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My Disabled Alpha

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SYNOPSIS Inara is a neglected and weak girl, living in a world where arranged marriages are the norm for those of royal blood. When her stepsister instigates Inara's fated mate to reject Inara and refuse to fulfill her duty as a bride to a werewolf prince rumored to be disabled, useless, cruel, and disliked by the king, Inara is forced to step in as a substitute to save her sick mom. But upon her arrival at the royal palace, Inara discovers that the prince has already rejected her as his mate and chosen another. Heartbroken, with her second chance mate, who turned out to be the prince, rejecting her also and being determined to prove herself and reclaim control of her fate, Inara trains in secret with a group of werewolf rebels who seek to overthrow the oppressive monarchy. But as Inara grows stronger and gains the admiration of those around her, she also attracts the attention of those who will stop at nothing to preserve the status quo, as well as the Prince, who is secretly plotting to take back the throne from the king, his uncle. This time, the prince who fakes his 'useless and cruel' image not only has to win Inara's support but also her heart. Also, her first mate, who left her for her stepsister, now wants her back and will do anything to get her. Inara is now torn between two powerful Alphas who ruined her. Who would she choose—the man who left her for her stepsister or the man who chose another over her? Why don't you do yourself a favour and find out?



     It was the first day of a month, called the moon. It was the day of the full moon festival here, in the world cave pack. The atmosphere was in a full, blooming, exciting mood. The full moon festival day has always been a day of merry, for everyone. It is the day in which we worship and bless the moon goddess, for her kindness and mercies, over us always.

   It is also the day, we, young, unmated wolves, get to find and sense our mates. While everyone was busy dancing and enjoying themselves, I, on the other hand, was standing far away from the crowd, gazing into the sky, and admiring the full beauty. I was all smiles, contemplating at the moment, whether to make a wish or not, when I heard a loud growl, from behind me.

" Mate" I froze, before deciding to turn, and knew who it was. I reared back, stunned, at who I found in front of me, with red eyes growling.

It was Kelvin, the crown prince, and soon-to-be Alpha of our pack. Kelvin threw me a look of disgust upon meeting my eyes.

" You!" He pointed out, with distaste. " How cruel, can the moon goddess be, to pair me with a useless, unwanted, trash, like you?" He yelled, panting heavily and I stood there, speechless and stunned, realizing that Kelvin Castle was my mate. He growled disapprovingly once more, before storming off angrily, leaving me behind, with a shattered and broken heart.

I fell to my knees, on the floor, clutching at my heart painfully, tears at the brink of my eyes. My wolf whimpered, from excruciating pain, and I knew right there, and then, Kelvin was going to reject us as his mate.

A tear dropped from my eyes, just at the thought. I instantly found a bench nearby, to sit on and calm myself. The crowd was too engrossed, in their fun and enjoyment, and did not notice what went on, earlier, between Kelvin and me, to which, I was grateful.

A few hours passed, and the festival would be ending soon. I was still sitting on the bench, looking miserable, but then, also starting to have hope within, I was wrong and Kelvin was not going to reject me. I was beginning to feel a little happy, just at the thought, thinking, he probably changed his mind, and decided to accept me, as his mate, but how wrong was I?

Just then, I saw Kelvin come in, with a lady. When the lady turned, I viewed her face. I gasped in amazement, and when I looked down and saw their entangled hands, my heart started crumbling, once again.

Kelvin was with my step-sister, and nemesis, Stephanie. ' Why?' I wondered, while also praying furiously to the moon goddess inside of me, to not let it be, what I was thinking. Kelvin, still holding my step-sister's hand, gently, and with care, called everyone's attention to him, and I knew what was going to happen next.

" I am calling you all here, to let you all be a witness, to what I am about to do now" Kelvin began, and I could feel tears streaming down my cheeks. My wolf, Daniella, was growling in pain, she could feel the bond between me and Kelvin almost breaking.

' Why?' Daniella asked painfully, and I sniffled. " Why does he have to do this to us?" She asked again, and I kept quiet, not knowing what to say. I was the reason being all these, if I was not useless, and unwanted, I would not be in this situation, and neither would Daniella be.

" Don't blame yourself," Daniella warned.

" I, KELVIN CASTLE, IS REJECTING, OUTCAST, INARA FINN, AS MY MATE AND FUTURE LUNA" he finally said those dreaded words. There was a loud gasp from everyone. I stood up weakly, and just then, felt like my heart was on fire, I was in excruciating pain and screamed. 

Amidst my pain, I looked up slowly, at Kelvin, to at least check whether he felt sorry for hurting me this way, but all he had on his face was an arrogant look.

" INARA FINN, DOES NOT DESERVE ANY OF THOSE TITLES, SO THEREBY, IT WOULD BE GIVEN TO SOMEONE ELSE" He continued, and I saw Stephanie, throw me a smug, mocking look. It was okay if he rejected me, but I did not want him to complete that statement, and before I could stop him with my screams, he continued.

" I HEREBY ANNOUNCE STEPHANIE FINN, AS MY CHOSEN MATE AND LUNA". I screamed, and my wolf howled painfully. The pain became too much for me to bear, so I collapsed on the floor and blanked out immediately, tears rolling down my cheeks.


      I woke up, startled, by the sunlight flashing into my room, and found myself on my bed. I was still wondering how I got here. The last thing I remembered was admiring the sky during the full moon festival.

' How did I get back to my room, and to my bed?' I wondered, and just then, the flashes of what happened last night immediately plunged me, and I groaned, feeling my heart cracking again. The wound was still fresh. I started shedding tears, whimpering, feeling pained, betrayed, and abandoned and was just longing for anyone to just accept me.

The worst part was that they unremorsefully chose my sister over me. ' How did he even meet her, were they perhaps dating before?' I wondered, tears flowing continuously from my eyes, no matter how I tried to stop it.

Just then, I remembered something and froze, in happiness. Stephanie, as the first daughter of her father, was going to fulfil her duties and get married, to the disabled, unfavored prince, from the moonlight pack, which meant she could not be Kelvin's mate since she was going to be someone's in two days.

Due to my happiness, I started laughing loudly and rejoicing within. Once she is gone, Kelvin would have no choice, but to come back to his original mate.

" Do not tell me, even if the douchebag comes back, you are still going to accept him, after the humiliation he put us through last night?" My wolf, Daniella growled in fury.

I was about to reply to her when my door barge opened and in came, my father. An old man in his sixties. He walked to me, with a cold gaze expression as usual. My father has never smiled at me, but he always does to Stephanie. He loves, adores her, and gives her whatever she wants, while I, on the other hand, get hand-me-downs.

I knew my father too well, to know, he did not come to check on me. He came for something else. Something I dreaded was going to lead to another disaster for me.

" Father" I called in acknowledgement, bowing my head a little, and looking down at the floor. My father, as usual, ignored my greetings, but what he told me next, shocked me to the bones.







"You are getting married," my father said, and I gave him a confused look, wondering whether he was right or if he perhaps confused me for his dearest daughter.

" What?" I asked, and he threw me a hard glare, making me wonder what I said wrong.

"I hate repeating myself," he told me, and I kept quiet, looking down, before looking up at him again.

"But I do not understand," I told him, and he sighed.

"Stephanie, I will not be going to the moonlight pack in the next two days to get married to the prince," he told me, and I gasped.

"You would be," he completed, and I arched my eyebrow at him, not believing what I was hearing.

"Father, what did you just say?" I asked, just to be sure, and I heard what he said correctly.

"I told you, I hate repeating myself." He growled furiously, and I gasped, realizing I truly heard clearly.

"You do know, that is not possible, father. I am your last daughter, illegitimate also,


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