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Mated To The Alpha Triplets

Mated To The Alpha Triplets

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After her stepmother tries to sell her to the highest bidder at an auction centre, Alicia manages to escape and flees into the territory of a feared wolf, not known by sight but by name. The Hound Sons, heirs of the ruthless Greyhound pack. Alicia gets caught in a trap in the woods, and the soldiers at the border bring her to the Alpha King. They are refused access, and to save time, the chief soldier appoints her as a servant. Things fall apart when the situation turns into something else and Alicia gets close to the king. Just as the princes were about to be ordinated, a fight breaks out and all three brothers claim her as their mate.

Chapter 1

Alicia's heart raced as she cowered in the dimly illuminated corridor, her breath rapid and shallow. Her stepmother's words reverberated in her mind, words that chilled her to the bone. "We're steeped in profound debt, Alicia. We can no longer afford to harbor you. It is time for you to earn your keep."

Her stepmother's words struck Alicia's reality like a sharp lash. She had always been aware of the strained relationship between them, but she never fathomed it would come to this. They were engulfed in financial devastation, and her stepmother's solution was to barter her like a mere possession.

Tears welled up in Alicia's eyes as she peered through the cracked door. She observed the elegantly attired guests mingling in the extravagant ballroom. This was meant to be a night of jubilation, but for Alicia, it metamorphosed into a harrowing nightmare. The intricacies and machinations of the pack, from which she had always been shielded, now thrust her into the heart of it all.

Alicia's stepmother, adorned in a flowing gown that exuded sophistication, maneuvered through the throng with an air of fabricated grace. Alicia knew all too well the deceit concealed behind that smile. She had witnessed the true visage of the woman who had supplanted her mother.

As the evening progressed, Alicia's anxiety escalated. The gravity of the situation bore down upon her, suffocating her. She needed to take action, to seize any opportunity, any crevice that would lead her to liberation. Her eyes darted frantically around the room, scouring for a chance, a gap that would guide her to freedom.

A rustle of movement seized her attention. Two sentries stationed at the ballroom entrance engaged in conversation. Alicia's heart pounded against her ribcage. Perhaps this was her moment. She slipped out of her hiding place and stealthily traversed the corridor, beseeching her footsteps not to betray her.

Just as Alicia reached the end of the hallway, a door groaned open, and a gust of frigid air brushed against her skin. She froze, her heart ceasing its rhythmic beat. She peered into the abyss, where moonlight bathed the courtyard beyond. It was a perilous move, but Alicia knew it was her only recourse.

Silently, she slipped through the portal and into the nocturnal embrace. The bite of the night air pierced her skin, but Alicia welcomed it. She moved swiftly, her footsteps delicate against the cobblestone path. Each rustle of leaves, each distant laughter from the ballroom, injected a surge of trepidation through her veins.

The woods loomed before her, a sanctuary that offered both refuge and peril. Alicia understood that venturing into the woods meant trespassing into another pack's domain, a territory renowned for harboring a pack feared even by the most audacious werewolves. Yet, she had no alternative. It was this or confront a fate more abhorrent than death.

As Alicia ventured deeper into the woods, her heart thrummed, and her senses sharpened. Every twig snapping beneath her foot made her flinch, every rustle of leaves intensified the pounding in her chest. She was an intruder here, an unwelcome presence in a realm that did not belong to her.

Time blurred as Alicia sprinted through the woods, her breath coming in ragged gasps. She couldn't halt now, not when she was so near to escaping her stepmother's clutches. Yet, the woods held their own perils, and Alicia's freedom remained far from assured.

Without warning, Alicia's foot snagged on a concealed root, and she plummeted to the ground with a sharp cry. Agony coursed through her as she collided with the forest floor, and she fought to regain her footing, her heart racing. She had to persist, had to put as much distance as possible between herself and the pack.

But her endeavors proved futile. As she stumbled forward, a low growl reached her ears, immobilizing her. Her blood congealed as she slowly pivoted to confront the origin of the sound.

Before her stood three gargantuan wolves, their eyes glinting under the moonlight. Alicia's heart hammered against her chest as she realized she had unwittingly trespassed into the territory of the Grey Hound Pack, a pack renowned for their merciless nature and their disdain for intruders.

Alicia's thoughts raced like a frantic sprinter while the wolves encircled her, their fangs bared in a menacing snarl. She found herself ensnared, a hapless prey amidst the predators. She had eluded one peril only to stumble upon a far graver one.

Just as Alicia was bracing herself for the inescapable, a voice sliced through the tense air like a razor-sharp blade. "Halt."

The wolves froze, their attention shifting to a figure materializing from the shadows. It was a man, towering and commanding, his presence demanding reverence. Alicia's heart sprinted as she recognized him as the chieftain of the Grey Hound Pack, the dreaded Alpha King himself.

"You trespass on our domain," the Alpha King's voice reverberated, his gaze locked on Alicia. "What brings you here?"

Alicia's voice caught in her throat as she struggled to unearth the words. She was an outsider in a treacherous realm, and now she stood before the most formidable werewolf she had ever encountered.

Before Alicia could reply, darkness engulfed her senses, and she crumpled to the forest floor, her vision fading. The last thing she witnessed was the Alpha King's piercing stare before everything plunged into obscurity.

Alicia's eyes fluttered open, her surroundings a haze as her consciousness gradually resurfaced. The memories of the encounter with the Alpha King and his wolves inundated her, and panic raced through her veins. She was a captive, at the mercy of a pack notorious for their mercilessness.

As her sight sharpened, Alicia realized she was in a dimly illuminated chamber, its walls adorned with intricate tapestries, and the atmosphere thick with unease. She lay on a modest cot, her wrists entangled by coarse ropes. Panic surged within her as she battled against her restraints, but her endeavors proved futile.

Chapter 2

"Easy there," a voice reverberated from the shadows, and Alicia's head whipped towards the sound. A figure materialized from the darkness, the Alpha King himself. His penetrating gaze drilled into her, scrutinizing her with a blend of curiosity and wariness.

"You're awake," he uttered, his voice resonating deeper than she recalled. "We discovered you unconscious in our domain. Can you elucidate the reason for your presence?"

Alicia gulped hard, her throat parched as she endeavored to gather her thoughts. "I-I didn't intend to intrude," she stuttered. "I was attempting to flee from...from something."

The Alpha King's brows furrowed, his gaze unwavering. "Escape from what?"

Alicia hesitated, her heart pounding in her chest. She had to tread cautiously, to select her words judiciously. "I was...being pursued," she confessed, her voice barely above a whisper. "I had to


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