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Mated To The Moon Goddess [Book 1 - Forbidden Love Series]

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BOOK 1 — Forbidden Love Series * “Loving me will only put you in danger. Please let me go. We won't work out anyway.” She stepped away from him, tears gathering in her eyes. “No, we can make it work. You're the one I want. I can't lose you.” “I'm forbidden from loving you, Dominic. It's a cruel fate I'm forced to accept. Don't make things hard for me anymore. Let's end this.” Dominic shook his head. There was no way he was letting her go. “Do you love me?” She fidgets. “Selene, do you love me?” He asked, his voice firm. “Yes, I love you, but-” “That's all I need to hear. As far as you love me, I will do whatever it takes to keep you by my side. I don't f*ck*ng care about what other people say. YOU ARE MINE and there are no two ways about it!” ******** The moon goddess mistakenly gets her powers s*ck*d into a newborn pup, and the only way for her to get it back was to go to earth after he's grown, make him fall in love with her, take her powers and return to the realm, but her plan backfired when she got to Earth and discovered he was her FATED MATE. Weird, right? She gives werewolves their MATES. How in the world did she get a MATE? At first, she thought it was her powers malfunctioning, but as time went on, she realized it was real. She is determined to fulfill her mission and return, but she can't resist the matebond. Giving in to the desires was dangerous. It was forbidden, yet she was unable to resist that delicious pleasure. After all, forbidden fruits were the sweetest, and she was desperate to have a taste.

Chapter 1

1.“This is going to lead to a war. It'd be good if he stops this now,” Selene muttered as she looked down on the world before her. Everything played out right before her eyes just like a movie. This was her abode, and this was what she does daily; looking down at the wolves, protecting them, answering their prayers, and giving them mates.Presently, she was watching two Alphas arguing over the sharing of boundaries. One was seemingly more aggressive than the other, and she knew a war won't be far off if he continued that way.She smiled when she saw how calm and collected the second one was.“The moon goddess would bear me witness that sharing boundaries won't be good for both of us!” The calm Alpha muttered and she nodded.“Yes, it wouldn't.” She smiled.She always knew that the hearts of Alphas were as dark as night. They had enough, but they wanted more and more. She would have wiped them from existence, but how could she destroy the people she was meant to guard and answer their prayers?She frowned when the aggressive Alpha threatened to return and wage war if the other Alpha did not consent to it. He left and she quickly stood up.“Where are you off to, goddess?” Marlene, her assistant, asked.“I want to teach a certain someone how to be content with what he has.” With that said, she disappeared.She appeared behind the Alpha, but he couldn't see her.“How dare he? What's even good about the borders that he can't share?” He fumed.“If nothing is good about the border, why do you want it so badly? Afterall, it's not yours,” She said, and the man looked around to see where the voice was coming from.“Who are you? Show yourself!” He ordered.“Forget about that and let's talk about how selfish you are. Let that border be. Your pack already has vast landscapes, which you pleaded, and I gave to you. If you keep acting this way, I might be forced to take everything you have away, then make you see how much of a loser you are without them. Maybe then, you would realize your mistake and change!” She snapped and he flinched.He looked around. He couldn't figure out where the voice came from. It seemed to be coming from all directions.“Stop being a coward and show yourself!” He snapped, trying to hide the fear in his voice.Selene scoffed and lightning struck, making the man take to his heels.“That'll teach you,” She dusted her hand and reappeared in the realm.Marlene walked forward and bowed to her. “Is there anything you need?” She asked.“None for now. You may leave,” She ordered, and Marlene walked away.She sat down on the floor and crossed her legs, then closed her eyes. Everywhere suddenly became quiet, and she could hear how her name was being called in different places by different people.She loved the gift she was given and knew being the moon goddess was a blessing to her. Right from childhood, she had this zeal to help people whenever they were distressed or when they weren't strong enough to help themselves. She derived joy in seeing people smile. They were gods, but they visited earth occasionally to assist mortals.Her mother always told her that she was special and perfect without flaws. And when the day came for them to find out the power she wielded, the moon chose her and assigned her to the werewolves. The moon was bound to her and she became the moon goddess.Being selected as the moon goddess was a rare gift, and she was happy to be the chosen one because now, she was able to help countless people without even lifting a finger. She could give people their soulmates, answer their prayers and help them fight battles, but there are times when the moon would stop her from helping some people, not because they didn't deserve it but because it was their fate. She could change it if she wanted to, but there were certain things that should be left the way they were.After her meditation, she stood up and grabbed her Scepter. She walked up to the magic board, and her ears picked up something, it was the sound of music.Marlene walked up to her. “Moon goddess, there is a mating ceremony taking place in Ocean Pack right now. There are a total number of 5 teenagers, who are hoping to find their mates.” She reported.“Marlene,” She called, and the lady bowed.“At your service, goddess.” She smiled.“Two out of those 5 teenagers won't be getting their mates tonight,” She said. Before Marlene could ask why, she continued. “Two of them are wolfless,” She said, and the pictures of the teenagers on the ceremonial seats appeared on the magic board.Marlene looked at it. “Is it that they're humans?” She asked, but Selene shook her head.“They aren't humans. They won't get their mates now. There is something they need to do first. I see a future for them both,” She smiled, tracing her hand on the board.“Future? Like, they're mates?” Marlene asked.“Yes, but they won't find out until they unlock their wolves. They will only feel attracted to each other.” She explained.Marlene nodded.The moon goddess placed her palm on the board and it glowed. When she withdrew her hand, Marlene smiled when she saw how the teenagers got their wolves. The two the moon goddess had talked about tried to get theirs, but nothing happened. Marlene sighed. She imagined how devastated they'd become.Selene sighed and turned to leave, but stopped in her tracks when a scent hit her nostrils immediately. She sniffed the air and looked around, clenching tight to her Scepter.“Marlene,” She called.“I see it too, moon goddess.” Marlene looked around.“Blood,” She muttered and an ear-piercing dream shot through her ears.“Moon goddess, help me!”

Chapter 2

2.“Help me, please. For the sake of my unborn child!” The woman cried out.Selene looked down and saw that it was a war going on. She saw a pregnant woman, lying beside a dead wolf, holding him tight while their enemies were approaching her.“That's Queen Bathsheba, Luna of the Golden Sword Pack. The wolf down there is her husband. They just got attacked by a neighboring pack and lost to them,” Marlene narrated.“Golden Sword Pack is a strong pack. I made sure they had the best set of warriors, the largest lands and vegetation because the Alpha was a good person. I've watched his good deeds right from when he was a child.” She said.“It was an…” Marlene trailed off.“Insider,” She completed it and looked down at the woman, who was holding her pregnancy and husband, while shedding tears.“Moon goddess, please save my child. Just this once, please! He's my first.” She kept on crying.The moon godde


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