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She thinks it all about saving her mate from cursed and protecting him not until she find out it was much more beyond saving him with her supernatural powers because of her kind of pack, little did she knows her powers is much stronger than that of others and that she was a special she wolf until every women in her clan began to chase after her to get the special powers that she was blessed with by the moon goddess so that they can also protect their mate like she does protect her mate. Will she survive the conspiracy and the betrayal of the most trusted women from her clan?

Chapter 1

I am Melinda woods. I am one the best of my pack because my blood smelt the

sweetest, and tasted the best. I was told by my forefathers that I am a she wolf, the best that has never been seen in centuries. It was the greatest honor of my family because the Alpha would need my

blood to survive and thrive.

Our pack, Crossly pack, is the most

powerful pack across the Alpha world and the best of all Alphas.Our Alphas

from Clan Maxim were given a supernatural powers but something similar to a witch power but that doesn't mean we are the evil, we see both the past and the

future. We control the history and fate of

the pack. We are so fortunate amongst all Alpha because we are blessed by the moon goddess.

Although the Maxim clan members have

the most powerful abilities but are cursed.

The greater their abilities, the shorter their


They always find it hard to hold their

inner wolves back because they would always lose control and never shift from human to wolf form again.

But the blood of the Crossly she-wolves could

protect them from their curse.

To keep maxims from being greedy and

hurting Crossly's, there's a pact between the two clans. Maxim clan males takes a she-wolf form of the crossly clan to be their mate, and their blood provider.

Every crossly she-wolf above 14 years old

must be registered and tested at the annual competition which is sprint, according to the test result, we get graded into different levels which is the she -wolf who gets the highest grade gets mated with the male wolf of the highest grade from the Maxim.

I was a little bit nervous for the sprint games because it will begin once the moon is out.

The crossly and the Maxim all troop out waiting for the moon, I was too anxious looking out to the moon when I noticed this young male wolf of about seventeen years old walk past me hitting it’s body against mine, I was going to yell out at him when I noticed how beautiful his fur was and his shining eyes .

He walk back to me and walk around me to take a sniff of my smell and just walk away.

I felt so embarrassed because he makes me feel worthless , I hissed and wanted to continue when another he wolf from the crossly clan of about fifteen years old came to me, he look at me and said.

” Hi”


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