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My Rude Boss Is An Alpha

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Raiden Flynn is the most handsome man on earth. He's sinfully handsome, like a devil. His green eyes swallow my soul and the sound of his voice take me to another dimension. He's every woman's dream. But I hate him with everything in me. He's annoying, obnoxious and impossible to deal with. He's arrogant, rude and unbearable. But, he's my Boss at work. However, everything changed when I found out he's a werewolf. Including my feelings for him. Who am I? I'm Brielle O'Connor, Assistant Manager at T&K Corp and Raiden Flynn's worst nightmare.

Part 1 : I think I Hate My Co-worker Raiden Flynn

I'll tell you two secrets and you must promise not to ever tell them. One, there's a guy in my office I hate with everything in me cause he's just so unbearable and hard to work with. He's the only reason I hate showing up to work every week day because he's a narcissist, egocentric and the very impersonation of annoying.

He's the worst co-worker anyone would want to have. He looks down on people, he thinks he's better than everyone and he's condescending. His name is Raiden Flynn.

The second secret which you must promise to never tell is this: I think I'm in love with Raiden Flynn because he's handsome as the devil. He's built like a Greek god, he has an aura like an angel and his voice takes me to another dimension. I don't think there's a more handsome man in the world, honestly.

You would believe me if you saw him. His black hair is soft as silk, I never touched it but I can tell just by looking. His gray eyes bore holes into my soul every time I looked at him, and his cologne? Don't even get me started on his cologne! He smells like heaven! Or. . .at least I think that's what he smells like.

You're probably wondering, do I hate Raiden Flynn or not? I'll tell you.

I hate my co-worker Raiden Flynn because he's so sinfully attractive that it disgusts me. Isn't it a crime to look so good without trying? He's annoying and I dislike him so much that I actually think I kind of like him.

You're confused aren't you? Well, you can imagine how much more confused I am.

Who am I, you ask?

Well, my name's Brielle O’Connor. I'm twenty-eight, I'm a brunette with dark eyes and a funny personality and blah blah. We're not here to talk about me, we're here to talk about the man named Raiden Flynn. A man who's just as unbearable as he's attractive, who I can't quite figure out what goes on in his head.

But that's by the way. If you're already hooked by this man, then you're in for a thrill because things got funny between me and my co-worker, I’ll tell you why. It was the day he was promoted from my co-worker to Manager. The day he officially became my boss. Also the day I hated him the most.

Hold on, I'll start the story from the very beginning.

1 : Meet My Unbearable Co-worker Raiden Flynn

My alarm wouldn't stop ringing and I could swear I've turned it off twice already just this morning. I reached out my hand from under my blanket to smack it off hard to stop the annoying ringing. It stopped for a moment, then it started again and it seemed to be getting louder by the second.

My head was under the pillow because I hated being woken up by the morning sun. I sighed in defeat and opened my eyes, throwing the pillow away from my face.

“Okay, okay, I'm awake,” I muttered in a drowsy voice. I had a splitting headache and my eyes burned behind my eyelids. I groaned and forced myself to sit up by the bed, rubbing my eyes.

My alarm still didn't stop ringing.

“I said I'm awake! Stop ringing already!” I hissed in annoyance and threw an irritated look at my bedside table and then I found out my alarm wasn't ringing.

It was my phone.

With a yawn I grabbed my phone and turned on the screen, then I screamed when I saw the time was 8:15, along wit


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