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  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Mark A
  • Chapters: 35
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 9
  • 7.5
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In the heart of Nashville Town, a forbidden love blossoms between Ava, an omega werewolf, and Alpha Jo, the leader of their pack. Despite societal pressures and familial disapproval, their bond grows stronger with each passing day. However, their happiness is threatened when Alpha Jo's sister, Maria, accuses Ava of treachery and Ava is exiled. Now, after five years, Ava has come back as a beautiful damsel, not as an omega but as Alpha Ayar. Everybody wants Alpha Ayar for different things including her mate, Alpha Jo, who rejected and banished her. Ava now Alpha Ayar has to determine what to do with her past.


As an Omega werewolf living on the outskirts of Nashville Town, I had grown accustomed to the whispers of disdain and the condescending glares from those who deemed themselves superior. The Downtown, where my kind resided, was a realm of perpetual shadows, shrouded in the lingering echoes of prejudice.

“Who is that?” I asked, moving towards the door.

“ You know who he is, Ava, please give him what we owe,” my father said. 

My father is the leader of our clan and I consider him too weak to lead anything. At the age of nineteen, one would have thought I was too young, but what we are going through taught me more than my age.

“Dad, we don't owe him. He is just a thief collecting taxes from where the ruling class did not earn,” I said.

“When I am Luna, this is what I would change,” I said.

“Child, know your position and give him his due,” my father said.

Mr. Carson was not the type of leader we needed. He was always afraid to oppose anything.

“Dad, you know I am right, how long do we continue to live like this?” I said.

“Pay him and leave, please,” my father said. It was not like a plea but an order to leave his presence. I felt disgusted I had to leave.

On this particular day, as the sun dipped low on the horizon, I ventured into the woods, seeking solace amidst the ancient trees that stood as silent witnesses to our plight. The rustling of leaves and the faint whispers of the wind offered a comforting embrace, shielding me from the harsh realities of our divided society.

The woods were where I could find solace and quietness. In the woods, I could imagine anything and be anything. I had heard of the attacks by the bandits, but I was not quite afraid because if there was one thing my father did to my advantage, it was to groom me as a boy. I learned how to defend myself at a tender age.

I could hear every single noise of nature and could differentiate each one. The peace this brought to me, I cannot always explain. I lay gently on the fresh grass and closed my eyes.

But tranquility was short-lived, shattered by the sudden intrusion of danger. In the midst of the dappling light of the forest, I stumbled upon a scene of turmoil. I saw two bandits, their faces twisted in malice, closing in on none other than Alpha Jo, the esteemed leader of our pack, my lover, and my soulmate.

What was he doing in the woods? Was he coming to see me? Why take the most dangerous path to see me?  They caught up with him and I could see that they would overpower him in no time.

Instinct kicked in, overriding the fear that threatened to immobilize me. With a surge of determination, I lunged into action, standing beside Alpha Jo in defiance of the impending threat. The clash of fangs and claws echoed through the woods as we fought side by side, a united front against the encroaching darkness.

Alpha Jo was a very strong werewolf, but I was the fastest. As we engaged the bandits, I saw the fear in his eyes, so I used my vanishing skill to disperse the bandits. It was a move I was now accustomed to. A move no one else could do but me. I was striking each of them at fast intervals so that they did not know where the hit was coming from.

As the dust settled and the bandits retreated into the shadows, Alpha Jo's gaze met mine, a flicker of uncertainty in his eyes. At that moment of shared vulnerability, he confided in me, revealing his suspicions that someone was plotting against him, a threat lurking in the shadows, unseen yet palpable.

“Why would someone want to kill you, and why would you take the woods anyway? I asked.

“I wanted to come see you. I did not want other werewolves to see me,” he said.

“Are you now ashamed of our love?” I asked.

“No! Don't say that!” he exclaimed.

“You are Alpha Jo, you do not need to explain to anyone about your love life. We were mated by the moon goddess and we are in love.” I said.

“By the way, what were you doing during the fight?” He asked.

I smiled and pretended like I did not hear him as I picked up my knife that was on the floor.

“Your Alpha asked you a question,” he said.

“My alpha or my lover, you need to get your facts right,” I said, laughing as I sat down on one of the tree trunks.

“Both facts are right, and you were only showing off using your vanishing moves,” he said.

“The gods have blessed me as an Omega and I have used it to defend my love and my alpha. Do you get my point,” I said sarcastically.

“I am so concerned that the bandits may have just discovered how to penetrate Nashville Town. If they attack, I am afraid of the omega clan. Can you let your father know that it is serious he needs to beef up security?”

With the weight of his words hanging heavy in the air, I nodded in silent understanding. The bond forged in battle transcended the barriers of rank and status, uniting us for a common purpose. It was to uncover the truth and protect our pack from the shadows that threatened to engulf us.

I considered my father too weak to protect the omega clan. If the bandits were to come through the woods, then we would be the first hit. We could be used as puns in this battle and I don't like the thought of it.

I held my lover's hand. He looked at me and could see the seriousness in my eyes.

“Ava, you know, you can tell me anything, my love,” he said, so softly that I almost kissed him.

“Please, my love, promise me that you will protect the omega clan when the time comes,” I said.

“There will be no time like that, but if anything happens, you know I am the Alpha of every clan, and they are all under my protection,” he said.

While I understood what he meant, it was not a promise. I want something concrete from him. Something I could hold him to. “You have to promise me my love. I want to hear it from you,” I said.

“I Alpha Jo, the first of my kind and, by the favor of the gods, the strongest of the realms, promise you, my lover, that when the time comes and you or your clans need my protection, I will be there to protect you, your family and your clan,” he said.

We hugged. It was a fantasy for me as an Omega to be mated to the Alpha by the moon goddess. Fortunately, he loves me and this has brought more hatred to my already hated kind. As we lay beside each other in the quietness of the woods, I wondered what would happen when we got married. A lot of people, including my parents, don't believe that it could happen, but gradually, Alpha Jo and I are getting to that stage. 

As the moon rose high in the sky, casting its ethereal glow upon the forest, I knew that the journey ahead would be fraught with danger and uncertainty. But with Alpha Jo by my side, I found strength in solidarity, determined to unveil the shadows that lurked in the heart of Nashville Town and to emerge victorious in the face of adversity.


The aftermath of our encounter with the bandits left a lingering unease in the air, casting a shadow over the once-serene woods. As Alpha Jo and I made our way back to Nashville Town, I couldn't shake the feeling of foreboding that clung to me like a second skin.

I knew Downtown was in imminent danger and the likelihood that my father would do nothing is almost certain. I had to find a way to warn the Omega clan that we needed to wake up. I have seen these bandits fight and they fear no one.

The streets of Downtown buzzed with activity, oblivious to the dangers that lurked in the shadows. But beneath the façade of normalcy, I sensed a palpable tension, a silent acknowledgment of the lurking threat that had pierced our tranquil existence. How did the news spread this fast? I had just left the woods.

“You need to stop playing around with Alpha Jo, I don't like where this is headed to,” my father said as I approached our fence.

“He is my soulmate and m


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