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My Human Mate (Alpha Anastasios)

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I wanted to walk away when Michael pulled me back angrily, brought his nose closer to my neck and sniffed me. Then he growled angrily, a growl that scared me. “I can perceive the smell of a man on your body. You let another man touch you??” He asked angrily. “No other man has the right to touch you. You're my property, mine and mine alone! You belong to me!” He declared and sealed his declaration with a fiery kiss. ****** Michael Kendrick, is a strong and powerful alpha who fled his Moon Shine pack and concealed his identity after a tragic incident. Things were going well for him in the new country he fled to till he met his Human mate, Anna. Annastatia James, she's his greatest obsession, greatest nightmare and his greatest fear. A young and beautiful woman trying to change the life he's created for himself and it scared him. The two crossed paths when Annastatia James, a professional nurse quit being a nurse after she lost her husband and son in a car accident because she felt guilty of not being able to save them. Then she applied for the post of a personal assistant in the popular Michael Kendrick's company and was granted the position. Michael Kendrick, became Anna's peace and at the same time her greatest terror. The only man who brought so much joy to her heart, and so much pain too. Her happiness and her sorrow, a man she's greatly in love with but unfortunately he doesn't feel the same way for her. But what she didn't know was that Michael was hiding a big secret from her! The fact that he's a powerful and strong WEREWOLF!!! How did Anna react when she found out that the man she's madly in love with is a werewolf?? How did she find out that he's a werewolf?? Did she stop loving him or did she continue after she found out his real identity?? Find out in this beautiful and interesting story. You wouldn't want to miss out on this!!

Chapter 1- The death of a powerful alpha

                ~ANASTASIOS' POV~

          The shrill cry of the owl, woke me up from sleep that morning. The cry of the owl could only mean a thing in the Moon Shine pack.

I was still trying to force myself out of bed when I heard the loud wail of my mother, Luna Sofia.

And then I knew. The gut- wrenching feeling inside of me told me something really bad has happened.

I ran to the sound of mother's cry, and fervently prayed it wasn't what I had in mind.

My father was lying still and lifeless on the bed when I opened the door and my heart sank.

It was actually what I thought as I saw my mother shaking my father vigorously on the bed with tears rushing down her cheeks.

For a few minutes, I froze on the spot. I couldn't move, couldn't speak, with my head spinning around trying not to believe it.

    After a while, I was finally able to move one of my legs, then I moved the other and slowly walked to the bed.

The door opened and my brother and wife rushed into the room. They must have heard the loud wails of my mother.

I got to the bed and confirmed it with my own eyes. My father, the great and powerful alpha of the Moon Shine Pack was lying dead on the bed. He has given up the ghost after being sick for months.

It was a critical illness and we didn't know where it came from or how to treat it. We tried everything possible to save him but nothing was working.

The last solution we had was to invite Witch Phoenix to come and use her powers to heal him but my father stubbornly refused because of the ugly past he had with Witch Phoenix and her fellow witches.

Witch Phoenix, the leader of the Red coven witches used to live in the Moon Shine pack with her members and were protecting the pack with their supernatural powers.

Everything was going fine between the witches and the werewolves until Phoenix got greedy and selfish and wanted to kill the alpha, my father, and take control of the Moon Shine pack.

Somehow, witch Phoenix evil and secret plans got to the ears of my father and he took rapid action and banished the witches from the Moon Shine pack.

It wasn't an easy feat as the witches refused to leave but finally succumbed and left the Moon Shine pack but they left in anger and hatred for the Moon Shine pack.

         When my father fell sick and it was confirmed that Witch Phoenix would be able to cure him, he stubbornly refused to bring witch Phoenix back to the Moon Shine pack or to allow her step her feet on the land even though it would cost him his life. And now, he was lying dead on the bed.

“Father” my brother and wife screamed as they were now standing beside his body on the bed. 

My mom was still crying her eyes out with my wife and brother now crying with her.

I just stared at the pale face of the man I admired and respected a lot, the man I reverend, the great man who was always in control.

Sometimes, I wondered how he does it, how he always manages to remain in control. The neighboring alphas were scared of him.

How can a great and powerful man be dead?

How did the great and mighty fall??

I didn't realize I was crying till I felt the tears on my jaw. I quickly wiped it off and suddenly, anger surged through me. 

I turned and trotted out of the room angrily and walked straight to the only person I would pour my anger on, a person I believe was part of the reason why my father died.

It's his brother, the beta of the Moon Shine pack.

I saw him approaching me. He was heading in the direction of my father's room.

I quickly walked up to him and blocked his path.

He raised his eyebrows at me and when he saw the furious expression on my face, he sighed.

“What is it, Anastasios?” He asked.

“My father is dead,” I replied calmly. I was shocked at how calm I could reply when I was boiling inside.

He staggered back in shock, his mouth wide open.

“My father is fucking dead” I said. This time, I screamed out loud.

He came closer to me and held my shoulders tightly.

“I'm so sorry, Anastasios” he consoled.

“No, don't be sorry. You're part of the reason why my father died. You should have fucking brought Witch Phoenix to heal him” I yelled.

“Your father didn't want me to” he replied calmly.

I was a twenty three years old boy yelling at a man almost my father's age, but I didn't mind at all. 

“You have always been against my father's decision. You've always gone ahead to do what you consider right against my father's decision. So why now? Why didn't you go against his decision not to bring witch Phoenix to heal him? Why did you agree with him? It was unusual of you to agree with my father. You wanted him dead, right?” I screamed.

“Anastasios” he called, with a raised tone. Then he took a deep breath to calm himself down.

“This situation was different. You know the circumstances surrounding the witch Phoenix and your father. Your father wouldn't have forgiven me if I should have brought her here” he explained.

“I know I'm the beta, the right hand man to your father and I do go against his decision, but I couldn't do it this time. I'm so sorry, Anastasios. I'm sorry about my brother's death” he said, tapping my shoulder and bowing.

That bow!!! I fucking knew what it meant and I didn't want it.

“Don't fucking bow to me” I panicked.

He smiled sadly at me, bowed again and walked away.

I crouched to the floor and I allowed the tears flow freely now. I cried and cried, holding my chest in my hands to stop the excruciating pain I was feeling right now.

I was about to face my greatest fear and nightmare. A fear I wouldn't face if my father was still alive. That reminder pierced my heart and my crying tempo increased.

I suddenly stopped crying and wiped my tears off.

"Farewell, father. I'll be the next alpha and I promise to rule well after you. I'll be the greatest alpha to ever exist. Just keep guiding me from up there" I vowed, confident in my abilities.

But as I turned away, a chilling howl pierced the night and I wondered if it was the signal for the arrival of a rival pack. My promise felt like a daunting challenge and I wondered if I was truly ready for the trials that lay ahead.

Chapter 2- The coronation of a new Alpha


         It was my wife's light tap that woke me up.  I went to sleep because I didn't want to think about what lays ahead of me.

My eyes fluttered open and I saw her sitting beside me, with swollen eyes. She must have cried a lot.

“What happened?? Why did you wake me up??” I asked.

“How could you be sleeping? Your father just died" she replied.

I sat up on the bed. 

“Where's my daughter?” I asked, ignoring her question. I was searching round the room with my eyes till they finally rested on the baby's cot.

“She's asleep in there” she replied and pointed her fingers to the baby's cot.

I stood up from the bed and walked to my baby's cot. I was hurting but I wouldn't show it again. Alphas are always meant to be strong. I got there and looked inside the cot.

My beautiful and gorgeous one year old princess was sleeping peacefully and beautifully on her bed, oblivious of what was happening around her. She's oblivious


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