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Meet The Luna

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Lillie lost her parents when she was young because of the attacks from the werewolves and vampires and also lost her aunt later in her life because of the same attacks. She swore to to take revenge on all those who took her family away from her. Her plan was disrupted when she found out that she was the mate of the alpha king and their future queen. She was no longer sure what step she should take anymore. Now she lives and dine with the same creatures that hates the most. What will Lillie's decision be? Will she stay peacefully among the shifters? How will the supernatural creatures see her? And will they accept her as their queen? Read more to find out.

Chapter 1. Chaos at night

Life is tough darling, but so are you.-----Quote-----***********It was a dark and stormy night in the city of Horizon, Lillie was in her room about to go to sleep when suddenly everything became a little too quiet for a stormy night. The rain outside was still pouring down as if it has made up its mind to wash and cleans the entire planet, yet it was too quiet inside the house.

The silence was eerie. It made to start having goosebumps all over her skin.

The feeling she was having was not an unfamiliar one. She knew that feeling very well. The feeling she always has whenever certain creatures were nearby. Those who were after her life.

In the past, she had always managed to evade them at school and home, but now it seems that they have found her at home as well.She got up from the bed and picked up a pair of silver daggers beside the bed. She walked toward the door so she could get to her aunt's room before they did. It's not like she did not trust her aunt's fighting skills but she needed to warn her first.With slow and careful strides she walked out of the room. Walking toward her aunt's room, she heard a scream and gunfire coming from the living room in the opposite direction. Instantly, her instincts told her that the scream came from her aunt.Running to the living room she saw her wounded and bleeding Aunt.

She was holding guns in her hands. She was barely holding on defending against a vampire. The scream that Lillie heard earlier was a result of Evie, Lillie's aunt being clawed in the shoulder.She was doing perfectly fine with those that she see but when a shifter attacked her in his wolf form, she had no way of knowing and defending herself. They had the number advantage and easily overpowered her. She was clawed right in the heart.At that moment, Lillie felt like it was she who got clawed and not her aunt. She felt like her heart was shattered to a million pieces as the only family that she had was being killed right before her eyes. She wanted to scream out loud but she knew that that would be a wrong move given the situation at hand. The time and place weren't right either. She closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath while tightening her hold on the daggers.It didn't take long for them to pick up her scent and started stalking her. With pain and anger in her heart, she attacked them as well when they started their attacks. Thanks to her aunt, there were many vampires left but she was outnumbered. But that didn't stop her. She fought with all her might. She may be a human but her speed was incredible.

With the rage and anger that was soaring through her, she killed them without minding the pain that was being inflicted upon her by her attackers. She clawed in places that she didn't want to think about but she did not stop. She was thankful that the daggers she picked were silver since the werewolves can not touch silver. As for the vampires, she made sure that she beheaded them with all accuracy, her movements swift and smooth.

The fight lasted until there was only one shifter left.He was not a werewolf but a Lycan. This was her first seeing a Lycan, he was bigger, faster, and stronger than the werewolves she had faced before, she found it difficult to keep up with his speed and maintain her attacks on him.

Launching his front purr forward he nearly sl*t her throat with his claws. In fear for her life, her adrenaline kicked in giving her speed and survival instincts a boost.In front of this beast, she looked so small yet so fierce. She attacked relentlessly. Using the daggers in her hand, she sliced his right arm which instantly sent a stinging pain through him. Putting a little distance between him and Lillie, he tried to heal his wounds first licking the wounded area but the wound didn't heal as fast as it was supposed to that was when he realized that the blade was silver.Lillie on the other hand didn't have the luxury to wait for him to heal. Using the opportunity to her advantage, she ran to where the guns had fallen after her aunt died and picked one up and aimed it at him, and shots his leg leaving him immobile. She attacked once again with the daggers wanting him to have a painful death. She used the sharp blades Slicing and stabbing at every opportunity that she got. It went that way until he could no longer bear the pain anymore and shifted back to his human form.When Lillie saw him in his human form, his body bare before her eyes she almost lost her strength to kill him. But after remembering how they had killed her aunt without batting an eye, she stabbed him in the heart. She wanted him to feel the pain that her aunt felt before she died.Watching him breathe his last, Lillie's tensed body relaxed a little bit. The pain that she had been numb to all the while finally struck her. Hard.She fell to the ground screaming in pain as every part of her body ached badly. She lifted her eyes and caught the sight of her aunt lying in a pool of blood. Her blood.Dragging herself on the ground toward her aunt's body, she pulled closer to herself and held on to her head, and tears started streaming down her cheeks. She cried her heart out hoping to reduce the pain but it only kept getting worse with the passing seconds. The pain that she felt in her heart was worse than the pain she felt in her body.

The woman who raised her from childhood protected her, loved her as any mother would, and taught her everything that she knew was now lying lifeless in her arms. Could there be anything worse than this?Lillie cried and scream in pain and agony but there was no one there to console and comfort her. She looked at the hole in the heart of her aunt and she felt her heart quizzed and shattered into a million pieces. Looking at her like that, Lillie reflected on their time, together since the age of five she had lived with her, and together they did almost everything.

Lillie looked at the still open but empty eyes of her aunt and muttered to her. Making a vow and a promise before closing her eyes."I will avenge you and my parents even if it is the last thing I do."

****Hello, author here, I hope you like my novel and pray for your support as I can not continue writing without it. Don't hesitate to let me know your thoughts with your comments and reviews. I will appreciate whichever, Thank you!!

Chapter 2. A majestic white Lycan

The world is a jungle, you either fight or run forever.The world is a jungle, you either fight or run forever.

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At Empire City, the residents of a mansion located in the middle of a man-made forest were hiding and cowering in fear afraid that even the slightest sound made by their movements would make a certain man more agitated than he ready was.

He has been agitated since his entrance into the human realm. The moment he crossed the boundary between the two realms, his wolf had been restless trying to force his way out to take charge for a reason that was still unknown to him.

The aura he emitted was so strong that whoever goes near would turn around and walk away from there and take a different route.

Most of the meetings that he was supposed to attend had been canceled because of his loss of control over his wolf. He didn't want to get angry and snap off the heads of the humans he would be having the


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