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Not Your Fated Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Aurora
  • Chapters: 80
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 10.3K
  • 6.8
  • 💬 7


I want a divorce because now I have found my fated mate. My husband, Gray, pushed me away, it seemed that I was slapped by fate. Who told me to go against the idea of the werewolf mate and marry someone who is not my fated mate? My life fell into darkness when my husband took his fated mate back to our Pack. Something much worse had happened, I was poisoned by my dearest husband and his f*ck*ng fated mate. When I was thrown out of the Pack like a dog, I was thinking if I could ever rebirth I vow to snap their necks!


Angie’s POV

"I want a divorce because now I have found my fated mate..."

Those words rang in my ears, and Gray's way of holding the b*tch's hands close while giving a warm kiss on her lips, all recorded in my mind.

One thing was certain, he wanted to announce in public that I was no longer his Luna.

Everyone was talking about me with disgust, and I can't respond because everything was coming from the man I loved, Gray.

A group of women was sneering at me.

Gray embarrassed me as a Luna in the Black Wooden Pack. He even ignored the arrival of guests from the other packs.

Why did he have to do this? He not only destroyed me but also destroyed the pack we've been making for the past three years!

"Stupid girl, get something appropriate in the end!"

"Isn't it true that she should have separated from Grey long ago? She has no shame, she is still forcing will even though they are not true Mates!"

The whispers and sentences they throw are piercing to my soul. I couldn't think of anything right now and my body was stiffening.

At the moment when everyone clapped hands to welcome the arrival woman named Jenny Aether Perez, I preferred to remain silent in the crowd while looking at my husband, who was smiling at the b*tch.

'You see, Angie! I've been warning you since the day you turned 18 years old! You still want him to be your mate! No one can go against fate!'

Giga, my wolf, tried to wake me up. But, like a statue, I was still staring in their direction.

Someone bumped into my shoulder and make me woke up from my extremely sadness.

I looked where Gray and Jenny had been standing and saw that they were no longer there.

‘They leave. I advise you not to chase them!'

“Stop talking, Giga! I know what I'm going to do!”

I didn't want to listen to my wolf, and took a quick step through the crowd of people.

I wanted to rush over and question Gray, why did he treat me like this?

However, I'm not sure why, since Jenny's arrival earlier, Beta Hudson has been staring at me from the front door page back, as if I'm the dangerous Luna. I'm deeply offended!


Gray and Jennie came to a halt and turned to face me. Gray had completely lost empathy, he was like a vile and cruel wolf without feelings.

"Angie, my Luna! It appears that you have arrived. I want to find you and say something to you..."

The voice that was enthusiastic and direct began to weaken as if it wanted to express a painful honest heart.

"What would you like to say? Is it about her? You have broken our agreement with the Moon Goddess! Why did you take her here?! Gray, I'm the only Luna of this Pack!" I shouted.

Jenny looked at me with a despicable stare, as if she was proud that she had found her fated Mate.

Gray looked in Jenny's direction, then released Jenny's arms, and he moved in closer to me.

“Angie, please, I just can not ignore my deepest desire. You can't imagine how good it feels to be with the fated mate! It’s an irresistible attraction...for any werewolf,”

“Gray, you once promised me!”

I slapped Gray's face, and I noticed someone's medium gray eyes were staring in the direction behind me.?

When I turned around to see if Beta Hudson was approaching, it appeared that Gray is asking him to back off.

"You have to understand, Angie. In any case, she's my Fated Mate. You know that I was the Alpha of Blood Catcher Pack. Even when we built a Black Wooden Pack, you can see how this Pack advanced and became the strongest Pack. I think I can have more than one Luna," Gray replied, his face relaxed but still smiling.

'Stop, Angie, and take the course. You will not be appreciated by them when Jenny arrives and marries Gray! You're on the right track in your look for your true love!'

I didn't care what Giga said, I still wanted to keep our relationship going after so many years.?

I remember how we used to be the most compatible couple in town, and even people who dismiss me as insignificant are gradually admitting my existence as Luna of Gray.

Of course, now it was all over. Gray, as if he had forgotten all his words.?

"I'm sorry, Luna Angie. But... I couldn't reject Alpha Gray, who is, of course, my fated Mate. I'm not sure what's going on either. However, when Alpha Gray explained my situation and his, I was relieved because now I have him to be my guardian angel," Jenny said quietly and without guilt.

"Your guardian angel? Don't you realize that he already has me as his Luna? And now, after you knew everything, you still want to be with him? Jenny, you're cruel!"

Gray put his arm around me and tried to calm me down when he noticed I was getting grumpy. But blew his hands away from my shoulder.?

I was furious and despised him. There was nothing I want more than for him to reject Jenny and honor the agreement we made with the Moon Goddess.

"Don't touch me, Gray! I—."

I was at a loss for words, so I reversed my body and leave both of them.?

Hold on to my tears, I didn't want to be laughed at any longer.


I awoke when I heard a knock on the door.?

It was already dark, I turned to look next to my bed and saw no Gray figure. He usually gave me a friendly hug.

'Who will be there?'

'It's Jenny? I have a bad feeling!'

I ignored what Giga ordered once more. I got out of bed and opened the door.

Jenny was standing in front of my room, and she was wearing a bright red dress.

"Can we talk for a minute, Luna Angie? I want to say something to you, come on over to the garden behind," she said friendly.

I don't feel bad because she is the only person who can understand my marriage. I nodded and closed the door and walked in front of it more often.

"Where's Gray?" I asked as we walked.

"Alpha Gray is in the middle of the room with Beta Hudson."

I nodded slowly.

We arrived at the back courtyard not long after. Jenny was standing in front of me, her eyes sparkled as if she was happy.

"What would you like to say?" I inquired politely.

"Well, I—."

"Excuse me, Luna Angie, and Jenny. I've brought you two special drinks and desserts from Alpha Gray."

Our conversation was cut short due to Joy's presence, he is the omega in our pack.

"Thank you, dear," Jenny said. She took two glasses and handed one of them to me.

Who knew what Gray had in store for us.

"Let's toast," Jenny suggested.

I gave her a cynical smile and then our glasses collided.?

I finished the drink in an instant. However, all of a sudden...

My throat was warm and stuffy. I dropped the glass to the ground and held my neck while withholding sore.

"H-help me!"

My body was so stiff that I fell to the ground.?

It appeared that I was bound by a large wire. My breathing was becoming difficult, and my vision was becoming blurry.?

One thing I remember was the words Angie whispered in my ear.

"Adieu, Luna Angie."


Angie’s POV

It was more like the murmur of a demon.

I could still feel my limbs, but my body was shaking badly on the ground.?

‘I haven't died yet?’?I asked my wolf.?

“Angie, you are weak now,”

I didn't know what happened, but the night breeze made me want to close my eyes tightly.

"Let's go!"

When I heard Gray's voice, I slowly and quietly let out my own.

"G-G-Gray... Are you there?"

Their steps, which sounded a little far away, stopped all of a sudden.

“What the hell? Is she still alive?"

I recognized that sound! It was Gray's mate! I even could not remember her name.

"Gray, I'm cold... ta-take m-me b-back..." my voice was trembling.

Even though that stupid woman poisoned me, I could still use some of my strength.?

Still, I felt like my body was hot and it was hard for me to move.

"It's impossible. I gave a lot of poison in the wine! She can't be alive! How can this woman be so powerful?"


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