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My Hot Masked Mate

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"Claude, I have sacrificed so much for you. Please, can you just give the child back to me?" "The child is already dead!" His words were like a dagger to her heart. When she was betrayed by the person closest to her and lost her child, when she had to endure the humiliation of being mocked by a mistress, when she was alone and desperate, a mysterious man appeared by her side. He told her that with just one deal, he could help her seek revenge...

Chapter 1

Natalie POV


As a typhoon approached in California, rain poured down, the wind howled, and a flash of lightning cut through the inky night.

"Claude, open the door. I'm not getting a divorce. I'm not giving you the children to raise. You open the door! Open the door!" I supported my thin and thin body, and stroked the big iron door of Hansom's home.

My tears could not stop falling, and I could not understand why it happened. When I gave birth, I suffered from severe bleeding, coupled with weakness, and spent nearly half a year in the hospital. Claude told me he was too busy with the tribe to be there for me, and I never blamed him. I had waited for Claude to visit me in the hospital for a long time, for a phone call to reject me, and for my baby to be taken away by the Hansom family.

I don't understand. Why is that?

The Hansom family servant really could not bear to see, came out and said to me sympathetically: "Luna, you go first, Alpha will not see you, Miss Burke is back."

I shuddered, and a chill passed through my bones.

Vicky, my half sister is back. Well, it turns out the Claude's first love is back.

"Claude, you come out, you give me back the baby, I don't want anything, I want the baby." My heart sank, my whole being in despair, but I still had a glimmer of hope that I would at least have my children.

I knew that once Vicky came back, I was really going to lose Claude. But I have a child, he belongs to me, and I will never leave him!

Suddenly, I saw the closed front door of the villa open from a distance, a person holding an umbrella, step by step toward me, my heart gushed out a hope.

I know, I've been with Claude for four years, and he can't have no feelings for me.

"Natalie, oh, you really have not made any progress in four years. Dealing with people like you really makes me feel no sense of accomplishment." Vicky scoffed as she approached and looked at my discomfection.

When I saw that it was Vicky, the last light in my eyes and heart slowly disappeared.

"Give me back my baby." I wiped my face, not wanting Vicky to see me so vulnerable.

Vicky chuckles and says, "Yes, you can have the baby back, but you'll have to get down on your knees and beg, or you'll never see the baby again."

"You..." I clenched my lower lip

"Why? Don't you want to? Well, then you can continue to wait here. But you've been with Claude for four years, so you know Claude pretty well. If I told Claude that I wouldn't mind having another woman's child in my family, do you think he'd give it back to you? My poor sister!" Vicky exclaimed.

I clenched my fist tightly, felt the sting in my palm, and I slowly calmed down.

I can't lose my baby. Vicky has never liked me since I was a child. How can she really like my baby?

I've been suffered from Vicky countless times. I'm no match for Vicky. I never have been. But my child is so young that he doesn't even know how to protect himself. How will Vicky treat my child?

"Well..." With a sore nose, I bent my knees and knelt down in front of Vicky, biting my teeth and saying, "I beg you, give me back my child!"

At this moment, all my dignity and face were trashed by Vicky.

Seeing me kneel down on the ground, Vicky seemed to feel very happy. She held up an umbrella and looked at me from a high position. She smiled cruelly and said, "Ha ha ha, Natalie, you know what? You look like a dog now."

As if not amused, she added, "Well, I'll tell you the truth. Your baby died long after birth."

"Impossible..." I stared in disbelief.

"Oh! Vicky sneered, "Let me tell you a secret. I actually came back a year ago. Claude didn't tell you, did he?"

"Natalie, I'll tell you, the reason I went abroad four years ago was because my baby was sick and I was taking care of him, but the only reason Claude agreed to marry you and give birth to that little wild creature was to use your mother's family power to help him grow. I really want to thank you for all these years. It's a pity Claude never appreciate you ."

Vicky smiled triumphantly: "Do you know why you were born prematurely? That's because I've been poisoning you, and your body is getting weaker and weaker every day, and you can no longer afford the load of pregnancy, so you will be born early. Only your child is a weak Inferior species, just like you, dead only a day after birth, Speaking of which, I really want to thank you, if not you, thank you for helping me keep Luna's position, but this position is mine, and now you should give it back to me!"

My hand clutched tightly to my chest, feeling as if my heart was about to be corroded by sulfuric acid.

"It's impossible... I saw him yesterday and he was all right. You lied to me." I bite my lips with blood stains.

Vicky must been lying to me, it was just her way of beating me.

"Puff... Fool, you are as innocent as you were four years ago. Is that really your child you saw?" Vicky put her mouth aside and said very funny: "That's just to make you not to suspect, the baby came from another delivery room. We gave the parents of the child a sum of money to borrow the child. The child has already been taken back by the couple!"

I was stunned, thinking of the child who did not look like me or Claude. I thought it was because the child had not yet grown. If only he were a little older, but there is no if.

Chapter 2

The next time I woke up, I was in the hospital. I sat up in bed sweating. I felt like I'd had a terrible nightmare. I dreamed that Claude was going to reject me and bring Vicky back as Luna.

And my child has already died of weakness.

The nurse who had been taking care of me came in and said to me worried, "Luna, are you awake? You are still very weak. Don't run out alone again. You scared everyone when you came back in the ambulance today."

My body froze.

"I left the hospital?" I asked, pale.

"Yes, it's raining so hard outside and there's a typhoon. How dangerous it is for you to go out..."

I was shaking. No, It's impossible.

"Can I borrow your phone?" I asked the nurse with a sharp turn. The nurse took care of me for half a year. She trusted me all the time and lent me her mobile phone immediately.

I immediately called Claude, whose number I knew by heart.


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