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Korey : He's still my Alpha

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Korey Wilson is a ruthless alpha, an alpha with no emotions, no heart, d*mn arrogant, just so cold gets his Luna... Bentley Janice. Bentley Janice, a pretty young lady gets chosen by the moon Goddess to be Korey's Luna. Korey gets annoyed because he would be having a human as his mate and there is nothing he could do, his weakness is her weakness, he became super arrogant towards her, but that never stopped her from loving him. "Ever since the night, I kissed you... I find it hard to concentrate at work I tried my best but all I could find myself doing was thinking of you, craving to hold you, to touch you, to feel your lips once more... But I don't know what's stopping me" he rushed taking his last statement calmly "if anyone ever told me I'd fall in love with you... I'd disbelieve, but now I think I am" he said breathlessly "what are you going to do about it? "Jan asked "Jan please.. please...stop oppressing me!" he said as she walked closer to him, his eyes fixed on the floor avoiding her eyes. "Korey... I Love you, and I'd keep loving you no matter what"



The sun rays gently gazed on my eyes as I slowly opened my eyes, where else am I if not my bedroom, or should I say our bedroom...

I sleepily yawned as I turned to the other side of the bed but as expected he isn't on the bed then I rolled my eyes as I say up looking round the room, I must say I still can't believe I sleep in this large room with my fussy husband Alpha Korey.

I ran my hair backwards as I gently came down the bed, tucking my feet into my flip flops as I walked to the door but wait....I must wash up as the Luna of Twilight Pack... I should look neat but I don't think I'd get used to this super neatness stuff and I'm not ready for it but Korey wants annoying.

I was already done brushing my teeth and washing up, I walked out of the bathroom with a small towels to dry my face and stared at the empty bed.

"how and why should a husband leave his bed without informing his wife?" I Asked no one in particular and shook my head in disgust.

This is not actually the first time, ever since Korey and I got married he had always been leaving me in bed, not like am lazy!

I'm Bentley Janice, a professional fashion designer, I know a lot about wears and designs perfectly but this my husband doesn't seem to know.

I shook my head and headed downstairs.

I made my way through the hall as the standing guards bowed their heads in greetings

I could see some maids cleaning some portraits on the wall, some were dusting tables and chairs, sweeping and many more.

"wait a sec! what says the time?"

I asked a maid standing beside me

"it's 7:48am my Luna" she bowed with a reply

This is one thing I love....respect!

" why aren't they done cleaning this time?"

"I'm so sorry, I'd talk with the head maid later" she replied as I sighed

"Janice!" I heard someone call my name sweetly and turned to see Emmy smiling at me

"good morning Luna"

"good morning Emmy, how was your night?" I smiled

"nice as always"

She is Korey sister, his first sister, the second child of their family

" looks like someone got up from bed early today" Emilia said from behind as I laughed

" seriously this kid will never have respect" Emmy said with a scoff

"what?...I respect you, though you just use 2mins to senior me!" Emilia replied

"that's still something!" Emmy fired back

" don't you two think it's still too early to bicker?" I butted in

"you're taking her side again!" Emilia frowns as Emmy sticks her tongue out at her

"Emilia isn't it too early?" Randolph, her mate asked as he walks in towards us with a cup of coffee in his hands

"Randolph???...You too?" she asked half yelling

"good morning Luna Jan" he greeted ignoring Emilia question

"good morning dolph" i replied

"and where's that hell of a brother?" Emilia asked

" you mean my alpha?" Zane asked

"who else?" Emilia asked

"where else if not the company" Sid grumbles and sat down on the couch

Sid happens to be very close to my husband and am sure he's p*ss*d of by Korey's acts lately.

" why would an Alpha just leave the house without informing anyone?" Emmy asked

"the same way he leaves, the same way he comes back home" I said

"like he's appearing and disappearing" Zane said as silent room over the atmosphere

"we shouldn't let alpha Korey behavior makes us start a day!" Emmy said

"yeah if not today would be full of jinx" Emilia said

"Emilia!!" Randolph called to calm her down

"what? that's the truth" she replied

"enough!, he's my husband and your alpha, I'll try talking to now let's have breakfast" I said to cheer them up. yeah sometimes they act childish

They all stood up from their seats and made their way to the dinning.

"what about the other pack members?" I Asked

" I was about to ask the same question" Sid said

" the younger ones are practicing" Zane replied

"some are cleaning the field" Emmy said

"what clean__" Emilia trailed off

"goodness! the new werewolves thinks they can have a fight now with me" karissa our one and only coyote said

"not bad you can give it to them" Sid said

"it's too early for flights, karissa didn't eat last night, come to the table" I gestured her as she did

"the other seat is empty" she said referring to Alpha Korey's seat

"are you kidding me?...don't you know your alpha?" Emilia asked wide eyed

"heavens I can't believe I forgot, I wonder what he's doing now"


I don't want to believe I'm looking for that file. I asked her to drop it on my table.

I angrily picked up the phone.


"where the f*ck is the file I Asked for?" I asked half yelling

? "oh my goodness!, am sorry sir, I'm on my way" she rushed

" you better" I said and you ended the call

Some people are just born to be annoying

In less than two minutes I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in" I said as the door gently opened revealing no other person but my crazy and lazy Secretary Kim.

"One more mistake from'd be fired" I said sternly as she nodded her head vigorously

"Drop it and get outta my office" I said as she did

They are actually the report of the previous sales

ok! great sales for last week, this week is also selling well.....

I was already done viewing the reports then began to sign some documents.

If you ask me what my work as a CEO is I'd say nothing, just petty works.

wait...what about my breakfast??

I checked the time and it says 7:58am. My breakfast would be here in two minutes.

so to keep myself busy I'm going through some documents.

Just exactly 8:00am, there was a knock

"Come in"

"breakfast is served Sir" the lady said and placed in on the small dinning table as she bowed and left.


I made my way back to my room as the pack members went to do their various works for today.

I was already done bathing properly and wore a pink short gown ready to work.

I can't believe it, he's staying in his large office, enjoying being alone...No I don't understand why.

He can't even get me a small office! how selfish...

I brought out my laptop and went straight to my website -B.Jan wears.

It's been existing for a year plus but I stopped due to some occasions.

great!...I have up to 967K views as of last week. I sighed and let my head down in frustration.

I went to my instagram page and could see lotta messages.

sorry isn't there any updates?

what's going on?

I can't find new wears

customers are waiting for new designs to buy like me!!

"F*ck!!" I cussed angrily

I always devoted my husband time to bring my business this far, I make the designs, cousin helps me sew them and brand them. But not anymore...she's late, she died in a plane crash early this year so I stopped but now I feel empty. I missed designing wears but what do I do about it??


"it's opened " I said as Emmy walked in

"Emmy! I thought you'd be out there with the others" I said and gestured her to seat

"felt like coming to see you"

"what you working on?" she asked as I sighed and turned my laptop for her to views

"it's been months" I said lowly

"why did you stop?" Emmy asked me as I explained all to her

"ohh I here's the thing, you talk to my brother about it"

"Korey won't do anything" I replied shocked by her suggestion

"give it a try, you're his wife after all" she said with a shrug

"easy to say" I muttered loud enough for her to hear

"trust me!" she said as she gently placed her Palms on mine

***skip skip***



I was in the car already heading home but decided to see the priestess which I did.

After walking through bushes I finally made my way and arrived at her small cottage.

I headed to the door and gently knocked

"Alpha Korey come in" I heard her say as I did

I went in and sat opposite her in front of the small table.

"what brings you here alpha?"

"here..? nothing, just decided to drop by"

" great!..I was about calling you" she said as I furrowed my brows at her

"calling me?? you now make use of a cell phone?" I Asked

"it's just bizarre for you to say call me" I added

"what about the Luna?" she asked ignoring me

"you mean the 'girl' you gave to me as my mate?" I Asked laying emphasis on the word girl

"for heavens sake Korey she is your wife"

" point of correction it's the one I was forced to marry"

"you brat you'd never stop being arrogant would you?"

"if you want to tell me something, go straight to the point, it's late already " I replied was she kept glaring at me

"fine...guess it's nothing then" I said and stood up to leave

"you don't care about her do you?" the priestess asked

"you don't treat her as your wife do you?" she added

"Janice is your mate..your wife whom you're to love" she added

"ok this is weird, why saying all this now, off course I take care of her...she lives in a big mansion with me and the pack members, haves anything she wants at the tip of her fingers, has a wealthy handsome man like me as her husband on top of that....I credit her account every week in millions!!! am I not a good husband?? " I asked half yelling

"there are things she wants from you but can never ask because of the way you treat her, we know you don't want a human mate but Janice is Destiny, she's meant to be yours"

"every girl wants a confident, someone who will never turn away from them, wants a back-up...the little favour she asks you for can you answer??"

"ok why all this??" I Asked already tired of seminars

"there'd be an upcoming fight and_" she trailed off

"I never lose a fight" I butted in

"you Will this time if you don't learn to love Janice, treat her as your lollipop, be her romantic, her cheerleader"

"how does that help me win the fight? I asked with a puzzled face

"your long time rival would be back soon, Jan is the only weapon, to end him, your skills and pack members would help but the main weapon is Janice"

"huh??..she's just human, what can she do?" I laughed

"Janice is more powerful and important than you think...till then Alpha Korey" she said as she closed her eyes

"nope, am not done talking" I said but she ignored as I rolled my eyes


I was done eating dinner, waiting patiently for Korey in the room but felt like going downstairs and I did.

" so you enjoyed sitting on that chair of yours than to spend time together with us!" Emilia yelled

"Aren't you supposed to be asleep?" Korey asked

"when the alpha isn't back??" I heard Emmy say

"am I a kid??" Korey questioned

"just go to your room, Luna is annoying brother" Emmy said in unison with Emilia

"no need to tell me" Korey grumbles

These sisters of his really finds it easy to give him piece of their minds....I laughed

" what are you doing on the stairs?" I heard a voice say as I opened my eyes and saw Korey right before me and gulped down

"Ko...Korey.."I stuttered as he walks past me

we both went into the bedroom as I leaned against the wall.

"so how was your day?"

"fine" he replied as always cold

"Korey can I talk to you about something?" I Asked sweetly

"it's late already, some other time"

"really???...when will that ever come" I asked

"you always leave the house without informing you are appearing and disappearing!!" I yelled

"don't you know if hurts me to wake up on empty bed?"

"so should I cry?" he asked with no facial expressions

"even if not for me...But at least for the pack members"

"because you're my mate doesn't give you the right to order me" he said coldly

"for goodness sake...I'm not..I am your wife what i___" I trailed off as Korey superspeed towards me, grabbing me by my arm and pinning me to the wall as I winced in pain.

"listen Luna, cos I'm keeping quiet doesn't mean I can't hit you, better watch your mouth wife" he said as I stared coldly into his red glowing eyes and gulped down.

I threw my gaze to the ground ignoring him then he walks away as I slumped on the bed

"just a little favour isn't that much" I muttered lowly

Korey could hear Janice and frozen as he remembered what the priestess said

*** can you answer her little favour?**

"so what do you want me to do for you?" Korey asked

"huh?" I replied





written by: déra Brown

CHAPTER 2- Alpha is meeting with us?

Korey scoffed at Janice reply as he walks into the bathroom to shower

"goodness! what a husband" Janice muttered and laid on her bed tucking herself beneath the bedspread.

" I should just go to bed" she sighed and closed her eyes to sleep.


Korey was in the bathroom stuck in thoughts, thinking of what the priestess said earlier.


"fuck weapon!!" he cussed angrily and ran his hair backwards

would it be bad to discuss it with the pack ?? - he thought

"definitely not bad"

As soon as he was done bathing, he walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist, a little towel around his neck and a little towel ruffling his hair.

"Arrrgh! , I should have turned off the air conditioner" he groaned and saw Janice already asleep as he sighs.

In less than two minutes he was dressed in his pyjamas and went out of his room to meeY

with the pack members.



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