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Monkey King Chronicles

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Monkey King Chronicles" is a reimagined narrative inspired by the classical Chinese literary masterpiece "Journey to the West." This contemporary retelling delves into the adventures of Sun Wukong from a fresh perspective, offering a unique interpretation of the beloved character's journey. In this captivating rendition, I craft a vivid and innovative narrative that reinvigorates the timeless tale of Sun Wukong and his companions' quest to the Western Heaven. Departing from the traditional rendition, the author infuses the story with new dimensions, exploring the complexities of the characters and their motivations in a more nuanced manner. The narrative unfolds with Sun Wukong, a mischievous and audacious monkey endowed with extraordinary powers, embarking on an epic journey alongside his master and fellow companions. As they traverse diverse landscapes and encounter formidable challenges, the tale becomes a tapestry of adventure, friendship, and self-discovery. The writer storytelling prowess shines through in his skillful reimagining of familiar characters, offering readers a deeper insight into their inner struggles, aspirations, and growth. Through eloquent prose and richly detailed descriptions, the author paints a vibrant canvas that transports readers into a world brimming with magic, wonder, and moral dilemmas. The narrative arc of "Monkey King Chronicles" intertwines elements of fantasy, mythology, and moral lessons, capturing the essence of the original while introducing a contemporary narrative flair. Readers are immersed in a captivating saga that explores themes of perseverance, redemption, and the transformative power of personal growth. This reimagined tale not only pays homage to the timeless appeal of "Journey to the West" but also stands as a testament to the writer's creative prowess in breathing new life into a cherished classic. "Monkey King Chronicles" is a compelling read for both aficionados of the original masterpiece and newcomers eager to embark on an enchanting literary adventure replete with timeless themes and contemporary sensibilities.

Chapter 1

Chapter 01

    As far as the four had gotten, a dense forest lay ahead and there was no path again. "Wukong, I'm hungry, find some food." The Tang Monk said as he made a big show of sitting down on a rock.

    "I'm in the middle of something, won't you go find it yourself? It ...... s not like you don t have legs." The Monkey King said with his stick.

    "You busy? Busy with what?"

    "Don't you think this evening sunset is beautiful?" The Monkey King said, his eyes still looking at the sky, "This is the only way I can keep going west every day if I look at this."

    "You can look while you're looking, as long as you don't hit a big tree."

    "I don't do anything when I'm watching the evening sun!"

    "Sun Wukong you can't do this, you can't bully the bald head like this, if you starve him to death we won't be able to find the western sky, if we can't find the western sky, the curse on us will never be lifted." Piggy said.

    "Bah! When is it your turn to talk, you pig!"

    "What did you say? Who are you calling a pig?!"

    "It's not a pig, it's a pig's head! Hmph hmph hmph ......" Sun Wukong gritted his teeth and sneered.

    "Don't you dare say that again!" InuYasha was about to charge upwards with his nail rake raised.

    "What's all the noise about! I'm going to be sleepy! If you want to fight, fight farther away!" Sha He Shang yelled.

    The three villains glared angrily.

    "Fight, fight, kill one less." The Tang Monk stood up, "You guys are the grand masters, I'll go find food for you, okay? It's best to let the demon eat me, then you'll all cry."

    "Go on, there's a female goblin waiting for you there" called the Monkey King.

    "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" All three monsters sneered.

    "Don't think I can't do it without you guys!" The Tang Monk turned around and waved his fist at them, patted the dust on his body, straightened his robes again, and started walking towards the forest. Just as he took a step, his robes hung and broke.

    "Hahahahaha ......" The three guys laughed into a ball and forgot to fight.

    This is a purple from the forest, to the place to grow strange plants and floating year-round green mist, the further in, the more damp feet, the more dim head, and finally the branches and leaves completely obscured the sky, the Tang Monk is also completely lost.

    "Great, so much life, so many different lives!" Monk Tang said happily.

    "Thanks!" A voice answered him.

    When the Tang Monk turned around, he saw a talking tree with two blinking eyes on a purple-black trunk.

    "What a surprise, I saw a demon, I love things that can transcend common sense, life really is a marvelous thing, let me touch you, spirit of the earth." The Tang Monk reached out and stroked the trunk of the tree with delight.

    The trunk of the tree was seething with purple sap and was slippery to the touch.

    The tree was pleasantly receptive to the touch, and its tens of thousands of sagging branches couldn't help but sway soothingly.

    "Hehe, there are tens of thousands of years no one has touched me, once upon a time ...... a few thousand years ago, I think, there was a group of monkeys playing on me, and then they all do not know where to go. At that time I did not have eyes, I can only feel that there are a lot of living beings that can move around me to talk and sing, I can not see, nor can I move, but I am very happy. Now I finally grew eyes. But they are nowhere to be found, nowhere to be found."

    "They're dead." Monk Tang said.

    "Death? What's death?"

    "To die is to see nothing, to hear nothing, to feel nothing, to think nothing, as you did when you were unborn."

    "No, don't die! And don't live alone."

    "You could still live a long time, you don't have arms or legs yet, they'll all grow back later."

    "It took me 100,000 years to grow my eyes, I can't stand that long wait any longer, I want to touch my kind around me right now, touch you, the smell of you really intoxicates me."

    "I haven't bathed in a long time. By the way, you don't have a mouth, what do you talk with?"

    "I'll use this." The strange tree shook a branch in front of it.

    There's a human mouth on there.

    "It's not your own."

    "Yes, I picked it up, a man was eaten here three hundred years ago. This was left, I soaked it in the sap I can nourish everything with to not let it rot, and it took decades more to grow branches to check it up."

    "That's not good, you're speculating, and if it's not yours, you have to let it go back to where it came from."

    "Don't you want to know why that man was eaten?"

    "Is it because of the sight of you?"


    Suddenly the Tang Monk realized that his feet had somehow become entangled in the vines.

    A low whimper sounded behind him, and Don smelled a fishy spray up his neck, but he couldn't turn around.

    "Leave me his hands, I like those hands." Odd Tree said.

    "Other people eat leftovers you also want, as a demon to do you this, is my head to crash to death." The Tang Monk said.

    "If I had my head, I'd consider it."

    There were paws on the Tang Monk's shoulders.

    Odd Tree said, "Wait, I want to talk to him one last time, it's the first one I've been able to talk to since I got this mouth. I'm interested in studying what a person's mental activity is like when they're being eaten."

    "Where are you so full of crap? I'm not afraid of an early death." The Tang Monk said, "Do you really want to hear my last words?"

    The strange tree shakes its branches up and down.

    "Okay." The Tang Monk took a deep breath and suddenly yelled, "Help - life - ah"

    "Master is calling for help again." InuYasha said.

    "Ignore him, always like this, always playing." Sun Wukong finished watching the evening sunset and pulled a leg out of his arms to eat.

    InuYasha stared at him, "What are you eating?"

    "Pork leg."

    "I - slaughtered - you -! " The pig rushed up and hugged the monkey.

    "Uh-huh." Sha and Shang rolled over in his sleep, "Chop ...... chop him ......" and slept again.

    "You've screamed seventeen sentences. I only let you say one sentence." The strange tree stared at the Tang Priest. "Why are you running water?"

    "Grandpa Tree, I'm actually really scared. I'm still young, I've only lived for twenty years."

    "You lived twenty years to have limbs and five senses, I lived hundreds of thousands of years to have a pair of eyes, why?"

    "To be a human is to take hundreds of reincarnations to repair to once, I have waited no less time than you, let me live a few hundred more years."

    "I'm going to let you go and you'll still leave me and leave me alone, no."

    "I won t go, I swear in the name of my great disciple Sun Wukong to stay here for the rest of my life until you die ...... The one in the back don t lick me okay? I'm dirty."

    "Sun Wukong? Seems like I've heard of it before, ugh, don't remember that much, you have a disciple?"

    "Yeah, my second disciple Porky Pig is fat."

    "Then scream some more."

    "Master is already calling the one hundred and thirty-fourth sentence." Piggy said, "Why don't you go and gag him?"

    "You call Grandpa first." Sun Wukong said.

    "Don't you dare ...... Ouch! Have the balls to take your foot off my back and we'll fight again!"

    "You're still not convinced after such a fight? I don't believe I can't control you!"

    Bang, bang, bang. #%-*! %!

    "Ahem, can you let me have a drink of water before I yell?" Monk Tang asked.

    "Forget it, they're probably long gone."

    "Wait, I thought I heard a pig-killing sound." The monster in the back said.

    "Yes, yes, yes, that must be my two disciples fighting again." The Tang Monk said.

    "Whatever, I'll eat you before I get to them!"

    "Don't wow, how can you guys do this, how nice to sit down and talk philosophy together, why don't I come up with a maze for you to guess. 'What was the lotus flower when it was unborn?"

    "Ah!" Suddenly the monstrous tree and the monster let out a miserable scream and hissed into a cloud of white smoke.

    "Huh?" Monk Tang asked, "What's wrong with you guys, sorry, the questions I came up with were a little harder."

    "When Lotus was unborn, it was still Lotus." Suddenly a girl's voice said.

    The Tang monk looked back and a girl in green stood there smiling, she had long flowing hair, but her clothes were made of the finest silvery grass and shimmered.

    "You're so beautiful, female monk!" The Tang Monk said.

    "So you're a horny monk."

    "No, no, it's just that monks can't lie."

    "If you weren't bald, you'd be very popular with the girls."

    "Don't I look handsome when I'm bald?"

    "How can you fix it if you're greasy?"

    "I cultivate differently from others; they cultivate the Hinayana, I cultivate the Mahayana; they cultivate emptiness, I cultivate perfection."

    "Mahayana? Hee haven't heard of it."

    "Because I haven't thought about it yet."

    "I've only heard that a man named Golden Cicada Zi once questioned Hinayana Buddhism and tried to achieve enlightenment on his own. As a result, he went off the deep end and was trapped in the Ten Thousand Calamities."

    "He's stupid!"

    The girl suddenly changed her face, "Who are you to talk about him? With one finger, he can also break the vaulted sky, you are just a mere mortal begging for mercy like a dog in front of a demon!"

    "Because I want to live, I can't hide the native desires of my heart, just as I love you beautifully in my heart, and how can I pretend that the four great things are not there on my lips."

    "How can you, with your fleshly eyes, know that all things are created, and that appearances are illusions."

    "There's a beauty in a sow, so why should you feel inferior?"

    "You violate the precepts of anger! How could you have gone on to become a monk with your delusional speech and disorganized mind?"

    "O heaven and earth, who wants me to have this good fortune of being born in a monk's temple."

    "You don't deserve to discuss Buddha, just now I heard you say a visit language, I thought you had some Taoist skills, so I came out to save you, I didn't expect to save a stupid man, get lost!"

    "Heh girl this is not true, there is a way of life and death in heaven, if I am a high monk of the Way, how would the Buddha not bless me, with you much trouble?"

    "Bah! Baldy! Pisses me off!"

    The girl suddenly turned her body around, and a beautiful face suddenly turned horribly hideous: "Since you are a mundane thing, why don't you let me eat you!"

    The Tang Monk let out a long sigh, "Ugh, why do demons always have to be so full of crap before they eat me?"

    When it was too late, a figure had already crossed over in the air.

    The Monkey King, of course.

    The moment the woman's hand was suddenly grabbed, she suddenly felt a powerful aura assaulting her entire body, an irresistible will that made every part of her muscles unable to be themselves. She gave up her resistance with a light ouch and collapsed to the ground.

    Sun Wukong looked at this female demon: "Bald, it seems that you really have a surprising attraction to female goblins ah, with you as a temptation is really not wrong at all, so that this word my old grandchildren's merit points will soon be able to accumulate enough ...... Why chase your female goblins are all one more than one ugly? "

    "P*ss*d off Amida! Such a beautiful woman, and you call her ugly?" The Tang Monk said.

    "Beautiful ...... beautiful? Look at this, it's almost catching up with Old Sun, dare you like this kind?"

    "Alas, the illusion is infinite and the mirror is in the heart; how can you recognize beauty and ugliness when you look at people with monkey's eyes."

    "Ah shucks! Although I have some glaucoma plus astigmatism, and I can't see the sun because of my tears in the wind, I have been underground for too long, so how can you make fun of my physiological defects? When I get angry, I will beat you into a lonely abduction! Old Sun this will result in your little beauty!"

    The Monkey King raised his golden rod.

    The woman woke up at that moment, but she raised her eyes and saw the Monkey King raising his stick to strike.

    "Monkey King ...... You are the Monkey King!"

    The woman wrapped her arms around his legs, "Is it you, is it really you? I'm not dreaming?"

    She raised that ugly face to look at the Monkey King with infinite affection, and tears actually slipped from her eyes.

    Sun Wukong only felt a tremor, as if the internal organs all jumped a little, thinking that it is not good, what is this magic, only to feel a thousand pounds of power, but at the moment, it can not be used at all.

    The woman was still saying, "It's great that you're here, is it another dream? But I am satisfied, I have lived here for so many years just to think that one day you will appear in front of me, you are free, are you finally free? I knew this day would come, no one can lock you up, ever ...... too good ...... too good ......"

    She had actually sobbed.

    Sun Wukong secretly use internal force, a "rise", the woman will fly straight out, hit a large tree, the two people can embrace the tree hit the sound and folded.

    "Ha, I'll take you, you undefeatable demon, do you think this routine will work on Old Sun? Crying? It's useless to cry either, Old Sun has never blinked an eye when he kills."

    The woman fell to the ground, blood flowing out of her mouth, but she still held herself up to look at the Monkey King: "You, you don't recognize me ...... Yes, you naturally wouldn't recognize me if I turned into this, but I've been under the Jade Emperor's spell, and I can't change back to my old self anymore... ...I am ......"

    The woman suddenly screamed miserably, a mouthful of blood spurting straight out as she writhed in agony on the ground.

    The Tang Monk sighed, "Alas, could it be that you, too, have been under a spell and can no longer tell who you are?"

    The woman clutched the dirt on the ground tightly in her hands, obviously in extreme pain.

    "Baldy, don't believe her, I've seen a lot of demons, I've seen all kinds of tricks, get out of the way, let me finish her off." Sun Wukong said.

    "I'm not in your way, why don't you fight?"

    "I ...... you tell me to fight I do it, favor to fight later."

    "The Amitabha who hates the undead, through a thousand sins, refines the undead heart." The Tang Monk straightened his already rotting clothes again and paced towards the outside of the forest, "Take your time chatting, I won't bother you anymore. I'm going for a walk in the beautiful forest, expecting to meet a starry, flower-like goblin ......"

    He paused to look at the remnants of the ten thousand year old tree again and slowly sighed, "Don't die, and don't live alone. Hundreds of thousands of years just for this day?"

    The Tang Monk left, the Monkey King jumped to the tree, the woman rolled on the ground and wailed, but he was playing swing. For a long time, the woman gradually calmed down.

    Sun Wukong: "It's not that I pity you, it's just that Old Sun doesn't kill people who don't have the power to fight back. Are you alright now? Make a move."

    He was still wiggling his legs on the big tree canes as if this wasn't before a battle, just before a nap.

    The woman's face was still pale, but when she saw Sun Wukong, the light flashed in her eyes again, and there was a hint of a smile on her bleeding mouth.

    "You are still the same. You used ...... to be like this, remember the first time we met, when ...... you were also lying like this on the tree, the Peach Tree ......"

    "Hell, I ran into a nervous demon today, Auntie I've never seen you before, and I've never seen what a Peach Tree looks like, you honestly just flash a move and then let me kill you with one move and be done with it, don't waste everyone's time."

    "Don't you remember who I am? Have you ...... you forgotten everything from before?"

    "Old lady, don't mention your those former, you recognize the wrong person, my old grandson just five years ago from the five prison mountain prison was released, and I want to kill a few more monsters, accumulate a little merit value so that the heavens will give me the former sin canceled, may also be sealed a land and mountain god or something, who has seen you ah."

    "What are you talking about? Five Prison Mountain? It's the Mountain of Five Elements, right? To cancel your past sins? You remember what you've done, how can the Heavenly Court let you off just by killing a few demons?"

    "What are you talking about? I was originally a flower and fruit mountain a demon monkey, because of disrespect to the emperor of heaven and was punished by the emperor of heaven into the five yak, locked up for five hundred years, and then moncler outlet store moncler outlet online the Jade Emperor to be enlightened, said that as long as I can complete three things, I will atone for my former sins, the previous things I remember clearly, where do you ...... come from how the hell I will nag you about these things."

    The woman showed a look of astonishment, "How can ...... it be that ...... they want you to do three things, which three are they?"

    "You're still really annoying miles, well, let you die to understand, the first piece, want me to bail just now that bald head to the west sky. The second piece, want me to kill the four demon king ......"

    "Four Demon Kings?!"

    "That's right, it's the Pingtian Great Sage Ox Demon King of the Western Hexiu Continent, the Mixed Sky Great Sage Peng Demon King of the Northern Clubs Continent, the Tongtian Great Sage Rhesus Monkey King of the Southern Juniper Continent, and one more, the Qitian Great Sage Handsome Monkey King of the Eastern Victory Divine Continent!"

    "Ha ...... beauty ...... Monkey King?!"

    "Why, you know him, and the third thing, when those two things are done, the Lord will tell me. Why are you crying again?"

    The woman lowered her head and muttered, "Yes, he can't remember everything, and he can't remember you ......," and her tears fell into the dirt.

    "Alas," the Monkey King jumped down from the tree, "Seeing that you're in so much pain, I'll do a good deed and help you get rid of it. In your next life, wouldn't it be better to be a flower and grass on the shore, swaying with the wind, than to be a demon who has lived for too long and whose memories are misplaced?

    The woman endured the pain and raised her head, "I will not remember wrongly, I remember everything, and will remember ...... forever I did not think that I had waited for five hundred years, and all I had waited for was to die in your hands, and we could not escape from his palm after all."

    The Monkey King raises his stick ......

    "Before I die, I'm going to ask you something." The man under the baton said, and she looked up, "Is it true that forgetting everything means there is no more pain?"


    The Monkey King raised his stick in the air.

    "Cough!" He violently swept his stick into the trees next to him, sweeping the forest in a fan shape with a radius of several dozen feet ......

    "A deranged goblin, no point in killing it." He muttered alone, finished, and headed out of the forest without looking back. Not seeing the sad eyes of the woman behind him who put her hand out to him but couldn't make a sound in pain.

    As he walked, he faintly heard the sound of the waves, and he looked up, but it was just endless woods again.

    "Five hundred years ago ......" he thought, "where was I?"

    This thought made his head hurt again, and he shook his head vigorously. When his head was empty, he felt more comfortable "Strange, why am I suddenly not in the mood to kill?"

Chapter 2

Chapter 02

    The Tang Monk and two other disciples were eating fruit in front of the fire.

    Sun Wukong slowly walked out of the forest.

    The Tang Monk looked up, "Huh, you're here? Please sit down."

    Without a word, Sun Wukong sat down and stared straight into the fire.

    "Hey, what's wrong with Monkey today?" The pig said, "Elephant is being beaten silly. Hahaha...ha..."

    He was on the verge of tears from laughing himself, but suddenly realized that no one else was laughing.

    "Nope." The sand monk said.

    "What's wrong?" InuYasha asked?

    "I don't know, I just feel nervous all of a sudden for some reason." Sandy said.

    "Yes, everything is right, what should come, he will naturally come." The Tang Monk said, as he


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