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Luna's Hidden Heart

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Aurora's life was nothing but suffering. Although she freed herself from where she had been held captive most of her life she lost her only friend. The pain of losing her friend never went away, even though she found support and love through a mother figure. When she lost her mother, Aurora thought her happiness was over. But her mother would never let that happen. She would leave Aurora in the caring arms of another. Aurora didn't know if she would be too burdensome, but she would never go against her mother's last wishes. This is where the story starts. Aurora finds herself in the White Moon pack and finds her friend alive and well. The only problem is that he isn't her mate. Her mates turn out to be the twin sons of the Luna and Alphas of the White Moon pack. They forced Aurora to make a choice between her long-lost friend and the mates the Goddess chose for her. Her inner wolf makes the choice for her.

Chapter One: Lost and Gain

Chapter One: Lost and Gain


The falling snow blanketed the pools of red and motionless bodies. The pure white snow blanketed the earth, shimmering under the moonlight. Pristine snowflakes fell silently to the ground under the pale light of the full moon. Overhead, lights whirled in the sky. So many colors, never seen before. The atmosphere was beautiful. The air was ripe with the smell of death—the destruction tarnishing the purity of the white, bearing witness to the carnage that had unfolded. The screams were like music, filling the ears with all those present. Dying breaths joined the symphony of that night: so many last breaths, so much blood, and so many new colors. It was truly magical. This symphony should never end. It was too beautiful to cease.

All great things must come to an end. The magic could not last forever. However, it did cease so long ago. It was just a memory now.

Aurora sighed quietly as she turned on her side. She tried laying perfectly still in her room as the memory of that night swirled in her head. She held the pillow closer to her face, trying her best to make her breath go unheard as they passed through the halls. Her mind fell on that night, as it always did. The symphony was always playing in her thoughts. That night, she became free. Something she never thought possible. It had been five years since that night. She was no longer a frightening child. But now she was not sure what would happen. The only mother she had ever known was dying in the next room, and the girl could do nothing for her. She was the one who saved her life. The one who gave her freedom. But she could not help her. As she drew her last breath, the girl couldn't be near her. Aurora knew would miss her, and the old woman was her only light in the dark world. The future was dark without her. No one knew about Aurora but her. She was her little secret, which old women protected with all the strength she had. But the old woman's strength was gone and now her life was drawn close to the end. Aurora was no longer sure who would protect her. She wasn't even sure how she would live without her.

She wanted more than anything to be with her. When she drew her last breath, she wanted to be with her. But the old woman didn't want that, and so the girl remained here. She was told not to let anyone find her until it was over. The girl knew must listen to her mother, and she must listen to her. Her mother was with her blood family right now. They came to her side today. The old woman was waiting until the last moment possible because she wanted more time with the girl...

Mother knew she was sick for a long time, and she waited until it was far too late for anyone to save her. The girl could have saved her, but her mother wanted to die. The girl could not be angry with her. She lost her mate years ago, and she missed him dearly. She wanted to be with her mate again. The girl understood the importance. She thought I could not be angry. I would lay here and wait till I heard the cries of her blood family. It would not be long, and soon the girl would stop hearing her mother's breath. They were slower now, and they were so irregular. She was struggling to speak and slipping in and out of sleep. The girl listened and waited for the moment she would be alone in this world. She thought about dying with her, but that wasn't something a Mother would want. She wanted the girl to have a long life. It was the least the girl could do for her mother, living and finding happiness, carrying on for her mother...

"Lucy," Mother called in a weak voice. Lucy was her granddaughter and someone her mother loved dearly.

"Yes, Granny," Lucy answered. Her voice was soft and loving, almost motherly. Lucy was a kind person, according to her mother. She would be the one whoMother would care for the girl after this was all over.

"In the other room is something that I care about more than anything else in the world. I need you to promise me ‌you will protect and care for it with your life," Mother said between breaths.

"I don't understand, Granny," Lucy said quickly. But the girl did. Her mother was talking about her. She wanted Lucy to protect and care for the girl after she was gone. It was the old woman's last wish.

"There is a notebook on the table. It will explain everything. Just promise, please, Lucy, this is my last wish," Mother said. Her words became broken as she struggled with her last words.

"I promise, Granny. I promise," Lucy said before letting out a sob.

"Aurora, her name is Aurora," Mother said, letting out a long, haggard breath. The girl couldn't stand this any longer. She needed to be at her side. Tears rushed down her face as she forced herself to her feet. They had heard the girl. The room next to her became quiet as she moved. Aurora quickly opened the door. She worried for a moment. She hadn't seen another person in years, Aurora thought. She was afraid of what they would think of her. But she needed to be at her side, and she didn't care about anything else. The girl took a deep breath as she stepped into the room. There were so many people, and the only ones she knew were her mother and Lucy. Her heart was racing as she ran to her mother's side.

"Aurora," Mother said as she took the girl's hand. The girl was kneeling next to the bed. Mother was so weak. All the color was gone from her face. The girl could barely make out the sound of her breathing, and everyone knew she would leave soon. The girl could feel her mother's life draining from her body with every second that passed.

"Don't leave," Aurora said, resting her forehand against her hands, tears rushing from her face. The girls' eyes were red from crying. They felt sore already.

"Aurora, calm down, my sweet girl. You will be safe," her mother said, gripping her hand as tightly as she could. Even her mother's grip was weak. She always held the girl close, but she was far too weak to do that now.

"I love you, mother," Aurora said, holding her tightly as she felt her grip weak and her breathing drew to an end. The old woman's eyes shut, and her chest stopped rising. Everyone could feel that she was no longer here.

"Mother," Aurora called, looking at her face. Her cheeks had already stunk in.

"Mother," Aurora screamed, throwing herself on her and hugging her lifeless body. I had seen so much death, but this hurt the most. I wanted my mother, and I needed her. She had left me behind. I couldn't believe it.

"Mother, please...mother," Aurora sobbed. She didn't care about anything else. She wanted her mother.

"Aurora, she is gone." she heard Lucy say as she touched her back. The girl couldn't stop herself and fell into Lucy's arms, sobbing. Lucy hugged the girl close as others in the room looked on. No one could believe their eyes. This girl was a monster, a beast. How had she come to the old woman's side? How did they not know about her?

"Mother!" Aurora cried repeatedly in Lucy's arms. She gripped the girl, unmoving, as she sobbed into her chest. Aurora inhaled her scent as she clung to her. Aurora knew Lucy was a werewolf, just like her mother. The girl could smell Lucy's mate and her child on her. Aurora knew she would have a bigger family if she kept Mother's last wish.

"It's okay, Aurora, it will be okay. I will care for you now," Lucy said, stroking her back. The girl couldn't hold back her cries. She wanted her mother, and she needed her back... She couldn't believe she left her. The girl looked around the room. So many people were staring in disbelief. They could smell what she was. She knew what they were as well. Aurora knew they differed from the others; however, they didn't care for her kind. She was dangerous to them. A threat. It must have been so shocking to them. Mother kept her secret well. They did not know of her existence. The girl couldn't help but shake, and she was so afraid. She didn't want them to hurt me. But she could hear Igna in her head, as she tried to protect her. Aurora didn't want Inga's protection. She didn't want her to hurt anyone. The girl knew she would, and she always hurt people...

"Aurora, everything will be okay. Stop looking at them. No one is going to hurt you," Lucy said, holding Aurora tighter. Aurora’s body trembled in Lucy’s arms as her sobs hardened.

"Promise?" Aurora asked, clinging to her as if her life depended on it. Because for all the girl knows, it did. Aurora didn't know what these other wolves would do to her, and she didn't know if they would hurt her. She didn't know if Lucy would let them. She didn't know Aurora. Her mother asked Lucy to protect her, and Aurora didn't know if she would. Aurora didn't know if she even could.

"I promise her, and I promise you. I wouldn't let anyone hurt you," Lucy said. Her voice was a life raft in the sea of confusion and sadness. She could feel Lucy help her off the ground. Still holding the girl close. Aurora felt as if she couldn't breathe like this. She never liked people touching her, not even her mother. She disliked their scents getting on her skin. But Lucy was different, and she could sense her heart was pure. She thought she would want to keep her promise.

"Can I look at her one more time, please?" Aurora asked, pulling away from Lucy. Lucy nodded her head before Aurora turned to look at her mother. All life was gone from her face, and she was just an empty body with no soul.

"I hope, have a safe passage to the Moon Goddess, Mother. May your soul find your mate again and be unburdened with the worries of life," Aurora stated, holding her hand once again. Aurora knew she would protect her from above. She told her as much. Aurora, in turn, would keep her promise to her and try to live a long life.

"That was beautiful, Aurora," Lucy said, standing directly behind her. Lucy was strangely calm about her grandmother's death. There were some tears in her eyes, but she wasn't sobbing. She wasn't clinging to the arms of her mate. No, she was comforting this strange girl. Aurora didn't understand why. She was nothing to Lucy, but a burden that she didn't ask for.

"Thank you, Lucy. I will go to my room now. I can't look at her like this. My heart is aching," Aurora stated, walking away.

She passed by the others in the room, and their expressions were bleak. They had just lost someone they loved. She loved her too, but she knew they needed space to grieve over her mother. She knew she wasn't helping their loss. Once Aurora reached her room, she laid back down on the bed and let the tears fall. She needed to mourn her. She would miss her so much. Mother was her everything.

Aurora must have fallen asleep because the next thing she remembered was Lucy's voice. Her bright blue eyes fluttered open and looked around the room. She turned to face Lucy, and she was smiling down at her. But Lucy was not alone, and a tall man was with her. Her mate, Greg, is the Beta of his pack. His expression was different from before, and it was soft like Lucy's. Their scent mixed. Aurora knew they must have been together for a long time.

"Aurora, can we talk?" Lucy asked, sitting on my bed.

"Of course I want to talk," Aurora said, smiling back at Lucy.

"Okay, I read the notebook that Granny left. She wrote down everything. We just want to let you know, and we understand ‌it will be difficult to take care of your needs at times. But we want to do that. I will keep my promise. I will care for you to the best of my ability. You have to be patient with us. We won't be perfect, but we will try our best," Lucy said, reaching out for Aurora's arm and lightly stroking it as she spoke. She was willing to keep her promise. She was ready to care for her. Aurora could feel the pain in her chest lighten. This was what she hoped for.

"I will do my best to be good. I wouldn't cause any trouble, and I will treat you like you are my family," Aurora responded with a smile, meaning every word.

"We know you will. You are a good girl, Aurora. Now there are a few things we need to take care of. We have to tell our Alphas and Luna about you. But, it won't be a problem. They will want to meet you, but we have a few days. We will lay Granny to rest tomorrow. After, we will travel back to our pack, and you will come with us. You will go to school and meet so many new friends," Lucy said. Her voice was so calming to the girl. It reminds her of her mother. But Aurora was not too fond of the idea of leaving her only home. Not knowing what it would be like in another pack. She was so afraid. Tears fell from her face once again.

"I don't want to leave," Aurora sobbed. Lucy's expression changed to worry, seeing the tears on her face.

"Shh, it's okay sweet girl, we have a few days. Just rest, okay? Come downstairs when you are ready," Lucy said. Aurora nodded her head and watched as she and Greg left the room. She didn't know why it was like this. They were so kind to her. She could not be a burden to them. She needed to be the best for them and not make things so difficult. There was a reason her mother had to leave a notebook behind, and she knew it would be hard on them. Aurora would be challenged to care for, she knew that. But they seemed willing to try. Maybe she thought that she should try to.

Aurora went back to her room and lay down on her bed. She took her pillow into her hands and held it tightly against her chest. She tried her best to hold back her sobs, but she couldn't prevent her tears from falling.

"Mother is gone. We have to protect ourselves," Inga whispered in her head.

"Leave me alone," Aurora demanded. She didn't need Inga whispering into her right now. She just needed to cry.

"I will be here when you are ready to listen," Inga responded before falling silent.

Chapter Two: Lionne and Arturio

Chapter Two: Lionne and Arturio

Lionne and Arturio:

Lionne and Arturio trekked to the house at around three in the morning. It was Friday night, and they had spent it trying their best to get drunk. They snuck past the guards. They made it as far as the front door. They both thought they could make it to their room. Their parents already ground them for sneaking out during the school week and getting drunk. They had spent the whole night drinking and partying with their girlfriends and their bros. It was difficult for werewolves to get drunk, no matter how much they drank, but they tried their best. They were exhausted and a little drunk, so they weren't as quiet as they thought they were. Their steps were heavy and their voices loud. Everyone would know they were just coming home and the state in which they were.

Sneaking past the front hall and into the kitchen, the lights flickered on in the living room. Standing in the living room were their parents. Their


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