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My Idol is Alpha

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An ugly young widow named Jelita Laurenza who is lamenting her fate because of her divorce and the negative stigma from her neighbors. Not even a week into her divorce, she was shocked by the news of her ex-husband's engagement to the woman he was having an affair with, who was none other than her own manager. Once upon a time, she met a handsome man named Affandra Austin who turned out to be a famous artist as well as a werewolf who would become Alpha. There was a one night stand between the two of them. How will Jelita and Affandra's relationship continue? Can the ugly Jelita become beautiful?

Ugly Widow

"Jelita!" shouted Livia, Jelita's only sincere friend at work.

Jelita, who had just closed her car door, immediately turned her head when she heard someone call her name. "Hi, Liv." She then stepped closer to her best friend, who was standing in front of the company lobby.

The two of them immediately entered a towering building with a modern design that further demonstrated the robustness of the company called One Link Group. Jelita and Livia are in the same division, namely the marketing division. Jelita has been working for the company for two years.

"Eh, Jelita has come here. By the way, it's already the end of the month, as you know. You don't want to treat us?" Jelita's friends from the same division asked for a treat because Jelita managed to become the employee with the best marketing this month.

"Do not be like that. The bonus is to buy her skin care only. It's a pity her face is so dull," heard laughter and mocking glances at Jelita.

"Stop! Instead of consoling Jelita, you made fun of her, asking for another treat. Shameless!" Livia looked irritated. The other friends laughed even louder. They had absolutely no regrets for having spoken like that. They seemed indifferent to seeing their friend, who had just faced a difficult situation.

"Stop it. Don't make a fuss. Later after payday, I'll treat you to a meal." Actually, Jelita felt hurt because her friends always made fun of her. However, she did not want to argue and chose to remain silent.

The other friends were immediately happy to hear Jelita's answer, while Jelita only smiled wryly at her friends' reactions. She then sat in her chair and started turning on the computer, starting her work activities this morning. Just as the computer monitor was on, suddenly the atmosphere in the marketing division's room was noisy again, causing everyone present to follow the direction of where the sound was coming from.

"Uh, this is an office, not a market. Why are you screaming, anyway? Just disturb the work people," Livia snapped, annoyed with the attitude of her friend, who suddenly shouted while glaring at the cellphone screen that the woman was holding.

"Our manager uploaded a photo on her personal social media and announced that she would soon be engaged," said Hana with an expression that was still surprised.

"Nice. Why are you shouting?" Livia continued, while the others were silent without commenting. They all seem to not care about the life of their manager, who is not very well liked in the office because of her arrogant attitude and how she seems to manage her employees.

"But her future fiancé... Hana swallowed her saliva hesitantly while glancing at Jelita. "Jelita's ex-husband."

All eyes turned to Hana. "What do you mean?" Jelita opened her voice.

Hana approached Jelita and gave her cell phone to her friend. Everyone who was there came closer. They couldn't believe how quickly their friend's ex-husband would have a new partner.

Jelita's eyes reddened, and tears started to dam up in her eyelids. She smiled wryly at the intimate photo of her ex-husband with the woman who was now her manager. She still didn't expect that this man would change her heart so easily. She forget. Even that man had dared to play with her heart when they were still husband and wife.

"Don't tell me that the reason you are divorced is because your husband had an affair with that arrogant manager." Livia asked. She still doesn't know the cause of her best friend's divorce. The problem was that Jelita never told her about her household life.

"Good grief! So you were betrayed?" asked another Jelita colleague.

"So, it was Helena who ruined your marriage relationship?" said another employee.

Jelita's friends were also annoyed, even though they didn't really like Jelita either. However, when they saw the manager, whom they really disliked, snatch Jelita's husband, it made them angry. Jelita just kept quiet and chose to stare back at the computer.

"That's why you, as a woman, should be able to take care of yourself. You have to be able to take care of your face and learn to apply makeup. I just don't want to see you." One of the employees gave a comment to Jelita.

"Hey! Watch what you say!" shouted Livia, who did not accept hearing her friends still mocking her best friend.

"Enough!" Jelita shouted, making the atmosphere become silent. "You guys get back to work!"


This afternoon, Jelita chose to have lunch outside the office. She wanted to calm herself away from the crowd and the various cynical glances of her co-workers. News of the marketing manager's engagement to her ex-husband had already spread through the company. She just stirred the food she ordered. Her appetite suddenly disappeared when she remembered the moment when she caught her ex-husband cheating on her with her own manager at that time. Needless to say, tears were running down her cheeks.

However, the painful memories had not yet disappeared from her mind; now she was shown directly the intimacy of the two people again. At this time, Jelita's ex-husband and her manager had just entered the restaurant with their hands clasped intimately. Jelita immediately wiped her tears. She didn't want to look pathetic in front of her ex-husband.

"Oh, Jelita?" said Helena, the manager of Jelita.

Jelita just returned the greeting with a clumsy smile. She could see Romi (her ex-husband) smiling mockingly at her, while Helena seemed to be showing off her affection on purpose.

"You alone? Can we sit here?" Helena asked deliberately. She really wanted to show her that Jelita was not comparable to her, who had a beautiful face and a successful career. The proof is that the woman's husband can be attracted to her.

"You've been waiting a long time?" asked a man wearing a black mask and hat who suddenly sat in a chair right opposite Jelita.

Jelita was confused by the arrival of a man she didn't know at all. Even the man's appearance looked very strange. She couldn't even see the man's face. The man's appearance was almost exactly like that of a popular idol.

The First Meeting

Jelita wanted to reprimand the man in front of her. However, when she saw the shocked expressions of Helena and Romi, she couldn't help but take advantage of this opportunity. "Ah, you finally came too. You know? I'm tired of waiting for you here," replied Jelita, spoiling the man who was currently sitting in front of her.

Helena looks annoyed when she sees that there are also men who want to be with Jelita, the ugly woman. Likewise with Romi, he couldn't understand it. "Look, honey! They both seem to match. Equally weird. Maybe he's wearing a mask because he's embarrassed to have an ugly face. Just like this ugly woman," said Romi with a mocking smile, seeing Jelita and the mysterious man in front of his ex-wife.

However, Jelita did not pay attention to Romi and Helena's words. Instead, she busied herself tidying up the jacket worn by a man she didn't know. Feeling neglected by Jelita, Helena immediate


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