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Moira and the alpha male

Moira and the alpha male

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A girl named Moira, 19 years old, takes a walk through the woods. When 6 hours later, she meets a Male alpha wolf. His name is Chris. Will they fall in love? Will their love be strong? Or Will they fall apart and break up 🤔? Moira and the alpha male talk. The alpha tells her about how he ended up in the woods. Moira says, "I'll help you get to your pack. Ok?" Out of nowhere, he's Telling her a secret That she's a vampire 😮! she said "I'm a what?!" He also says that she is a wolf too!

Chapter 1 : Wolf Caos

A girl named Moira told her mom Shannan that she was going for a walk in the woods. Her mom said, "don't go to far! Ok?" "Okay!" Said Moira. On her walk, she meets an alpha male wolf named Chris. They talk, they laugh, he tells Moira about how he ended up in the woods. She's surprised about his story. "Wow!". She said. "well, I'll help you find your pack. Ok?" He nodded his head in agreement. Chris said "I have a question for you." Moira answered "ok, what?" First I want to say something." "Ok, what?" "If you marry me you'll become a wolf." "Ok, so?" "Will you marry me?" Moira was in shock. But she said yes. Chris gave her a necklace that could turn her into a wolf or human whenever she wanted. "This necklace can turn you into a wolf or human whenever you want." She said, "really?" "Yes really 😉!" Said Chris. Can you transform into a wolf so we can spend some time together, um, please 🥺?" He pulled out a ring and asked her to marry him again. "And marry me, again?" She said yes. Moira transformed into a wolf and married Chris. They had 5 wolf pups and then the death alpha came. He was red and black with a lightning bolt on his hip. He said, "give me the necklace or she dies!" "Let her go 😡!" Said Chris. The death alpha and Chris got into a fight 😮! The death alpha bit Chris's neck, clawed his throat and bit his tail. Chris did the same thing. The pups and Moira were ok but the pups were hungry. Moira, Chris and the pups were eating fox salad. "Moira?" Chris asked. "Yes Chris?" Answered Moira. "I have something to tell you." "Ok, what?" "You're, you're" "I'm what?" "I haven't told you this but, you and me are half wolf and half vampire." "What!?" Moira was shocked,surprised even. She didn't know what to say. "What are we going to do?" Says Moira. "About what?" Says Chris. "About the death alpha." Says Moira. Chris Says nothing. "Chris? Honey?" Says Moira "Yes dear?" Says Chris "Are you hurt 🥺?"says Moira " a little bit." Says Chris. Moira and Chris figure out on how to defeat the death alpha. It wasn't long till Moira had a plan/idea. "What's the plan, baby 😉?" Says Chris. Moira tells Chris the plan/idea. "Babe, that's a great idea!" Says Chris. "You really think so ☺?" Asks Moira. "Yes, I do" says Chris. After the plan, they went for it! Before Chris could say anything, he was knocked out by the death alpha 😮😰! Moira didn't know that he was knocked out. So, she started calling him. "Chris! Honey! Where are you!?" She said. He didn't answer. After an hour later, she kept calling him. But still no answer 😔😭. She called where he worked but, he wasn't there 😔. where could he be 😰? And is he ok? She called her friends Katie and Hannah to see if they have seen him. And they haven't seen him 😔😢. What is she gonna do? Will Moira find Chris in time 😰? Moira just got a text from Chris 😄! "Chris😄! You're ok 🥰!" "Who took you? And where are you 🥺?" Chris answered. "I don't know. I was knocked out from behind." Chris said. "And I don't know where I am 😔😢😰!" Moira answered. "Don't worry! I will find you ☺🥰!" "Are you in your wolf form?" Chris answered. "No. I'm not." "Do you see who hit you?" Asked Moira. "Yes!" Said Chris. "Who?" "The death alpha 😮!" "WHAT!?" "Yes" said Chris. "But why🤔?" "He says to marry you😮!?" Moira answered. "Why me 🤔?" "He says because he loves you😰!" Said Chris. "But, I don't even know him that well🤨." It's been years now since Moira has seen Chris but she thinks that he has forgotten about her, cheated on her! So now, she is looking for a new alpha male. "😭" says Moira. "Now what am I gonna do 😭?" Moira cried for a while then she thought of something. "Once I go back to school, I'll find me a new alpha!" It was 30 days till prom day for the wolves and Moira still hasn't found a alpha male but, one day, a alpha male came up to her. His name is Johnathan. "Heyy baby" he said. "Me?" Moira said. "Yes. You. I have a question." He said. "What do you need?" She said. "Well, I have no one to go to the prom with so, will you be my prom date?" Moira was shocked 😱! "Oh ☺💞! Um, sure, I would love to 😉!" He pulled out a prom ring and put it on her finger. "Oh, Johnathan, it's beautiful😍!" Moira said. "Please, call me John." He said with a smile and a
Wink 😉. "So, what's your name?" John asked. "My name is Moira" Moira said. "That's a beautiful name😘!" He said. "Really☺?" Said Moira. "Yes 😍!" Days have past and it was 2 days till the prom but, Jonathan asked Moira a question. "Moira?" Asked John. "Yes?" Moira answered. "What was your first alpha like?" Chris came into the prom room and saw Moira. "Moira!?" Chris was shocked to see her with another alpha male "gasp! Chris!" Moira was shocked to see Chris. "What are you doing here?"


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