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Irresistible Mate

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"I should have known you were like this, Olivia. You're so... disgusting, I think it's time for us to end," "No, Lucas, no..." Lucas looked at me coldly and said the words that broke my heart, "I, Lucas Mason of Shadowclaw Pack, reject you, Olivia Furlong of Bloodmoon Pack." "You are no longer my Luna," Lucas said, turning and leaving. I looked helplessly at the door, tears blurring my vision. *** My marriage was the outcome of a Pack alliance, and though Lucas and I weren't Fate Mates, our life together was fairly content. However, on the day of our wedding anniversary, I was framed for infidelity, and Lucas was furious to reject me. As I left, bewildered and heartbroken, I unexpectedly ran into my stepsister, revealing her as the mastermind behind it all. She ruthlessly plunged a silver dagger into me and I died in pain. But the story didn't end there. The Moon Goddess granted me a second chance! This time, I won't allow my stepsister's schemes to succeed, nor will I ever let myself get close to Lucas again. Little did I know that this new life would be filled with unexpected twists and turns...

CHAPTER 1 Reject

Olivia's POV

"Luna..." My omega maid greeted hesitantly as she knocked on the door. She was standing in the doorway holding a bottle of red wine in her hands and looking down at her feet. "This is... This is a gift prepared by the members of Pack for you and Alpha's wedding anniversary tomorrow..." she stuttered.

"Thank you," I smiled in surprise at the thoughtfulness, but just as I was about to take the wine, her body suddenly trembled, and the wine bottle almost fell from her shaking hands to the ground.

She was anxious and almost crying, "Oh my God! I'm sorry, Luna, I'm sorry, I... " She exclaimed, her face crumpling in an instant as her whole body trembled.

I looked at her worriedly and tried to comfort her, "It's okay, don't be nervous. I really like this gift."

She shrank back and nervously glanced at me, then immediately lowered her head. Her hand holding the wine was shaking even more.

I smiled in what I hoped was a reassuring manner and took the wine. In an effort to comfort this timid omega a little bit, I poured the wine into a glass, drank it all in one gulp, and said with a smile, "Don't be so nervous. The wine is very good. I like it very much. Thank you for your gift."

"Okay, okay, Luna, as long as you like it..." She nodded, carefully glanced at me again, then at the empty wine glass, and hurriedly left.

I continued to prepare for the banquet. Tomorrow is the third anniversary of Lucas and me. I am really looking forward to it.

Lucas and I are in a business alliance...of sorts. We married each other in order to establish an alliance between our two Packs. Unfortunately, we had a misunderstanding on the night of our engagement, and since then, I have always felt Lucas's indifference and deliberate alienation towards me.

But Lucas is still a gentleman, there is no doubt about that. He respects me and occasionally takes good care of me. Although his indifference most of the time hurts me deeply, I can't help but be moved by his occasional thoughtfulness.

I sighed and was about to raise my head but suddenly felt something was wrong.

I felt like the whole world was spinning, and my body was rapidly getting weaker and weaker with each second that passed. My hands and feet became heavier and heavier! I quickly grabbed hold of the table edge for support to prevent myself from falling.

What the hell was going on?!

At this moment, footsteps sounded behind me. I turned my head and saw two unfamiliar werewolves walking in. They were squinting at me with malicious intent, and I felt the danger in the air around them.

"Aria!" I called to my wolf in my mind, ready to transform and fight at any time, but my wolf did not respond to me.

"Aria! Aria, can you hear me!?" I anxiously called her, but I still didn't get a response.

I immediately realized that there was a problem with the wine. Someone might have poisoned it with wolfsbane! The omega wasn't so nervous because she was timid, but because she was panicking and guilty of doing something wrong and afraid of being caught!

I wanted to run away, but the two werewolves grabbed me. They pinned me down on the bed and violently tore off my clothes. I saw their disgusting grins, which made me feel nauseous.

I struggled frantically and shouted for help, but my body refused to obey my commands. I no longer had control over my limbs.

I glared angrily at the two werewolves on me, my fury enveloping me. I really wanted to tear them to pieces, but I couldn't f*ck*ng move!

"What are you doing?!" Lucas' voice suddenly came from the door.

Thank god, Lucas is here!

I used all my strength to look at him, sobbing and trying to ask for his help with my eyes.

But the angry Lucas didn't notice. He stood at the door and looked at us, lowering his voice and growling, "What the f*ck are you doing, Olivia? Do you have to have s*x with another wolf in our room the day before our wedding anniversary?!"

No, no, I didn't! Lucas, it's not like that!' I screamed in my mind.

I wanted to explain to him, to ask for his help, but I didn't have the strength to sit up or speak. I could only helplessly watch Lucas' expression change from anger to disappointment to indifference, and I couldn't do a d*mn thing about it.

"I should have known you were like this, Olivia. I knew it when we got engaged. You're so promiscuous that it makes me sick. I think it's time for us to end this alliance."

No, Lucas, no...

Lucas looked at me coldly and said the words that broke my heart: "I, Lucas Mason of Shadowclaw Pack, officially reject you, Olivia Furlong of Bloodmoon Pack."

"You are no longer my Luna and no longer the Shadowclaw Pack's Luna," Lucas said, turning and leaving.

I looked helplessly at the door, tears blurring my vision.

Lucas left without once looking back over his shoulder. I closed my eyes, feeling a sadness I had never felt before as tears streamed down my cheeks.

As soon as he had left the two werewolves pulled me up roughly and took me through the pack house and out into the forest. Not a single person tried to stop them on the way and the thought that no one wanted to help broke me in two. Had I really been that bad of a Luna? They pulled to a stop in a clearing before throwing me on the ground.

At this moment, footsteps sounded beside me. I struggled to lift my head and saw a familiar figure - Emily, my step-sister who always framed me! Of course it was her!

Look at you, Olivia, she laughed. "You're lying on the ground like a stupid rat, all dirty. How pathetic."

I still couldn't move, I could only stare at her helplessly.

She kicked me in the stomach, and I trembled in pain. But she looked very happy at the moment, "The wine with the special additions tastes good, right, Olivia? That was specially prepared just for you. You're really stupid though, you know... being trapped by the same trick twice."

I was stunned, looking at her wide-eyed. Twice? Does that mean the accident at the engagement banquet was also--

"That's right," It was almost as if Emily saw through my thoughts. She squatted down with a silver knife against my neck. "It was me who put the aphrodisiac at the engagement banquet before, and it was also put in the wine, just like this time. That's why I said you were stupid, Olivia."

She used the knife that she held in her hand to cut large and small wounds on my body. Blood quickly oozed out and dripped onto the grass. "How does it feel to be misunderstood by your own husband? Oh, sorry, I forgot, he's not your husband anymore, Olivia." she said with a smirk.

Suddenly, she seemed to become excited and began acting a little crazy, shouting loudly with glee, "He's about to become my husband! I will make him fall in love with me and he'll fall so madly and deeply, that he'll never even think of you!"

I was trembling with pain, but still weakly looking at her. A mocking smile appeared on my face as I mouthed, "Becoming Luna can't change the fact that you are a lowly Omega b*tch like your mother Sophia, who only relies on dirty, underhanded methods to gain what little power she can, Emily."

Her face changed into an expression of outrage and, as the realization of what I had mouthed sank in, her face twisted into an ugly expression filled with anger.

With a scream of fury she plunged the dagger downwards and it tore through my flesh, graating against the bone as she screamed wildly, "You sl*t! What did you say about me?! Say it again?! What did you say?!!"

She was like a possessed woman, stabbing and piercing my soft skin with the biting metal blade over and over and over again. She stabbed my shoulder, arm, and calf with the knife. It cut my neck, tore my cheek and penetrated my lung. I could feel the ground growing wet beneath me as a large amount of blood gushed out of my wounds and stained the ground red.

Pain instantly spread throughout my body and I convulsed in pain. The wound on my chest made it impossible for me to breathe and tears streamed down my cheeks. But the pain didn't make me afraid. On the contrary, it aroused my anger. I roared furiously in my heart, staring at her with red eyes. The anger and hatred that boiled inside of me almost making me lose my mind.

D*mn it! If there is a chance, I will definitely kill her! Definitely--!

But the severe pain quickly took away all my senses. Gradually, as my life ebbed away, the sound of her voice faded, my vision faded and the excruciating pain faded to nothing.

I closed my eyes and felt everything around me drifting away from me.

CHAPTER 2 Moon Goddess

Olivia's POV

I stood in the forest, illuminated by the moonlight. The misty surroundings lent an air of mystery to the area around me. I looked ahead and saw something in the center of the forest that was drawing me towards it.

As I walked towards it, I looked down and saw my transparent body. Yes, a transparent body. I was dead, killed by my damn step-sister.

When I realized this fact, I clenched my fists and felt a burning flame of anger in my heart. I didn't want to believe that I was dead, but I had to accept it. The strong hatred in my heart made me tremble all over, and I gritted my teeth, wishing I could tear apart all those bastards who had hurt me!

I was unwilling to accept that I had died like this!

With a strong sense of resentment and anger, I walked to the center of the forest. There was a lake there, and a beautiful and elegant woman stood by the lake. She was shrouded in pure white moonlight and seemed sacred and pure.

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