my face with his claws.

I instantly winced in pains as blood dripped from my cheekbones to my neck while tears streamed down my face, none of this would be happening if they were still here with me, they made sure to protect me always, ‘’If you are not careful, you will join your parents in hell where they are currently burning!’’

‘’Bring their heads, so that their pathetic daughter would see them one more time!’’ he ordered one of the guards and he did not hesitate to listen to the alpha’s command.

My heart shattered into tiny pieces as I saw the lifeless heads of my parents in a transparent jar, my throat was burning and I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs about how I hated Alpha Carlos so much, he was so cruel to have done this to them.

‘’Anytime I take a look at them, it brings a smile to my face. In their next life, they would not try to play with me like that again. There is a reason why other packs are scared of me, what were your parents thinking? That could be the hero?! It was a peaceful agreement at the beginning but what did your father do?! He thought it would be wise to report me to the Lycan king, such a foolish man!’’ he announced.

They did not deserve this at all, war was not a reasonable option, what was I even saying?

My pack was attacked, they were not armed at all! One minute, we were dining happily and the next, arrows and swords were flying in the air with blood spilling.

‘’You managed to survive, there must be a reason why the goddess chose to spare your life… for me to make you carry the cross that your parents abandoned…’’ he paused for about a minute, then he turned back with a creepy smile.

‘’Alpha Jackson, you are going to watch as I make life miserable for your little princess. The girl that you have guarded all this while from the rest of the packs, from princess to a slave…such a sad story.’’ the tone of mockery in his voice irked.

If only I could fight back but if my parents could not, what gives me the silly idea that I would be able to?

He was still ranting about his evil plans for me when a sweet scent wafted up my nostrils and I got distracted immediately as I needed to know where it was coming from.


I ignored the voice in my head because there was no way that the guy whom the goddess had chosen for me would be from this pack.

That would be a curse which I would reject without thinking twice.

Chapter 2


The aura that he came in with left me too stunned to speak, my eyes were fixed on him and he knew, my breath instantly hitched as our eyes met for the very first time, his piercing hazel eyes intimidated me badly as if he could see through my soul.

Nolan Carlos had a chiselled jawline which defined his square head to look hot alongside his pointed chin with a straight nose sitting perfectly, his lips….

Dear goddess, in as much as I hated this pack, I could not deny that Nolan was the ideal definition of perfection, I had not even complimented his body yet, he had muscular arms accompanied with broad shoulders, his height would make any girl fumble and I hoped that I would be among those victims since I was 5’2 and he was 6’1.

His scent made me so intoxicated that I had completely forgotten that he was the son of the man who wiped out my entire pack from the surface of the Earth.

‘’He looks like a sex god, Lena. Imagi


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