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Lupines Bohemian Love

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Blurb: In a world of secrets and shifting loyalties, Alex, a conflicted werewolf, finds himself torn between love and duty. When his feelings for Emma, a fellow wolf, threaten to expose his true nature, he must navigate a treacherous path to protect his pack and the woman he holds dear. As tensions rise and an unknown pack threatens their existence, Alex is thrust into a battle for survival. With his friend Tyler by his side, he uncovers a web of deception that puts everything he holds dear at risk. Can he trust the ones closest to him, or will betrayal tear his pack apart? In the midst of chaos, Alex's love for Emma grows stronger, but their happiness is shattered when tragedy strikes. As Emma fights for her life, Alex is forced to confront his own shortcomings and rise to the challenge of leadership. With the scars of battle etched upon their hearts, Alex and Emma must forge a path toward redemption. Together, they face the trials of a post-war world, determined to rebuild their pack and create a better future. But as new threats emerge and old enemies resurface, they must question who they can truly trust. In this gripping tale of love, loss, and the strength of the wolf within, Alex and Emma will discover that true power lies not in shifting forms, but in the unbreakable bonds of family and love. Will they find the strength to prevail, or will the shadows of their past consume them? Prepare to be enthralled by "Moonlit Desires," a captivating werewolf romance that will leave you howling for more.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Hidden Motives Saturday 11:32pm, The PartyBeers falling, students throwing up, and others going out to the bathroom to have intercourse.Alex stood still, his love stood across the room. Emma, one of the humans. If they rest discovered Alex’ hidden feelings, they’d exile him from the pack or execute him on the spot. I guess I was just standing there with no thoughts other than her, I nearly lost control. Tyler saw Alex starting to shift. His ears changed, his skin became fur, and his eyes became that of a hunter. Tyler quickly pulled me out of the room and outside the small party house. He cooled me down and got me under control, stopping the shifting. Tyler spoke, “What were you thinking? you could have exposed our identity” Alex clapped back “No worries Tyler, and besides this could make us popular at the school” yet Tyler nearly lost it, “You are d*mn lucky it wasn’t a full moon, or you’d be furred for a day, and a week if a supermoon was out.” Alex looked back at the Party, realizing that someone was coming “Sh*t, someone is coming.” They ran like hell for 10 minutes, no stopping, no rest, no looking back. A flashlight shined in the back, yet no voice called out. The light moved around the woods, falling and rising in an uncontrolled manner. The light eventually lost them in the woods, Tyler and Alex going back to the rest of the pack. The Alpha summoned Alex and Tyler after hearing about what happened during the night. He spoke in a menacing tone: “Would you explain, WHY YOU NEARLY EXPOSED YOURSELF TO THE HUMANS?!?” Alex nearly cracked under pressure, head facing the ground, tears barely being held in. Tyler spoke up for him. “Tyler may have been under the influence of what the humans call alcohol, which made his shifting abilities erratic.” The area around went silent, others began coming toward Gabriel, Alex and Tyler. The silence lasted an eternity before Gabriel came to a decision. “Tyler, you will accompany Alex at all times, until he can control his shifting abilities, even if “under the influence of something.” Tyler seemed pleased with his new role, yet he looked over at Alex giving a cold stare at him Monday 9:02am, The SchoolAlthough Alex and Tyler had spent the weekend training Alex’s shifting abilities but with little success. Unbeknownst to Tyler, Alex was never under the influence of anything, but his love for Emma. The first period began, the pair being separated, meaning there would be no cover for Alex if anything similar to yesterday happened. Yet Alex was happy not to have Tyler around because now he could focus on Emma, who was in the same class. Although Alex felt more comfortable without Tyler. But it was almost as if someone was watching him, every single move he made none stop. But no time to think about it, that shifting sensation was returning, it meant Emma was coming towards him and he couldn’t risk the same thing as the last time happening. Quickly, I was about to speak up, but it was too late. She was already beside his desk and the shifting began, but only for his legs, as he was able to keep his upper body from transforming. His pants felt as if they were about to burst because of all the fur and muscle coming out, but Emma eventually went past his desk, with the sensation fading rapidly. He stared into the reflection of the computer screen and saw Emma passing a note to another student in the back before leaving the classroom. “Something about that student seems oddly familiar, I need to keep an eye on her.” The class dragged on, Alex was on the verge of boredom, and he felt so bored that he almost felt like shifting to make things somewhat interesting. But he could not, because they’d call in those police people to capture him or worse, send him to some lab to experiment on him and learn how to make humans into werewolves. But the class would eventually end, relieving him from boredom. Tyler waited outside the classroom for Alex to finish his particularly boring 1. Period, before pulling him to the side to talk with him about Emma and his tendency to shift. “Did you shift in class? or even get close to shifting?” “I did, but I managed to avoid exposing myself by having my legs shift” “Are you sure no one saw you at that point?” “I don’t know, I have a feeling somebody's watching me from the back.” “Ok, but I'd suggest you cut ties with this person you like, you aren’t even the same race” Alex went silent, as he never told Tyler about Emma, but he also became furious at the thought that someone tried to interfere between them. But he suspects that “Emma’s friend” may be the one who is watching. And so he would have to cut ties with Emma at least officially.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Deepening Bonds

Thursday 2:27pm, The NoteDespite the warnings from Tyler, Alex decides to continue his efforts to be in a relationship with his crush Emma. He has trouble speaking to her without having some part of him shifting, but with growing his confidence and training with Tyler, he can contain his shifting around someone like Emma, for a maximum of 10 minutes. After a couple of weeks of repetitive training and boring classes, he finally musters up the courage to ask Emma out, even though he would be exiled from his pact if he decided to reveal it, and Tyler would never forgive him. It’s break time, and Alex decides that now is the time to shoot his shot with Emma, yet he still remembers that Tyler is trailing him a few feet behind. So Alex resorts to dropping a note nearby where Emma is standing. He doesn’t have much time, so he goes into a room nearby to get a piece of paper which he can write on. Unfortunately for Alex, entered Prof


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