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My Black Knight

My Black Knight

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Killed By A Black Knight I love you like a vampire loves blood.Your eyes are so black like a swirling ocean of darkness. It's calm and quiet like death. It terrifies me yet exhilarates me. I'm breathless. The darkness embraces me like a blanket. I don't run from it I wholeheartedly embrace it.It makes me feel peace. I am free. Why do I feel free? Why did you save me? I am not supposed to feel this way. Why are you not hurting me? I am supposed to suffer. How dare you save me. I am no longer vulnerable. at least when I was hurting nobody could take advantage of me. Nobody could fool me. Now I am lost. You have forced me to fully trust you to depend on you. And I love it. I didn't know that pain I am feeling now could feel so good. You saved me my Black Knight. and I don't mind drowning in your darkness. I will let myself be consumed by your darkness as long as it means I will never lose you. My love for you pains me so much that it burns. My desire for your darkness has become a fire that refuses to extinguish. I burn for you my love.  I desire your soul. Your heart is mine and so is your body. No one else is allowed to taste what is mine. My anger and vengeance is a thirst that cannot be quenched by anyone. I will destroy anyone or anything that burns your light. Only my knight has the power to burn me alive. And it excites  the daylight out of me. My life source comes from you. Without you I'm dead. Is it worth risking my sanity on this knight? "Hell yeah it is. I am only alive through pain. I don't mind touching and cutting myself on the thorns of this black rose if it means I will be wanted. If I had the choice to choose between natural death caused by natural pain and dying by the hands of my black knight I would choose my black knight. Nothing can be any better than being killed over and over again by this knight. Drain me of all life. I am not afraid of you. I welcome your darkness  with open arms. Kill me slowly make me drown in the ocean of you. I need to drown. Your darkness is my drug. I am addicted to it.

Chapter 1

Have you ever felt like your life started but ended the day it started,Well this is exactly how my story started but little did I know my story is far from over.

Hi my dear readers, This book contains 18+ content. It has a lot of sexual content including but not including do forced situations. At no point should you try act on any of these scenes. None of these scenes are true and include actual person named. Thank you Please enjoy.

Hi my name is Skylar Gray, I am 24 years old. My story is a sad one some might say pathetic but before you judge let me give you a taste of my background. I was adopted at the age of 2. I and my twin brother are siblings of a total of 13. We were adopted together. Our adopted mom adopted us single. My biological mom was to busy living her life like she didn't have kids and my dad was in jail on his way to prison. Meanwhile my twin and I were left to the state. So you can imagine how strong the feeling of abandonment was. Anyway I can still remember the day of our adoption. My twin and I felt happy. I no longer had the responsibility of taking care of my twin. Yes many people find it hard to believe that at the age of 2 I had to grow up. So when we were adopted I felt like a heavy weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Little did I know that freedom I felt was going to be stolen from me very shortly. Everything was fine at first until my 4th birthday, That is when my hell started. My adopted mother felt like everything I did deserves punishment. I was beaten every day. The beatings were so bad I couldn't move. I got beat if I played with my toys even if I didn't eat my vegetables. I felt like everything I did was wrong. I asked myself everyday what did I do wrong now? I start preschool today. I am very excited about it so is my twin. Today we get to escape the devil for a few hours and we couldn't wait. I tried to cover up my bruises as much as I could. I wanted to leave a good impression today and I honestly didn't want to get picked on by the other kids nor did I want my mother to act out on her threat she gave me before I left the house. So here I am in the school office waiting for one the teachers to take me to class. I am 4 years old and I couldn't walk very well yet so I was constantly tripping over my own feet. My twin had no problem walking and he was telling me not to embarrass him. I couldn't help not being able to walk very well. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy which was the reason for me learning to walk late. So I tried my best to walk like I had no trouble. We walked into the classroom and I felt like I walked into hell. The kids immediately started laughing while staring at me. As the teacher was leading me to my seat. I heard one of the kids ask what's wrong with her legs she looks like a deformed animal. It took all of my strength not to run and hide in a corner to cry. The teacher started teaching and I could barely pay attention. Math was a hard subject for me to learn. And I didn't want to ask for help for fear of being made fun of. Soon it was lunch and I tried to find a seat near my brother but he told me to he didn't want to sit near me cause I would embarrass him. School was supposed to be a safe haven for me but instead it felt like a prison,as I was trying to sit one of the older kids thought it was smart to pull my chair out from under me as I was ready to sit down and I fell flat on my but and I started crying out of embarrassment. The kid thought to add to my pain by stepping on my ankle as he passed me to get to his seat. I was taken to the nurses office. I didn't want to go because the nurse would see my bruises and the scars on my leg. But I had no choice. I get to the nurses office and she sees my leg and asked me how I got my scars I begged her not to make me tell her but she insisted so I did. They called my mother and asked her about my scars and she said I fell while learning to walk. They sent me home with her and I knew I was in trouble. As soon as we got home she beat me and locked me in my room. I sat on my bed crying my eyes out till I fell asleep. The next thing I knew I woke up to pain all over my body.especially in my private areas and everything that went down when I came home came back to me and all I wanted was to die. I spent my entire life experiencing hell my mother inflicted on me.

Chapter 2

New Life

Today is my 17th birthday and it's the day I get to leave this hell and find my mate. My twin already found his and is living his best life away from this hell. I wake up excited it's my last year in highschool and my wolf Elena is bouncing around in my head. I am 5 foot 7 inches tall. I may have gone through hell but today I decided I was going to dress nice in case I find my mate. I ate breakfast and hurried out the door to school. I get to the school and all of a sudden my wolf Elena start bouncing around excitedly and says the word mate I look to my left and come face to face with the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen but my mate happens to be my worst nightmare. Alexandria was my elementary school bully and I thought the moongoddess enjoyed seeing me suffer otherwise she would have never paired me with her. My mate looked at me with disgust and rejected me. I felt like my entire body was being ripped apart the pain I felt had me collapsing on th


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