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  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Zahaer
  • Chapters: 15
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 34
  • 5.0
  • 💬 2


By some twist of fate, Zubera and Darius found themselves in Willowdale, a town with a murky paranormal past. Something in the past had made terrible changes to their lives. They had no idea that they had unwittingly forged a very potent connection many years ago and that a mysterious force had been working to bring them together ever since. Despite their obvious differences in background and character, Zubera and Darius face the same challenge: Living parallel secret lives of their own- Feisty, gorgeous witch and handsome hunky werewolf. They're too different ever to be able to love one another, yet when fate brings them together, they give in to the inevitable and fall madly in love regardless. They'd do anything to keep their relationship intact. That wasn't love at first sight, but it was a love that would last a lifetime. From being at war with one another to being at war for one another, their love blooms passionately through all mysterious odds.


In the heart of the untamed, dense Huntwick forest was the tiny town of Willowdale. Every morning, the early sunbeams filtered through the thick fog into the quiet streets that were dotted with thatched-roof homes. The town's residents had long been a tight-knit group of devout, steadfast Christians who adhered to the Bible tenaciously, if occasionally too strictly. A pious mood is established every Sunday by uplifting religious music and illuminating sermons.

The enormous Romanesque-style cathedral served as Willowdale's foundation and focal point. Homes, schools, businesses, and other buildings formed a nearly perfect circuit around it. Many people in the neighboring towns were interested in Willowdale because of its celebrated historic architecture and turbulent past. However, the town served more than serene scenery, an old church, and a community entrenched within. Like two sides of the coin, Willowdale had an equally dark past.

Every brilliant full blue moon in the night never failed to bring back the ghost of the terrible event that the community witnessed 19 years prior. The residents of Willowdale avoided mentioning the sad incident in their town's history. The community was never the same again due to the tragedy that permanently halted the peace.

Willowdale prospered in 1970, quickly expanding its boundaries and welcoming new, young families. Who relocated there in search of peace and a supportive neighborhood to raise their family. When Marc and Irina Folc first arrived in the town a decade prior. They were thought to be a wealthy, affluent young couple who had constructed the largest, most imposing mansion anyone had ever seen in the underdeveloped town of humbles. However, their charm and modesty helped them become very well-liked. They rapidly rose to become the most affluent family. They owned and ran several companies in the community in addition to assisting locals in expanding their small businesses.

The Folcs attended Sunday sermons every week and frequently provided breakfast for the congregation. Both of their children, a boy, and a girl, were brought up to be courteous, well-mannered, and refined.

The Folc family prospered and expanded their business alongside Willowdale until the unfaithful night of May 21, 1970, when their older son was abducted by a local woman and left to die in the wilderness of Huntwick Forest. The boy's lifeless body was discovered the following morning, covered in blood and with lacerations wounds that went through his bones. Nobody knows the boy's status, whether he survived or not. Marc and Irina Folc, with their younger daughter, left Willowdale and were never heard from again. Willowdale residents believe that the child was secretly buried in the garden of the Folc mansion.

The local lady in issue, Nafre Delvaux, became the target of a large brutal witch hunt and was pursued deep into the forest, from which she never returned. Zubera Delvaux, her granddaughter, and her daughter, Zaria Delvaux, were expelled from the community and were not even permitted to buy necessities to survive. The two were soon forgotten after they left the village. In one night, the lives of two families were devastated. Adding the dark event to Willowdale's history.

The gossip in town was that Marc Folc sold his son's soul to the devil in exchange for riches and power, and Witch assisted him. Another rumor was that the Witch was upset with Marc Folc over a minor business disagreement. Several such tales have been told and retold in town over the years. The truth is not known.

However, the fascinating stories of Willowdale have been attracting quirky tourists to the town for the last 19 years, Outsiders are frowned upon by the locals, but they assist the locals in running their miserably failing businesses.

Zubera Delvaux

The cool spring breeze seeped through the crevices of the old wooden window, softly touching her skin. She was sound asleep, possibly thinking of something that made her happy. She was emotionally hardened and rarely displayed any sign of warmth. She wore cold heart-like armor to protect herself from cluttered emotions or attachments. She learned to fend for herself at a young age and deftly navigated difficult situations. To put it mildly, she was a warrior.

She'd scarcely gotten enough sleep after a long day of hard work when an ear-splitting, deafening sound jolted her awake. She sat on her bed for a while, attempting to determine the location and source of the loud music. She jumped out of bed after closing her eyes and taking a deep inhale. She glanced around for her robe but didn't have time to think about modesty. She walked through the creaky floorboards to the entrance, clutching a baseball bat kept nearby. It took her a minute to calm down because she knew


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