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Howling Pack Of The River Mountain

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When they brought me before the council, it was to the expectations of the entirety of the mountain packs that I meet my end there. Checked it, from every single angle possible and I come up with the same answer every single time. They do not care about us. They only care about the rigid traditions passed down for us. This is the age of phones, fast cars, and the internet. There was no way they were going to keep all the young wolves out of the real world anyway, and it was only a matter of time before one of us killed one of theirs, and then the balance we'd struggled to keep for years, the balance our fathers fought for, would all tip over. Except that in the most horrifying daylight nightmare I had ever had, I was stunned to find that it was me, who was being led to meet the council, have his fate decided. Me, Wade Dustan II. The heir to the River Mountain Pack and only son of my father's lineage still left. I still don't remember much of the event, but I do know now that I'd been more than just violent with that b*st*rd. Hell, I'd torn him to pieces in my rage and through bloodlust. Now that I stood before my father and the rest of the powerful wolves that ruled Mount Reaver, it seemed too surreal. I'd killed a human. And for what? Because of another human girl? Wolves that killed humans before they were a hundred years old were always exiled for the same number of years. And now, as I looked into my father's eyes, I knew without a doubt I would find no pity there. I was going into exile. Because of a human girl.



Zoey could care less if the Mountain River packs shared the same lineage and descent as her beloved. The same flowed in her veins now.

Her disregard for their lives could be seen in how she looked at the bodies of the fallen wolves strewn across the side of this hill, and how her eyes quickly flicked back over to the summit. Even from here, she could feel that man's anger.

She'd fought every inch of her way to him, and now when she was here when it had taken her this long and she was this close to seeing his face again without any boundaries between them, she still found there were obstacles between her and her soul mate.

It had been 2 years since she last saw Wade, since his father crashed into their pack territory, slaughtering so many of the family as he looked for his son.

She didn't know why Wade was at the top of the mountain, fighting for his life and wounded from what the bond told her now that they were closer, but he was fighting for his life, and losing too.

Rage flooded through her, and she tore the next wolf to come at her into two, leveraging on the extraordinary strength she got from their shared bond. She hoped that it would strengthen him too.

Another lunged, and she caught him by the arm, dragging him forward before she tore the limb away from the elbow, leaving him howling in pain before her clawed hands slashed at his throat, silencing him to a gurgle before she pushed past.

She ran with the wind, but the vanguard on the mountain was too much. She kept killing as she walked on and on.

Zoey never wanted to kill. It had taken everything in her to stop herself from getting here. This point where she couldn't care about the lives that she took in order to save the one that she wanted.

If only they hadn't met, she mused as she eviscerated another one.

When Wade's father had come, he had come with a force of will and destruction just like this too. The elder alpha had been hell-bent on destroying the power that his son had built.

Till now, Zoey didn't understand the reason for Wade Senior's actions, but that night had left pain and pangs deep within her soul.

And it had awakened the deep instinct, the need to protect that had finally moved her to accepting this part of her. The wolf half that reveled in chaos and carnage.

When he killed Santos in front of them and said she would be next, she'd watched in fear as Wade roared and rushed at his father, not caring for the man's overwhelming strength and aura. And that was it. That was exactly what had happened after he followed his father to protect her and the rest of the pack.

The ones that survived.

They were here now, behind and beside her, protecting and fighting for her and the alpha they hadn't seen in years.

When she'd begun building again, she'd sworn the alpha oath to them, and received theirs in return too, promising that they would fight to their heart's content.

They'd never stopped fighting since then. But she couldn't be bothered with the matters of the past.

That was the past, and she was in the present now. Here, where Wade needed and waited for her at the top of this climb.

So she fought on. She killed and maimed, ripping into jugulars with her teeth as she crushed chests with heavy blows. It didn't matter to her, these weren't people that she knew. Or cared about.

Until at last, thunder pealed and she was at the summit.

There he was, standing over a fallen opponent, a crazed look in his eyes that fought with pain, even as tears welled and spilled from his eyes. She could see it, watch it mix with the rain on his cheeks as he stared down at his father's body on the ground.

Zoey stood back, horrified at what she was looking at. And then her blood rán colder as she realized what she'd done. How she was able to be here, looking at him too.

They were both monsters. They'd both become monsters.

A sob broke free from her chest, and that drew his attention to her.

They both stood there, staring at each other as the rain washed over them.

"He made me do it." Wade spoke, and Zoey's heart faltered at the frailty in his voice.

He'd never shown weakness in the seven years she knew him.

Now, she watched his voice break as he reeled from the realization of what he'd done.

"He wouldn't let me come meet you until I killed him," Wade explained, voice hoarse. "He wanted me to be the one, so I could take over the mountains."

Zoey just kept sobbing, and the rain kept washing the blood off their hair, plastering it to the face.

"I'm s-sorry, Wade." She said, falling to her knees.

How would he see her after all she'd done? She'd killed his family. Torn them to pieces just to get to him.

Was it all worth it, Zoey wondered as she reeled with a gasp from the emotions that assaulted her as her wolf relinquished control for the first time in two years.

Chapter 1


It had been 5 years since my exile from the mountains, and the day I left the support of the only family that I knew.

I'd been given directions, another pack to go stay with over the course of my hundred years but I knew I would only become even more alienated against my kind if I chose that route. So I shrugged and said nothing.

My Corvette has been serving well since then, a most anticipated 16th birthday gift. I can't afford to get rid of it, even though I can now afford several of its types now. I smile in pride as I think the last bit to myself, from my comfortable position in the driver's seat.

My legs are up on the dashboard, something I find that I like doing because of how comfortable it makes me. This was my home for half a year after all, before I found the type of job I liked, this Corvette.

It hadn't been easy though. Finding my feet and becoming successful in this world of humans. This place is


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