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I Didn’t Want To Be Into You

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I was raised as a fighter, I mean I was the only girl out of four boys, so instinctively I could kick some *ss without a doubt. Fighting was never my go to it always took someone pushing, and pushing, and pushing, until the straw finally broke the camel’s back. Everyone at Lycan High knew that I was the schools typical “bad girl” but in all honestly I didn’t even want that reputation. I just wanted to go to school, be a normal werewolf (if that’s even possible), and contribute to my pack, except reputations get the best of you and I’ve always been judged before people even got to know me, so why not let them believe the story other people told. I really didn’t care. Well I thought I didn’t until Kayden Dean stepped into my life. I thought I didn’t care about the whole “mate” thing. Actually it was a little cliche for my whole vibe, but something about him changed my mind and I honestly wish it hadn’t. All he brought was trouble and I got into that enough on my own, now throw this guy in the mix and it opened a whole new can of worms for me. High school is the worst.

Chapter 1 My Not So Happy Birthday

Kira POV 

“Kick her *ss Kira!” Amidst the crowd, my best friend Jade's voice stood out, which were really words of encouragement, while everyone else wanted me to have my *ss handed to me. 

I couldn’t help it. I really wasn’t a bad kid, and I never started fights. I always finished them, which always landed me in the principal’s office. It’s sad when he’s known you by your first name since freshman year and not because I was an athlete or going to be valedictorian.

I could feel the weight of this girl pushing and pulling my hair, but I didn’t let that stop me. I put my right leg behind hers and pushed her over, causing her to fall on her back. That’s when I got on top of her and started throwing punches left to right.

I know how this sounds and how you might be picturing it in your head, but honestly, I didn’t start this she did by mentioning my mom.

My mom died when I was thirteen. She was sick, and even though it was hard on me and my brothers, I tried my best to come to terms with it. I tried so hard to prepare myself for it too with all the hospital visits and doctors appointments but part of me held on to this little strand of hope, but that strand snapped when the machine in the hospital gave the long beep sound and I felt her hand go limp in my hands.

So I guess anger is how I managed to cope with everything, and that was okay with me. However, that was not okay with my dad, my school, and the principal.

After what seemed like an hour of me beating this girls’ *ss, someone grabbed me by the collar of my shirt, ripping me away from almost breaking this bitches nose.

What an amazing way to start my eighteenth birthday.

“Let me go! I’m going to beat her *ss,” I screamed as loud as I could.

“KIRA!” I heard a stern voice that was all too familiar. Sh*t. It was Kane.

Kane was my older twin brother, not older by much literally three and a half minutes, but to hear him tell it, he was like my superior and he acted like it too. Also, if you could barely even tell we were related. Kane had longish dark brown hair that went into his face and brown eyes like our dad. I got lucky with my moms genes, my eyes were green. He was also stood at six feet and two inches. I was only five feet and six inches.

Kane and I were also polar oppposites. He hung out with all the popular kids in school, and I was more of a go to school, then go home kind of girl.

“You did it Kira, you beat her *ss”, I heard him laugh, barely getting the sentence out.

“I don’t care, Kane, let me go.” I protested, kicking my feet in the air. “I‘m not finished with her yet.” I yelled.

Kane was much stronger than me. Thanks werewolf genes.

That‘s when the teachers and admin came to the girls’ rescue and the look they gave me let me know the principal would be waiting for me in his office.

I pushed Kane’s arms off of me, gave him a stern ‘f*ck you’ look, grabbed my book bag from the floor, and brushed past the crowd of students.

Jade caught up to me in the hallway. I could see her with her cute space buns running up to me while I was walking towards the principal’s office. She had the best style when it came to clothes, and she wasn’t afraid of being true to herself. Her highlighter pink crop top shirt you could see from a mile away and the dark blue jeans she wore made the guys around us turn and take a second look. She was really pretty. I couldn’t believe she didn’t have a boyfriend.

By this time in my senior year, I didn’t even need to be escorted to the office. Jade always walked with me after a fight. Actually, that’s how we became friends.

In middle school, there was a group of girls making fun of her because of her choice of clothes, she had and still has better style than all of them combined. Among that group was Hope Fairfield. Ugh, don’t get me started on her. Anyway, I was the only one to stand up for her, and that’s when things took a turn and I got into my first fight. I won. Of course, growing up with four brothers will literally knock the fighter into you. So from that day on we have been best friends.

She was a part of the Night Walkers’ pack like I was. It was a big deal, really. We were one of the strongest packs in the region and every year we hosted the Pack tournament. The pack tournament is a tournament when other packs from our region and the other regions come and pretty much show us what they got. There are tests of combat, speed, and my favorite healing. I wanted to be a healer, ironic right?

“Hey congrats on another win”, she chuckled, pushing me to the side a little. She was the only one allowed to do that.

“And happy birthday!” She screamed, giving me a tight side hug.

“Hey thanks.” I said, dragging the sentence out.

“Good thing you didn’t shift mid fight. She would have definitely been in a world of hurt,” she said, smiling.

“Yeah, I actually haven’t even tried shifting today now that I think about it,” I said, looking down.

“WHAT?! You’re eighteen. Why haven’t you tried yet?” she asked, shocked.

Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t try shifting this morning. I mean, I had time, and I watched as my brother tried his first shift before school. I guess I just wasn’t that excited about it. I always thought my mom and dad would be there with me, but that clearly was not going to happen.

“Yeah, you know I just didn’t get around to it.” I said, lying.

“I cannot wait to turn eighteen and do my first shift! Anyway, you know you were totally justified”, she explained. “I mean she should have never brought up your mom”.

Jade was the only one allowed to bring my mom up to me, and we never touched on that subject. I wouldn’t admit it, but it was clear it was a touchy subject for me.

We reached the office and said our goodbyes, but of course not before she gave me her usual ‘good luck’ look. 

I opened the office door, walked in and sat down, waiting to be called in next.

“Hi Sheryl”, I said with a smile.

I was probably one of the few students allowed to call her that. She was the principals assistant. She looked up from her glasses and stopped writing on the paper in front of her.

“Did you win?” she asked, looking up at me.

“Yeah, you know it,” I said, a little too proud.

“You know he’s already in a bad mood today,” she said in a whisper.

“Of course. When is he not?” I said jokingly.

I sat back in the chair and pulled my phone out of my bag, and saw a text from Jade. We had to text in school; we could not mind link each other. There was some sort of spell or charm around Lycan High not allowing students to mind link. Teachers and admins knew a way around it in case of an emergency so they could contact each other.

Jade- Did you make it out alive yet?

Me- No. He hasn’t even opened his door yet, currently patiently waiting.

Jade- Say Hi to Sheryl for me

“Jade said hi,” I said, still staring at my phone.

“Tell her I said hello,” she said, looking up from her paper with a smile.

Me- She said hello

Before I could even get a response from Jade, the door to the principal’s office opened. The girl who just received a well deserved *ss beating walked out making eye contact with me and holding a tissue to her nose to stop the bleeding. The principal watched me as I watched her walk out of the office. I guess to make sure I didn’t lunge at her. It made me laugh.

“Kira”, the principal said in a stern tone as he turned around and walked into his office.

I followed behind him and put my phone in my back pocket.

“Good luck”, Sheryl said, looking up at me from her glasses with a smile.

I walked into the office and shut the door behind me. I already knew what was coming.

“Hey Jim, what’s up”, I said with a smile, hoping I could change the conversation but I knew I couldn’t.

“Don’t call me Jim and I’m calling your dad, but of course you already know this, and you’re suspended, but again you already know this,” he said in an annoyed tone, massaging his temples.

“Yes sir”, I replied and grabbed my stuff to get up and leave. I figured the conversation was done.

“You know Kira”, he said, and I slumped back down in my chair, “I just don’t get it. You make straight A’s, none of your teachers have anything negative to say about you, and you volunteer at the hospital in your spare time. You’re a top-notch kid, really. I just don’t get why you can’t stop fighting every chance you get,” He said sincerely.

I paused for a second.

“You know Jim, I just don’t understand why people have to piss me off.” I said with a smile. He definitely was not amused.

“Out. Now.”, he said sternly.

“Oh, and I contacted the Alpha of the Night Walkers. Maybe he can talk some sense into you,” he added while turning to his chair and sitting down.

I grabbed my bag and walked out and waited in the main office for my dad to come and pick me up. When he got there, the look of disappointment was written all over his face. I brushed past him and headed towards the truck.

The ride home was quiet, peaceful quiet. But I knew what was coming. The talk was going to come when we pulled into the driveway and he shut the truck off.

A few moments later, we pulled into our driveway. Here we go, I thought.

My dad sighed. “Kira”, he said and before I even let him finish I interrupted “She talked about mom”, I said with my arms folded across my chest, looking at the glove compartment.

His eyes widened.

“Well then”, he let out a sigh, “did you win?” he asked.

“You already know”, I said, smiling.

“Well.” he said with a pause, “happy birthday babygirl, you’re grounded”.

I got out of the car, smiling.

Later that evening, my brothers came home from work and school and asked me how my day was in the most sarcastic way, like they didn’t already know.

My brother Kane walked into the house laughing with his best friend, Kayden. Ugh Kayden Dean. He was your everyday stereotypical popular high school jock, and everything I couldn’t stand.

It’s not even that I didn’t like him, well I actually didn’t like him, and he just annoyed me. All day long at school he wouldn’t say a word to me, but when he came over, he talked to me as if I wanted to make small talk.

And of course you know what comes with being one of the most popular guys at school and the starting quarterback. You obviously dated the head cheerleader. That was Hope. Ugh, talking about her made my mouth taste funny. Oh, let’s not forget she’s dating the Alpha’s son, Kayden, which meant when he became Alpha she could be our new Luna and that as a whole made me want to throw up.

When he looked up at me, we made eye contact, and a shiver ran up my spine.


“Hey Kira happy birthday”, he said with a smile.

“Aww thanks Kayden,” I said while rolling my eyes, “it’s not like we haven’t seen each other in school, you know before I got suspended, yet you waited all day to tell me when you came over how nice of you,” I said in the most sarcastic way I could but with a smile.

“I’m going to bed.” I said, annoyed and started to walk towards the stairs.

“Wait Kira, you’re not gonna eat any cake or show us your wolf?” my youngest brother Koda asked, brushing his shaggy brown hair out of his face.

“No, thanks bud. I’ve had a long day,” I said, rustling his hair.

“Yeah, a long day beating *ss from what I hear,” my other older brother Kace said, laughing.

“Hahahaha, you’re so funny”, I said sarcastically with a frown.

“Leave her alone”, I heard my dad’s deep voice from the kitchen.

I brushed past Kane and Kayden and when my shoulder touched Kayden’s sparks flew up my arm. I know he felt it too because when I turned around we made eye contact. There it was again, the shivers up my spine, but they weren’t like cold chill shivers: these felt weird, felt nice.

I shook the feeling and walked upstairs to my room. When I was in the safety and quietness of my bedroom, I couldn’t help but think about Kayden. Why? Why was I thinking about him? Why couldn’t I get him out of my mind? Then I thought.



No, no, no, no, NO! I thought, shaking my head. He could not be. He can’t be. There was absolutely no way in hell he could be my.. my mate, ugh that left a foul taste in my mouth.

I mean, we learn about mates in biology. Normally, people can find their mate starting at the age of eighteen. That’s not out of the ordinary, but I didn’t know what it would feel like besides what we learned in class. I mean, he was already eighteen, so the theory made sense.

Then something happened.. I could smell him. He. Smelled. Good. Like sandalwood and ocean air. He smelled like a place I could go for comfort, and I wanted it wrapped around me. I wanted him wrapped around me. NO!

In the midst of me arguing with myself, there was a knock at my door. I was actually relieved because it broke me from my thoughts. I walked towards the door and there was the smell of sandlewood and ocean air.

It was him.

I opened the door to see him standing there holding a piece of cake, like it was a peace offering or something.

“I uhh I thought I would bring this to you, ya know, it’s your birthday and all,” he said shyly.


“Yeah, thanks, I’m not really hungry,” I said, walking away.

That’s when he walked in behind me, grabbed my hand and me turned me around, then placed his lips on mine.

Sparks flew and fireworks went off. Tingles and chills raced up and down my spine. I didn’t and couldn’t pull away, so I found myself kissing him back. He ran his tongue along mine and he tasted so good. I didn’t want this to end, except a part of me knew that it had to.

The kiss felt like forever and I didn’t want to stop and clearly he didn’t want to stop either, but one of us had to. I stepped back, panting.

“I, uhh, I think that you’re my mate,” he said, looking me in the eye.

No sh*t, Sherlock. I found myself making steady eye contact with him.

I never realized how amazing his eyes looked. They were brown but not like a dark tree bark brown, like a light chocolate brown that sent shocks through my body.

“Yeah, I think so.” I said, finally breaking the long pause between us.

“I’m sorry about just rushing into a kiss. I just had to find out for sure so we could talk about you know.. rejecting each other,” he said, running his fingers through his hair.

I choked on my words, and there was a pain in my chest.

“Ummm no yeah, I was uh, I was thinking the same. I’m glad we’re on the same page,” I said, even though it didn’t sound convincing.

I don’t know why, but him saying the word rejection made my stomach turn and I could feel myself pushing back tears.

“Yeah, I think that you should go back downstairs”, I said and walked him to the door, shutting it behind him.

I put my back against the door, trying to fight back tears and lose the stomach pains I had.

He wants to reject me; he doesn’t even want to give me a chance, to give US a chance.

Why did I even care? I was literally thinking the same thing before he came to my door. Before he pressed his lips against mine. Before I caught his scent. I didn’t want him and it was obvious he didn’t want me either.

Happy not so happy birthday to me.

Chapter 2 This Isn’t Right

Kayden POV

This isn’t right.

I mean, come on out of all the she-wolves, Kira Stone, really? She smelt nice though, like vanilla. It was nice.

No. Stop. She doesn’t smell nice. Also, she’s my best friend’s sister. My future Betas sister at that.

But it hurt. The word rejection hurt, and what made it worse is she agreed with me. She didn’t protest or even put up a fight. We wolves know how important finding a mate is. I mean, it’s literally a blessing from the Moon Goddess herself. Why would I throw that away? You only get one, one mate chosen by her and if you took them or not, that was your choice. Rejecting your mate wasn’t easy, though.

But I valued my friendship with my best friend. I cared about the pack values and let’s face it, Kira has her own reputation.

But something about her made me want to look past all of that. Something about her made me think to hell with all of my reasonings, because right now in this moment she was perfect.


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